Happy Saturday!

Happy SaturdayI hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday! It has been a rainy mess here, but I guess it could be worse! We are actually supposed to have rain all week-long, which will not be any fun for those of us that suffer with pain. I will say though, rain on the weekends is actually wonderful! The nasty weather gives me a great excuse to stay at home and do my best to stay on the couch with a blanket and my cats, of course!

I did go have my MRI done this afternoon. I have had so many MRI’s through the 16 years¬† I have had MS, but this one seemed insanely long! It is always cold in those rooms, so the MRI tech put a heated blanket on me to keep me comfortable. I was only about half way through the first part of the test and was so hot and felt like I was having a panic attack. I tried to waited it out, but I finally hit the button to get their attention to have the blanket removed. The removal of the blanket helped some, but I was still so hot and did not feel right. I was so relieved when the test was finally over, all I wanted was to go home so I could relax peacefully. Now, I have to spend the rest of my weekend waiting to hear about the results from the doctor next week. I am really bad at waiting for something simple, now I am being forced to wait for something that is so extremely important to me! We will see how that goes!

I am going to try not think about my MRI for the remainder of the weekend. I am going Saturday 1to have to find something that will keep me distracted. I am still experiencing so much pain, so I am really not sure if I am going to work on Monday, or if I am going to head straight to my doctor’s office to try to get the answers that I need. But, it is only Saturday and I am going to try to only think about things one day at a time! There is really no point in doing as I have always done, and try to plan my week out in advance, because things never work out perfectly! Saturday’s have always been my more restful day, and I would actually try to get things done on Sunday!

I am thinking that for the rest of my weekend, I am going to try to watch a mindless movie or TV show and possibly finish my Nicholas Sparks book. I have honestly been having some troubles focusing lately, but that could be because I have been under a massive amount of stress or because of the pain, who knows? Does anyone have any good books they could recommend, for my next book? I had been reading so many of James Patterson’s books, but I think that with all the other violence that we hear about on the news, I am going take a break from his books, as they are all full of violence. Do not get me wrong though, I am still a huge fan of his! I am thinking right now especially, I need a book that is more carefree and happy.¬†

I hope the rest of your Saturday is fantastic! I really appreciate all of your comments and truly love our connections we have made. Y’all take care and enjoy your evening!


Love 2


Always, Alyssa