Doctor Run Around Day

happy weekendI hope y’all had a good Friday. My Friday was running around from a doctor’s appointment to the Pharmacy, just to have the call the doctor back because he did not call in my prescriptions. I was waiting on several prescriptions to be called to the pharmacy , and literally nothing was going right at all! After about 3 hours of constant phone calls and waiting, I finally got everything I needed! What a fun way to spend a Friday? Even after I made it home, I was still on the phone and messaging the doctors. Unfortunately, I did not really get any answers or help!

But, tomorrow afternoon my husband is driving me over to get the MRI done. I am still hoping they will be able to get me those results by Monday, so if anything is wrong we can start treating the issue! I am of course trying to decide if I am going to take another day off, so I have the time to stay on top of getting my results. 

Between arguing with doctors and go to the pharmacy to sit and wait, I did not have my time to relax today. I am hoping that have the MRI tomorrow, I will just be able to relax and maybe feel like myself againbutterfly peace!

I hope y’all have a good weekend and do something you can enjoy! I will let you know how the MRI goes tomorrow, normally the MRI tech gives me a hint on what they see! There is a great team at the hospital that knows how much I hate waiting, the do not tell me everything, they do is in subtle way. 


Love 2

Always, Alyssa