End of the week Rant!

Life is not always fair, and we feel like we need to pretend everything is fine and normal. Does anyone even know what normal is anymore? I do not think I know what normal is anymore because we have lived through so much that is anything but normal. Why do we feel forced to act like they are not angry, frustrated, and or in pain? It is not easy to understand that it is NOT complaining when we share how we are feeling on the inside because keeping things bottled up will never end healthily.

It is not easy to realize that it is okay to not be okay. We do not need to put on fake smiles and should feel comfortable expressing our emotions. We are often smiling on the outside but crying on the inside while we process how we are feeling. I have learned how damaging bottling up feelings can be but failed to stop this bad habit. Most of the time I think I care too much and while that is not a bad thing, it can be exhausting and even frustrating.

Logically, I know how awful stress can be and have not learned to not worry about everything and everyone. When I get overly stressed or upset about things, instead of addressing what is wrong I try avoiding it at all costs. I also either have no appetite or want to eat the most fatting foods possible, none of which are a good decision.

Yesterday I was extremely frustrated with several things and did not want to eat anything. I will not get into everything that was troubling me because the list is rather long. Not eating is an awful idea because then I get nasty headaches and even more dizzy spells. There was only one thing that helped slightly, and that was turning the music up loud to a song that was exactly how I was feeling! For a few minutes as the song played, my mind was at ease, and I felt much calmer.

I guess I decided to write about all this to help anyone else that might be feeling the same way. There are times in our lives when all we want to do is scream at the top of our lungs just to vent our frustrations. Unfortunately, some people when they are at the end of their ropes with aggravation let their feelings out in unhealthy and possibly violent ways, but there are better ways. There will never be anything positive that can come from violence because that will only create many more issues.

Thank you for visiting my site today and reading my rant of frustrations. I do not mean to sound so negative, but yesterday was an awful day. I hope your week went well and you are looking forward to the weekend. I am looking forward to reading your comments and will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


Power of music

Music has some magical powers, and some songs can touch our hearts and souls in different ways. There are countless numbers of songs that mean something different to each person listening to it at any given time. Certain songs we turn to during a variety of emotions that we can relate to may stabilize whatever mood we are in or emotions we are experiencing. 

Have you ever thought about music and why you feel the way you do about some songs? Of course, I have given this a great deal of thought. I will not go through every song because that could take days. However, I am going to tell you about a few songs, but please know there are so many more where these come from. For me, music has been an escape from the reality and craziness life can and has been. I find the songwriter’s creativity fascinating and captivating, which leaves me intrigued by where their inspiration comes from.

One song I turn to when I am having a bad day and feeling extremely down with little hope is a song by Simple Plan, “Welcome to my life”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0U0AlLVqpkIf you take a few minutes to listen to this song and feel the meaning behind the words by answering the questions in the beginning honestly, you will be able to understand why I feel so strongly about this song. There have been many times I have felt like breaking down and a few times have broken down. Too many times I feel out of place because my views are distinctively different from everyone else.

As I just said, I do feel like I do not belong and many do not understand me, I cannot change who I am and do not want to.  I would rather not fit in than conform to be like everyone else because I think too many people are followers, more like sheep. There are several parts of this song, “Welcome to my life”, that hit home to me. There have been times I have wanted to run away, but never do, and instead, I turn the music up loud to drown my thoughts. It is not that I hate feeling trapped in this world, but I do not hate the way things are going in the world. There is too much mean and evil behavior, lies, and deceit. These are the things about life I will never understand, which is something that sets me apart from others.

On a more positive side, there is a song I listen to that always brightens my day and makes me smile. This song has a calming vibe and makes me happier. “Down South” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX4KhF2Zdz4 is from a California-based band called Radical Something. This is an upbeat and positive song! Many of you probably already know how much I love the beach and this song provides a beach type. I have mentioned in other posts that the beach is my happy place because the sound of the waves eases all negativity from my mind.

I think once you listen to this song, you will understand how the ambiance from this song is soothing. One line from this song says, “And, you could smile if you learn to put your pain away”, which I think is a very true statement. Every word in the chorus reminds me of how I feel when I am at the beach. This reduces my stress and anxiety, which is a necessity in life, especially with the way things have been recent.

A song that reminds me of a good time is from a band based in Florida called, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The name of the song is, “Your Guardian Angel” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Em4fUOrZo. This is the song that played after my husband proposed to me on stage with the band eleven years ago. I still remember every minute of this day and the time we were on stage when my husband asked me to be his wife. It was a day written in a time that was as perfect as can be. No matter what happens in this life, that day will always be the most magical and amazing day in of our life. Therefore, it will always remind me that good things can happen in life.

Life has been painful and difficult, but no matter what I am dealing with in this life music can make most things better. The songs that are written come from something someone else has gone through and being able to listen to the meaning is a wonderful chance for discovery. I think trying to relate to the songs we listen to can provide clarity and peace, which we could all use at from time to time.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you have enjoyed what I have written and the songs I have shared. I hope you are having a great and safe weekend. I am looking forward to reading your comments and maybe you will share some of your favorite songs as well. I will respond to all comments as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa

9 Types of Intelligence

The Nine Types of Intelligence, which are you?

In 1983, a psychologist by the name Howard Gardner published the book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, where he explained his theory that intelligence is not limited to only one factor. Gardner suggests that people are very capable of having different forms of intelligence.

Through the years we have all known people that were exceptionally good in specific subjects, but do poorly in others. Chances are we have experienced this many times during our lifetime. This is a prime example of why schools are not able to determine how intelligent a student is accurate.

The truth is, we are all intelligent in various ways and we may not even be aware of all of them. Gardner’s 9 types of allow us to determine what our strengths and weaknesses are. This will also allow us to focus on specific areas we would like to improve ourselves in.

The 9 Types of Intelligence are as followed:

Interpersonal Intelligence-

Those with this type of intelligence can walk into a room and work the room casually and effortlessly. This happens because these people can relate well with any and everyone. This type of person is often well-liked and can influence others with very little effort. These individuals can read others easily and pick up on the slightest social cues and sense the way others are feeling. Social cues may be body language, facial expressions, and changes in the person’s voice. They have the power to be very diplomatic and tactful but are also commonly the peacemaker in any group they are around.

Considering they have a habitual amount of charm and a natural way to negotiate to mean they could excel in a leadership role being a teacher, lawyer, politician, or social media influencer.

Intrapersonal Intelligence-

People that display intrapersonal intelligence have a unique ability to comprehend their own emotions, which causes them to be empathetic towards others. These people are extremely accustomed to both their thoughts and behavioral patterns. When they see someone else with behaviors similar to their own, they can empathize, see deeper than others, and understand where the actions stemmed from because they have experienced similar issues. Those with intrapersonal intelligence are caring and nurturing, and are frequently the ones that do working allowing them to help others. These people tend to be introverts and shy, but also very aware and creative. People that have intrapersonal intelligence are often writers, artists, and musicians because they connect with features of themselves many are not aware of.

Spatial Intelligence-

Individuals that have spatial intelligence find it easy to visualize things in three dimensions. They are typically extremely creative, have a keen imagination, and can contemplate all aspects of a particular concept by simply pondering about it. Spatial intelligence primarily uses the function of the right side of the brain when solving puzzles, understanding maps, and taking part in any kind of construction or engineering projects. They also love to draw and possibly as the years moved on in life, they developed a fondness for reading mystery books and tried solving the mystery before they reached the end of the book.

Naturalist Intelligence-

Those with naturalist intelligence have consideration to and appreciation for nature. They focus on the way people relate to their natural surroundings. Their admiration for nature provides them with a unique capability to grow plants, vegetables, and fruits. They also have special rapport and fondness for animals and can do well with training and understanding them. People with this type of intelligence can easily differentiate patterns in nature. They tend to have awareness and are fascinated by weather phenomena. These individuals excel with uncovering the wonders nature offers us all. Those with naturalist intelligence love to walk, hike, climb, camp, and feel the sand on their bare toes, and anything else they can do out in nature.

Musical Intelligence-

People with musical intelligence can recognize pitch, rhythm, quality, and tone. This type of intelligence provides unique abilities to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on the music that was demonstrated by composers, conductors, musicians, and vocalists. There are common connections between musical intelligence and emotions. There are also common ways of thinking between mathematical and musical intelligence. I find it interesting and amazing that some prodigies can play any song by ear and then others that may be synesthesia and appreciate the way different notes make them see/feel color and taste certain flavors.

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence-

This type of intelligence is something that no matter how hard I tried, I never developed. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence is a style that concerns the ability to reason, solve problems, and learn to use numbers, abstract visual information, and analyze the cause and effect of relationships. People with this type of intelligence can do complex math problems in their heads, where many others with the same math problem would not be able to finish even hours later. While people with this type of intelligence expertise in highly advanced reasoning, they normally are not very emotional and prefer for things to be logical and rational.

Existential Intelligence-

Individuals with existential intelligence can utilize collective values and intuition to understand others and the world are around them. They prefer to pursue deeper questions regarding human existence, such as the meaning of life, why we did and where we go when we die, and how did we get here and why are we here. These people could not care less about the latest celebrity gossip, fashion, or sports because they find those topics superficial. People with this type of intelligence are often viewed as intense, but they truly can be sensitive, consideration with an infinite amount of compassion and empathy.

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence-

It is commonly assumed that people with bodily/kinesthetic intelligence have remarkable athletic abilities, but this is not always the case. This type of intelligence has more to do with hand-eye coordination and being able to utilize various other physical skills than it does strength and endurance. To have a high score with this type of intelligence one needs to have very fine motor control and a good sense of timing. This person’s mind-body connection is highly receptive, which provides them with quick reaction time and the ability to multitask successfully. Those with bodily/kinesthetic intelligence might be dancers, martial arts professionals, fine artists, neurosurgeons, or classical musicians.

Linguistic Intelligence-

The people in this world that have linguistic intelligence can use words very well in both speaking and writing. They tend to have a sizeable vocabulary, they enjoy reading in various literature categories, and they value others that can express themselves meaningfully. These individuals may also have a strong inclination with other languages, typically speaking two or three in addition to their native tongue. Those scoring high in linguistic enjoy and excel in all word games, such as scrabble, word puzzles, and crossword puzzles.

After reading about the different types of intelligence, which of these do you feel you have? I do find it remarkable that there are so many different types of intelligence and yet so many that have a difficult time using just one type of intelligence. I guess it is possible there are some people that have intelligence in several types, but also do not have the common sense that is needed.

I look at the state of our world and wonder why there are so many that not only don’t take the virus seriously, but also gamble with their lives by not wearing a mask. The proof is out there with how much COVID-19 numbers are increasing throughout every state in the United States. Deciding to believe a president over experts in infectious disease indicates a severe lack of intelligence. I am definitely not a genius, but I do take this virus very serious and follow all the safety protocols that have been given.

Thank you for stopping by my site today and reading about the different types of intelligence. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and what type of intelligence you connected most with. I hope your holiday weekend is starting off well; you are feeling the best you possibly can, and staying safe! I hope you never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa

Music & Emotions

music and emotionsHow many times have you noticed how music 🎶 can stimulate powerful emotions? I already know that I am without a doubt a highly emotional person, so I guess it makes sense there have been many times a song was written with so many genuine emotions it brought me to tears.

In the psychology world, it has been thought that pleasurable music 🎶 can lead to the notesandneurons-300x203release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. There are various reasons people listen to music daily which includes regulating, enhancing, and lessening the unpleasant emotional states of stress and fatigue. Listening to music 🎼 generates emotions, relaxation, and gratification for listeners. The following reasons are other ideas of what music can bring into our lives.

  1. Musical Pleasure-1e5dbe826489cab3383db082ceb4102e

Enjoyment of music 🎼 involves the same pleasure center of the brain as anything else we may find pleasurable. There has been evidence indicating an aesthetic stimulus like music 🎼, clearly targets the dopamine systems of the brain, which normally involves immensely reinforcing and addictive behaviors.

Studies have been done where those involved listened to their favorite songs after they were given naltrexone, which is a medication that treats addiction disorders. Researchers have discovered that when individuals participating in the study took naltrexone the songs that were once their favorite songs, pleasureno longer gave any pleasure. It was also noted that approximately 5% of the population does not experience chills when listening to music. The inability to obtain pleasure clearly from music is referred to as musical anhedonia.

  1. Musical Anticipation-

When music 🎶 is somewhat complex and unpredictable it can be even more appreciated.

  1. Pure and clear emotions-

There is an intellectual element involved with the appreciation for music. The dopamine system is unable to work if isolated and needs maxresdefaultinteraction with other regions of the brain. There has been evidence indicating that people who frequently react emotionally to aesthetic musical stimuli have stronger white matter connectivity between their auditory cortex and areas connecting with emotional processing.

  1. Memories-

One of the most pivotal ways musical 🎶 events stimulate emotions is with memories. The Music-4-Mem-logolate physician, Dr. Oliver Sacks stated, musical 🎼 emotions and musical memory can continue to survive long past all other memories have vanished. The reason musical memory is so strong is that listening to music captivates several parts of the brain, activating connections and generates associations.

  1. Action Inclinations-

no music no lifeMusic 🎶 can cause strong action inclinations to move with the music, such as dancing or foot-tapping. Our internal rhythmus, such as heart rate or respiration can become one with the music, speed up, and slowing down with the song.

  1. Emotional Mimic-

Music 🎼 can recall emotions at many different levels including individual, interpersonal, and intergroup levels. As listeners, our response to what the music 🎶 is expressing emotionally, whether that emotion is happy or sad we will tend to replicate those same unnamed (2)emotions

  1. Consumer Behaviors-

The background music 🎼 that plays in supermarkets or other stores has an astonishingly powerful influence on the consumer’s behaviors. A remarkable example of this was a study done with customers in the drinks section at a supermarket. When French music 🎶 was playing, the sale of French wine was significantly higher than all other wines. Then when there was German music playing, the sale of German wine was higher than all other wines. Next time you are at a grocery store, check out the section where wine is sold and see what type of images (2)music you hear.

  1. Regulates Moods-

During uncertain times, like we are all experiencing in recent days, people will utilize music 🎼 to ease their troubling thoughts. Music 🎶 is also used to achieve different goals, such as maintaining focused on specific and complex tasks. Sad music may help us cope with agonizingly painful situations, like a break-up or death of a loved one. There might be some lyrics that resonate with us because of our personal experiences.

  1. Perception of Time-The-Therapeutic-Powers-of-Music-for-Good-Mental-Health

Time can go by much faster when listening to music 🎼 we enjoy. Have you ever noticed music playing in waiting rooms? It does make time go by faster and the waits do not seem as unbearable, you can almost forget how long you have been waiting. Supermarkets think music 🎶 will make consumers stay in the store longer and buy more items. Music can divert our attention when we are waiting and even keep patience more in check.

How do you feel about music 🎼? Is there a specific type of music you enjoy more than any other? I honestly love most types of music. I do not listen to country music because it almost always makes me cry and I don’t need any other forces to make me cry. I mean I can’t get through the news without ending up in tears and most shows I watch can also make me cry. Yes, I am sometimes way too overly feature-music-makes-the-world-go-round-1098x640emotional.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site today. I hope you enjoyed the information within this post and would love to read your thoughts and what music you enjoy most. I hope your weekend is as enjoyable as possible because y’all deserve happiness! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, compassion, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤



There are Many Reasons Music is Helpful

music-spiritual-quote-relishquotesDo you have a favorite type of music 🎼? How about a favorite band or singer? What if I asked you to name your 5 favorite songs? I don’t know about you, but I often can’t answer this question quickly because there are many more than just 5. We may not even be able to explain why we gravitate to certain bands or singers, it might just be that we resonate with or feel some songs deeper than others. Are there any songs you listen to and you can almost see the songwriter writing a song? Honestly, there are many songs I feel so deep in my soul that I can imagine the songwriter sitting down to write the song. It might be because these songs have a lot of meaning to me either based on personal experiences or just how intoxicating the song is.music-853704_1280-300x300

Music 🎼 is extremely powerful and without a doubt affects our emotions deeply. When we are happy we might listen to upbeat music 🎶. Then when we are sad we might listen to slower more emotional music 🎼. And when we are angry we may listen to darker music with loud drums pounding. Basically, there is a type of music 🎶 that can cover all moods.

Music 🎼 has been scientifically proven to have powerful effects on the brain. Research shows that music can help in various aspects of the brain anywhere from mild issues to more profound issues. There are many different health benefits music 🎼 offers that include blood flows easier, elevates moods, reduces stress, relieve symptoms of depression, stimulates memories, manages and eases pain, helps people eat less and even help brain Music-And-The-Braininjuries.

According to the University of London’s Department of Psychology, happy music makes us see people in a positive light, despite their facial expressions. Through research done at the University of Chicago, calming music 🎵 increases abstract processes in the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy conducted research with stroke patients. Their research indicated that Classical music revealed the brain’s ability to process imagines better in the stroke patients involved in the study.

With all the proven research on how great music 🎶 is, would you agree that it does have a The-Therapeutic-Powers-of-Music-for-Good-Mental-Healthpositive effect on your emotions? I can say from my own personal experiences, music has been a saving grace for me. When I am stressed to the max, which has been frequent lately, I am able to shut everything and everyone out and focus solely on the music 🎵 in my ears. I have a love for many different styles of music and none are exactly the same. Music 🎼 is freeing and absolutely amazing for so many for several different reasons.

Thank you for stopping by my site today. I hope you enjoyed the information in this post and hope it was beneficial to you. I do look hqdefaultforward to reading your thoughts on music and if it does offer you something powerful! I hope your weekend has started off great and you are enjoying every moment of it. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤