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So Much To Be Thankful For!

I have always found it a little strange that we need a day that is titled “Thanksgiving” in order to think about what we are truly thankful for in life. No matter what kinds of struggles we may deal with … Continue reading

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Another Day Down!

Today was just another day trying to work towards my goal of increasing my hours. I found that now I am doing better early on in the day, which is opposite that it was a few weeks ago. After working … Continue reading

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Quiet Sunday

Good afternoon Y’all, I hope you have had a great weekend! It is hard to believe tomorrow is already Monday and the weekend is over. Unfortunately, I was not able get anything done that I wanted to over the weekend … Continue reading

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Climbing towards the end goal!

Good Evening Y’all! I hope you have had a great start to the week! Life is not always easy, but we all make it through the hard times even stronger than we were before. No matter what we go through … Continue reading

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56 Answers to the questions

Earlier this week, I had re blogged a post from Discovering Your Happiness about Find out who you are (56 Questions). It has taken me a little while to answer the questions because I have not been feeling all that … Continue reading

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Very Restful Saturday!

We all need a day that we sleep in and then continue to rest for an entire day! Today is my day to do all of that. I actually sleep in this morning, well until one of my precious cats … Continue reading

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Where is the love?

This post has very little to do with MS and more to do with the big picture of life. Of course MS is part of my daily life, but there is so much more than that going on around me. … Continue reading

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Outing today!

I hope y’all had a good Wednesday! I spent this afternoon having lunch with my mother and getting a new pair of glasses, so I do not always have to wear my contacts. The day went very well and lunch … Continue reading

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Gilenya Is Back!

What a way to start the week! It is official, I am back on the Gilenya. I had a doctor at my house a little before 9 am this morning and his assistant came a little bit after that. I … Continue reading

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Who Inspires You?

What does it mean to be inspired? The definition of inspire is: fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something. We all come across someone in our lifetime that truly inspires us but how often do we … Continue reading

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