Successful appointments can happen!

Friday EveHappy Friday Eve Y’all! I hope you have had a fantastic day! I was having so much anxiety over my doctor’s appointment today because I had been given a run around with this doctor. I went into this appointment very prepared with pages of notes so I would not miss a thing and also had no expectations at all! To my surprise, everything went the right and ethical way!

It was not until recently that I have started going into my appointments with notes because I tend to forget at least one thing because I often feel rushed knowing the doctor has other patients waiting. I have learned that it is very important to take control of the appointment and be very prepared so no time is wasted. By taking control and knowing exactly what you want out of the appointment it shows the doctor that you have expectations of the appointment and demand quality care! These doctors see so many patients each day that they probably feel overwhelmed, even if they do not say those words out loud. I will admit I have learned that if I keep my expectations of my determinedappointments relatively low, I will not be frustrated and disappointed. Today’s appointment went very well and my doctor even apologized to me for all that I have gone through these past couple of weeks!

I think it is extremely important that even when things seem like they are all going wrong, to find it within yourself to never give up! In my opinion, giving up is the only way to truly fail! I have spent a few weeks now fighting for my rights to live a life as pain-free as possible and all my fighting has paid off! I have fought for myself with two different doctors and things are all going right for me now. Sometimes you have to fight in a pleasant way, if that makes any sense. It is so true that you get more flies with honey, so handling all situations in a positive and since way works for the best!

Thank you for visiting my site today and I look forward to reading your comments. I promise you that I will respond to all of your comments just as quickly as I can! I hope you have an amazing and relaxing evening! On an extremely positive note, tomorrow is Friday and then we have the weekend to enjoy ourselves! As always, I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


First time for Everything!

be-thankful-to-your-bad-days_516Today was my appointment with my MS Specialist and it went very well! The Nurse Practitioner I saw actually took the time to listen to my concerns and did not dismiss any of my fears. To be perfectly honest, I went into this appointment with low expectations to protect myself from disappointment and frustration. I am so happy to say that even though this appointment lasted a longtime; I left the doctor’s office feeling much better about the issues I have been struggling with. The NP took time to actually talk to me about the headaches I have had for so long and come up with ideas to hopefully eliminate them. We talked about the pain issues that have increased over the past few months and she had some very valid thoughts about why that was happening. She helped relieve the stress I was putting on myself about my illness progressing by reassuring me I am doing everything I can and feels that I am controlling it the best I can. She told me to not over think what could happen and just live in the moment. I thought that was great advice because I do tend to think everything and go to worse case scenarios all the time, which really is not helpful to me or my mental state. Moving forward I am going to stay on the Gilenya because it is the best choice for me and did control my illness for 6 years before I decided to try something new. I was thinking the Gilenya was causing my headaches, but the NP today pointed out that I had headaches way before Gilenya was a factor.  My appointment today was by far the best and most enlightening appointment I expectationshave had in a long time and gave me a new perspective on things!

As I already said, I went into my appointment today with very low expectation, which was helpful overall! I have found over the years if you set your expectations for others too high there will always be a high probability of disappointment. Therefore, if you just keep your expectations lower you will never be disappointed because you are not presuming anything! This may seem like a pessimistic way to live, but it saves a lot of heartache and frustration. In our hearts we know who we can count on in life and who we question counting on. Others must prove to us that we can rely on them and live up to the standards we have. I do believe we all need at least one person that we can truly count on and that person will never let us down. There is always at least one person you confide in and know they will always be there to support you, no matter what! Trust is a very delicate thing that can be destroyed quickly and take a very long time to rebuild, if it is even possible.

Of course I am delighted my appointment went as well as it did today, but now I am hoping the appointment I have next Thursday will go just as well. I will go into the 2-quote-about-no-matter-how-impossible-unattainable-or-unim-image-background-imageappointment next week just as prepared as I was today, but also go in with no expectations at all. I believe that being prepared and having notes with you can be extremely beneficial because it is easy to forget important details. I think being in the exam room can be a little stressful which makes it easy to lose track of what you want to discuss. Doctors have busy schedules and have a limited amount of time allotted to each patient. So I found having set topics you need to talk about ready will make the appointment much more useful to you and not waste any time! I know that if I did not prepare last night for this appointment and have my topics written down, I would have missed a lot of important information. 

I hope y’all had a great Friday Eve and I hope y’all are feeling well! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site today and I look forward to reading your comments! All of your comments are very meaningful to me and I will respond as quickly as I can. I hope y’all have a lovely evening!! I am always sending each of you lots of love and comfort! 

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

Purpose of Pain Management Doctors?

Pain management**Full disclosure, this gets a little political!**

I am starting to wonder why there are pain management doctors around and what good they actually do! Are these doctors supposed to be helping those who suffer with chronic pain or is there some other reasons for them I am not aware of? Why are patients that deal with a chronic illness that causes an incredible amount of pain expected to see the doctor that treats their illness, but also have to go to another doctor that is there to treat the pain caused from their illness? Why is the original specialist not capable enough to not just treat the illness, but also treat the pain symptoms that come along with it?

In the recent few months my pain management specialist has done absolutely nothing but give me the run around. This doctor that claims he wants to help him patients, has not only changed his story so many times, but also lied about what was said. What he has said to me during the appointments, verbally of course, were mildly different from what he put into his notes that I had never received until I finally demanded them. It does not seem to matter if you follow the directions of the doctor verbatim; they still find ways around doing what they took an oath for when they became a doctor. All physicians take what is called “Hippocratic Oath”, which forces them to uphold specific ethical standards, including medical confidentiality and Non-Maleficence, which means do no harm.

It is all over the news about what is called the “Opioid Epidemic” spreading around the country and also how the president says he wants to end the so-called “war on drugs”.  The president has claimed he wants to reduce opioid prescriptions by 1/3 of three years and the doctors are supposed to just fall in line with this insanity! The last time I DYrqFg6VwAAE4WPchecked, the president did not go to medical school and therefore does not know anything about medications and or illnesses that affect the people of the country he is supposed to care for! I do not think the doctors are going to fight for their patient’s well-being against the government and risk losing their medical licenses.

I can completely understand that there are people out there that abuse drugs of all different types. I do not think that those that need pain relief should be punished for another person’s abuse because the fault does not lie on the one in need; it lies on the one who has abused the drugs in the first place! If there is someone who has a true and well-documented reason from a medical professional for needing pain relief, they should not ever be scrutinized about this! Those living in pain never asked for this to happen to them and we all wish there was a different option, but we do what we have to do to continue living as normal of a life as we can. When a doctor tells a patient what is needed to continue care, the doctor should not change their minds multiple times and force the patient to go to other doctors and spend money they do not have, just to have the doctor say it isn’t good enough! In my opinion, they are failing drastically is the oath they took!

Looking at the big picture, I know that I really cannot blame the doctors completely because they are doing what they have to do in order to protect their jobs. They are following the laws that are put in place by the people who have absolutely no idea how to treat people! Doctors are listening to those in Washington DC that are on some kind of hne_pain_and_suffering_power trip, trying to fight a war that was created by the government! Logically, how else would all these drugs get onto the streets causing deaths across the nation? The people in this world who suffer are not being taken care of, but they are being mistreated and forced to handle the pain that is ruining their lives daily! A person that suffers from terrible pain has a hard enough time getting out of bed every day, so how can they be expected to do the normal daily things many can do without having any kind of relief from the pain they are inflicted with?

Thinking back about 10 years ago, my specialist who fully knew what I was dealing with was full capable to deal with my pain issues as well without sending me to another expensive doctor. What has changed and why did it change? It was not until recently, those at the top felt it was necessary to crack down on everyone. Pain apparently does not matter if a person is battling cancer, which is slowly killing them each day; they are going to have their pain medicine taken from them. Or what about those dealing with a chronic illness that is slowly taking away their mobility and affecting their day-to-day lives. Why should anyone that does not understand be able to be the judge on what is necessary for that person? Why should anyone be able to make a law that will take away a one-third of people’s rights to a pain-free life? How would the people making the laws, feel if they or someone they loved had to live in pain or would that just be different because it is closer to home for them?

As y’all can tell by this post, I have had a difficult couple days and I am beyond frustrated. My pain is at a high right now and is only getting higher when I have to deal with the doctors! Nothing is making sense to me right now, but I do see the changes being made at the top are doing nothing good for the country! It really makes me sad to see how only one single man can take a country to an extreme low!  I know some are going to disagree with me and that is okay, we are all entitled to our own opinions and I hope nothing I have said offended anyone.

I do really appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I look forward to your comments. I hope y’all have had a great week and the good news is it is almost Friday!  I hope y’all have a nice and relaxing evening. As always, I am sending all of you lots of love and comfort!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

What is right for YOU?!

nobody walks in your shoesThere can be so much confusion, frustration and sadness when you are first diagnosed will any illness. The doctor’s want to talk about medications “they” think you should take and sometimes they want to rush you to make the decision that affects your body. I think it is obviously important to listen to what they have to say; after all they are the “experts” so they should know what is best for medicine, right? But they maybe the expert with medications and illness but you are always going to be the expert in your own body!

I can remember when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis my doctor wanted me to start something immediately. He had it in his own mind what was going to work best for me. Considering I was young and in complete shock I did not question him too much and just went along with his suggestion. Of course 17 years ago there were not as many disease modifying medications as there are today, so my choices would have been limited anyways. The disease modifying medication he suggested did not work for long because I was not capable of doing my own shots, but we live and learn through events like this!whats right

My best suggestion for anyone that has been diagnosed with any illness is, do as much research as you possibly can! Research the illness you have been diagnosed with, so you have a better understanding of what you are dealing with. Then research the medications available for your specific illness. The decision on medications is very important because it can slow the progression down of your illness. You need to feel comfortable with you decision because you are the one in control of your health!

Dealing with any illness is very difficult so it is extremely important to have a very strong support system! There might be times you need to vent out your frustrations! It can be vital to have at least one person that will be understanding, encouraging and listen patiently! During times when your illness causes you to feel worse than normal having someone there to help with daily tasks is fantastic. Of course I am not one that is good at asking for help, but if my pain issues get bad enough I will eventually ask for some minor help.  

Acceptance is probably one of the hardest things. But, once you know what you are battling, have done your own research and made an initial plan for how you want to manage your health, you are off to a good start! As time passes your plans may change and that is okay. You have to learn to be flexible because life is always changing! I have also found it very helpful to find a hobby that is almost an escape from whatever you have been exposed to. It is mentally helpful to have something that helps you relax and do whats right for youhide away from reality in short-term! 

I hope y’all have had a nice weekend! Are you ready for another Monday and start to a new week? I can honestly say that I am never ready for Monday because it is just a rude awakening to another long work week! On a positive note at least we are still here living our lives! I have been working 6 hours days so I may try to increase my hours for this week but we will see how the days go! 

Thank you for visiting my site today and making comments! I always love to read what you have to say. Y’all have the ability to open my eyes to new views which is so amazing!! I hope you have a great and relaxing evening! Much love to y’all!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

First time with Rebif

journey continuesAs promised, I am carrying on with my fun journey of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately, when I was first diagnosed in 2002, there had not been oral medication approved or probably even thought of yet, so I did not have many choices. Like I had said in one my previous posts,  my doctor strongly urged me to try Rebif because he had seen a lot of success with his other patients, so I did give him the benefit of the doubt.

I can remember the first time I gave myself the Rebif shot! It took me forever to get the needle into my skin only because I was so scared of what was going to happen and how it was going to feel. I remember I asking my mother to be at my apartment with me because I never thought I was not going to have the courage to do it by myself, especially the first time and I needed a little support. Shockingly enough I did manage to get the needle in but then had a hard time actually releasing the medicine because it was already burning like fire. All in all I think my first injection took me about 20 minutes to complete, but I was proud of myself when it was over because I actually did it myself! I can still remember how much the medicine burned as it was released from the syringe and told my mother I would never do it again because I hated every moment of it. ThatRef evening I woke up several times feeling like I had the flu because I was cold but sweating and my body ached all over. Even the next morning I felt like I was still sick so I called the doctor worried. My doctor told me it was very common to have flu-like symptoms with Rebif and before my next dose I should premedicate with Advil or Tylenol,  as they would combat those negative side effects. Of course me being the patient I think every doctor dreads having had a lot of questions! I could not understand why a medicine that was supposed to be helping me would cause me to be even sicker and require more medicine. My goal was to take as little medicine as possible and they were only increasing what I had to take.

The next time I had to do the Rebif, I asked my mother to come over to my apartment and do the injection for me. I just could not handle  pushing a needle into my skin knowing  exactly how bad the medicine would burn and how I would feel the following day. Thankfully my mother was able to help me and do the injection for me. Afterwards, I did manage to do the injections myself for the most part. My husband knew what days I was supposed to do the injections and would remind me and encourage me to do what was needed. 

Technically, I was prescribed Rebif for about two years but slowly stopped doing the injections on the days I was supposed to because I had too many bruises and ran out of injection sites that were the easiest for me to do. My doctor figured out that the medication was not working because I was having more issues arise but he did not know the real reason it was not working, so I finally told my doctor that I was not taking the medicine any longer and told him why. I explained to him that I was not good at doing an injection every other day, so he and I discussed different options. Unfortunately my options were limited to other injection based medications or IV medications and I was not comfortable with any of my options and needed time to think about what I would do next. 

From my own personal experiences I know just how important it is to find the right disease modifying medication that works best for you. Back then, the diagnosis was still new to me and I was still being stubborn not wanting to face the facts that I needed to do something to slow the progression of the disease. I made bad decisions solely based on not wanting the illness to have any effects on my daily life and not wanting to  admit that this illness was not going anywhere. It was a childlike mind thinking if I did not Unknownacknowledge it, there would not be any consequences. I went as far to tell my doctor he was wrong and I did not have MS and I was getting a second opinion. I did exactly what I said and got a second opinion from another specialist. Those were two bad decisions all in a matter of a few months. I stopped taking anything for the MS and went to another doctor that did not seem to have as much knowledge. I ended up having my first bad exacerbation which caused me a lot of weakness and dizziness and I ended up back with my first doctor. As terrified as I was about going back to the doctor I told was wrong, he was very understanding about my feelings. This was also the first time the exacerbation was bad enough to require IV steroids. There were a few other medications I tried before finding the one that was best for me, which I will get to in my next post. These posts are taking a little longer because they are all emotionally draining for me.

I do completely understand how hard it is when finding the right medication for MS, but it is really important to do your own research and give things a try with an open mind. I have tried a number of medications so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there are any questions I can answer for you. Please keep in mind all my answers are only based on my own experiences as I do not have a medical degree. Considering I have gone without taking anything I do know it is not the best idea and I only want to help!

Thank you for visiting today and sharing any comments you may have. I will respond to all comments and emails as soon as I can! I hope y’all had a good Monday and I hope you are having a great evening! Much love and take care!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

Gilenya Is Back!

Monday 5What a way to start the week! It is official, I am back on the Gilenya. I had a doctor at my house a little before 9 am this morning and his assistant came a little bit after that. I immediately liked the doctor that came out, but could have done without the assistant! The doctor was a very sweet and gentle older man who both of my cats even liked. The assistant had a bad start because she got lost getting to my house, even with GPS, and was so frazzled she was just extremely abrupt. As I said yesterday, I was told all I would need to provide was a work space for them, which I did, but she thought she should be able to sit in the living room and watch TV. I never actually said no you can not sit in the living room just watching TV, I just said I was told to provide you a space that you could work in. She ended up being allergic to my cats and left for a few hours to get medication for it and then sat in her car until the last few minutes, which was really okay with me!

The first thing that was done this morning was, the doctor asked me a few question about any medications I was on and if I had any heart troubles. After that the assistant performed an EKG on me and did vital signs. Once everything checked out with the EKG and vitals, I was able to take the first dose of Gilenya. For the first hour and a half my vitals were checked every 30 minutes but then changed to every hour. During the course of the 6 hour monitoring I chatted with the doctor some. I found out that his wife has MS, he is working on retiring, he  once worked at the VA hospital and now works 2 days a week at an Urgent Care. The last part of the monitoring was one last EKG and vital signs. The doctor did have the assistant do the last EKG twice because there was one thing that he said was very active, but the second time everything checked out. Considering I was on this medication for 6 years before, I am really not concerned about any side effects or serious issues. I know that most antibiotics have an interaction and any vaccines can cause serious problems, but I know there is one antibiotic that is safe and I do not get vaccines or the flu shot as is so this will not be a problem for me!

In a way I am glad that I made the decision to go back on Gilenya because I was pretty much flare up free while I was on it previously! I really am hopeful right now that this illness will be under control and stop causing me issues. I do not know and no one can be sure if the damage that the new lesions has caused will get better or they are permanent, but I have to remain positive. I have always been so terrified of not being able to walk asPositive thoughts butterfly normal as I always have and needing some sort of assistance, but there really is no use thinking about any what ifs. I can be honest with myself that right now things are not as I wish they were because I have a lot of pain and my legs and feet do not want to corporate all the time, but there has to be a bright side beyond this cloud of darkness. Life is not always as we planned and there are times when adjustments must be made, but that does not mean weakness or suggest you should feel any shame, it is just doing what you have to do.

Right now I am planning to return to work on Thursday. But for the first two days I am only working 4 hours and next weeks hours will be contingent on how I heal. I know the Gilenya will not work magic in a week but hopefully continuing to be on it will be effective in my progression!

I hope y’all had a good start to the week and are having a good evening! I appreciate all of you that have been encouraging as I started back on Gilenya. I have received many emails allowing me to have great conversations with so many people! I do sincerely hope that my posts help you as much as your comments help me! Take Care!!!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

Preparing for tomorrow

Good-Evening-ButterflyGood evening Y’all, I hope you had a great Sunday! I received a phone call this afternoon from the doctor that will be here tomorrow morning to give me my first dose of Gilenya. I explained to him that I was on this medication previously for 6 years and have only been off of it for 3 months, but did understand the protocol. I told the doctor that we currently do not have a dining room table, but that I have set up a folding table for him and his assistant so they will have somewhere to work. Truthfully, I had the folding table set up for my comfort more than theirs. I do not want to have to sit in my living room with 2 people I do not know all day. I know they are probably nice people, but sometimes we need a break from feeling like we have to entertain.

I am going back on the Gilenya with a positive mind-set. Like I said, I was on Gilenya for 6 years previously and did not experience any severe flare ups, so maybe I can go Positive thoughts butterflyanother 6 years with nothing major happening! Even though I decided to go back on a medication that is strong, does not mean that I believe that my MS is aggressive, I just think it is a little sensitive and needs to be treated like so. I think that is a much better way to view things!

Now, I am very well aware of how things are supposed to go tomorrow. The doctor and his assistant will arrive at my house a little before 9 am, ask several questions, do an EKG and then give me my first dose. Once I take the first dose, the doctor or his assistant will have to monitor my vital signs every hour for 6 hours, unless I can somehow convince them they can leave earlier. Considering I know they have a protocol they have to follow, I highly doubt I can convince them to leave before the 6 hour time period as that is what the company requires, but a girl can try!. The doctor will have to do another EKG before he leaves just to make sure there were not any changes, but I am sure everything will go as well as it did my first time around with this medication!

I hope the rest of your evening goes well and I hope you have a great Monday! I will let y’all know how tomorrow goes, but I really am not at all concerned. Honestly, the only thing I was worried about was having people I do not know in my house all day, but I am sure they will not be at all bad! If any of you have experienced having home health personnel in your home and have any advice on what I should expect, please let me know. I am trying to make them feel as comfortable as I can, while still keeping my own comfort level. I know I am not allowed to leave my home the entire time they are here, but I guess they can probably go somewhere for lunch, hopefully!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

Sunday Fun Day!

SundayI hope y’all had a great weekend! Are you ready for Monday, the start of another long week, again? I can tell you, I am so far from being mentally and physically ready for Monday. I wish there was a way to have about a month off of work, but considering that isn’t possible, I am preparing myself as much as I can to tackle Monday morning!

Right now, I am working up the energy to go to the dreaded grocery store. I know it is something that I have to do and there is only two of us, so we don’t need a lot. But, I don’t know about you, I hate grocery shopping. It is always so crowded and the people aren’t very polite, they must love grocery shopping as much as I do! It seems that people are always walking three wide so you can’t get by them, and when you say “excuse me”, youSunday 1 are the one being rude! I thought about ordering online, so the people who work at the grocery store get everything together and put it in your car, but that costs extra. It might actually be worth it today. This might sound crazy, but I don’t like someone else picking out the fruit. Sometimes, some of the fruit at the grocery store don’t look all that great, so you have to look them all over to find the best one. I can’t imagine the person at the store getting my things together is going to be very picky. Even though it might take me a few more hours to build the energy up to do it, but I will just go to the store and do it myself. It should not take long and then I can come home and rest up for Monday.

Today is the second day of the full amount of Tecfidera. I am struggling somewhat because I am very nauseous. I don’t know if it is the Tecfidera or a stomach bug, but I have had a lot of stomach issues yesterday and today. The constant feeling that you have to vomit isn’t any fun. Whether the nausea is a stomach bug or side effects of the Tecfidera, hopefully it will ease up soon. It is crazy when you have doctors telling you that you need to gain weight, and then you start a medication where you are unable to keep things in, not sure how they expect me to maintain my weight or gain any. 

Struggling with pain and nausea has been very difficult, but I am trying to remain positive about these issues. They can’t last forever, right? Considering I have always believed that positive thoughts bring positive things, and negative thoughts bring downloadnegative things, I have remain positive. These things could be worse than they are, so I really have nothing to complain about. I am still able to write, read a book, do laundry and even go to the grocery store, so I guess you could say I am doing fairly well. It takes strength and positive thinking to move forward in life sometimes. I will not cave to the issues I am dealing with, instead I am going to keep my head held high and continue living. What other choices do we really have when faced with struggles? Giving up is not an option for me!

It might sound silly, but one thing that helps me get through pain and work is music. Music has the ability to change your mood and give some type of relief. If you can just focus on either the beat of the music or the lyrics, it can take your mind off of anything. There are a several bands that I absolutely love all their songs. I will only list a few Music makes the painbecause it could take all day to tell you about all of them. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has a special place in my heart, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran (I know he isn’t a band, but I love some of his songs). David Osmond has one song that gives me hope, I Can Do This and so many more!!! But, you should really check out some of the music by these artists. I know that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has some new music coming out and it will be amazing like the rest of their music!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope Monday isn’t too bad for you! Mondays are just another day to fight through and we can all make it! Remember, only do what you can and don’t push yourself too hard. The work will get done whether it be the same day or the next day, the world will not come to an end if you can’t get everything done the same day!

Thank you for continuing to read and comment on my posts! I appreciate all of you and the strength you all give me. As always please leave a comment and I will respond just as fast as I can! I love the connections we have made and look forward to making more. Take care and always remember the courage you have within you!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

Full Amount!

SaturdayI hope your weekend is starting off well! It is a beautiful Saturday, so I hope y’all are able to enjoy the day! Personally, I am just enjoying the fact that I can rest and not worry about doing anything. I am working on getting myself healthy and pain-free. We will see how it goes by resting this weekend. Of course as y’all know I stayed home from work yesterday, so that gives me three days to recuperate from this pain. Hopefully by Monday it will be a lot more tolerable. 

Today, I started the  full dose of Tecfidera! Things are going well so far. Although, as I said yesterday that I thought I might have some kind of flu, well I do think I have some kind of viral thing. I woke up this morning and even before I took the Tecfidera was sick as a dog. I have felt weak of course from being ill this morning, but on the bright side I am starting to feel better and was able to keepLove crackers down. My sweet cats have not left my side for two days, I think they are trying to make me feel better. The love of animals can not really be described. But what I can say is, you can really see the love in their expressions. I am truly honored to have the love of my two amazing cats and my loving husband! The three of them give me so much strength to carry on with all the pain I am going through!

I was out of work yesterday and it was the moving day of our desk, so of course I wasn’t able to move my things. I did feel bad that I wasn’t there to move all my things, but thanks to my husband and kind friend, all my things were moved and set up for me, so I do not have to worry about anything when I return to work on Monday morning. I am so thankful for the good and loving download (1)people I have in my life. With all the hate there is in this world, it is refreshing to know that there are still some good people out there. I have never understood hate and discriminating against another person. When I talk to people, the only thing I see is another human being. All people have good qualities and bad ones, you just need to be able to know the difference. Hold onto the good ones that bring positive to your life, and let the bad ones that only bring negativity to your life go.

Living with a chronic illness that brings pain is not an easy thing to do, as y’all are aware of. It is hard to be positive when you are hurting. But I believe strongly that we all have the power to win our battles. There may not be cures for illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis, but we find ways to make it! No matter what we are battling, we all have the strength to fight and continue fighting. Maybe someday there will be cures for all of our suffering, images (2)but until that day comes, we stay strong and wait patiently. We lean on others when we need to and we help others when we can. Everyone that participates in this blog has struggles they are going through, and everyone has powers to offer guidance and encouragement. It is unbelievable how many people have reached out to me with words of wisdom and needing help. I really want to offer strength and courage to others. 

As always, thank you for reading my posts and making amazing comments. I have really enjoyed connecting with everyone all around the world. Everyone has something to offer with the healing process. I hope the rest of your Saturday is wonderful!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

Friday, here we come!!

downloadI hope y’all had a good Wednesday and that you are feeling good! Well we are thankfully half way through the week and I can not wait for the weekend! Even though we only have a two-day break from the work week, it is still wonderful to not have to rush around for anything! I truthfully do not have any plans for the weekend, which is actually a good feeling! 

I had to stop on my way home from work to pick up a few prescriptions. My goodness, what is going on with prescription prices? They seem to have gone up drastically from last year, when generic medicine was actually free! I don’t know about y’all, but I am really disappointed with healthcare costs and insurance coverage, or lack thereof. For those of us who have to take numerous different medications, it can be a way too costlyfrustration causing some to not take what is necessary for their health. Insurance companies can be just down right frustrating and kind of brutally heartless. The greed with these pharmaceutical companies is simply astonishing. Thank goodness some of if not most of the medications that are for the progression of MS have copay assistance programs. So heads up for all of you with any chronic illnesses, check with the companies to see if there is copay assistance. They of course do not want to tell you on their own, so you have to ask the question! Worse case scenario is they do not have any assistance programs, but at least you tried!

I am unfortunately still having a lot of pain in my back, legs and right shoulder through fb05da42f22694c36e8b59371dafba22--capricorn-female-being-sarcasticmy fingertips! The only thing that actually relieves my back pain even just a little bit, is laying down. Of course I can not do that at work. For some reason, laying down at work is frowned upon. I can not for the life of me understand why! Or if they would offer me a recliner to sit in while I do my work! Especially because I work for a company that says they love and value their employees. What a better way to show than to provide a recliner for me to work in? Okay, there was the sarcastic comments coming back again! But, am I joking about this or am I being serious?

I have almost been on the Tecidera for one entire week. I am, of course still experiencing downloadsome minor stomach discomfort, itchiness and hot flashes, but they are tolerable. They might be a little annoying, but I can handle it! Hopefully, only a couple more weeks of dealing with these side effects and things will balance out. Now, this Saturday I am going to be starting the full dose, whereas the first week they start you on the lower amount. But again, hopefully my body is getting used to it and nothing else will arise.

Thank you all for continuing to read and make great comments on my posts. I appreciate all of your encouragement, kind words and most of the strength y’all are giving me. I hope y’all have a good evening and a fantastic day tomorrow, as it is Friday Eve! Take care and continue staying strong, never allowing anything at all to defeat you!

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa