Can you tell me why?

People throughout the United States enjoy celebrating the 4th of July. There are parades, fireworks, cookouts, and more that people “should” be able to enjoy. Why was this such an issue over the long weekend everyone was looking forward to? Why can people not enjoy life without fears of mass shootings? Why do some people not leave their homes because they worry about what could happen in society? Why is it so difficult for people to practice kindness and compassion for others, instead of the sick need to shoot innocent people? Why is there so much hatred filling the world? Why can all the people in one country not get along?

The questions I have asked are what evade my mind constantly. There are NO answers that will make sense to me because I feel the need to treat everyone equally. Yes, this might be something that makes me different from many other Americans and that is why I prefer to NEVER be like everyone else. When we desire to get along just to get along and not stand up for our beliefs, it does not ever fix anything! I would like to suggest you listen to this song and please tell me how it makes you feel!

When I was growing up, I was taught that the United States is a “free” and “welcoming” country, but this is far from the truth! No one is completely free, especially women as they no longer have control over what happens to their bodies. If everyone is not uniform, behaving, looking, believing, and speaking alike, they are too different and must be stopped. Why else would so many innocent people trying to enjoy the long weekend, going out to dinner, a movie, the grocery store, or anywhere else not in their homes be shot and killed?

For years now, my husband and I have stayed home safely. We never wanted to get COVID, especially due to my weak immune system, and we have been successful. We do not want to go out to dinner to celebrate or have a date night and not make it home because of the insanity in the country, again, we have been successful. I understand how short life is, but we do not want it to be made shorter because of something we have no control over. I know it seems like we are trying to live in a bubble, and this might be true, but there needs to be a massive change in the United States.

Have you ever wondered what other countries think when they see what is going on in this country? I do not have to wonder because I am told by people, I work with that live in Canada. They see the news here in the United States and shake their heads in utter disbelief as to how it could be true. The mass shootings, lies within our government, taking away a woman’s rights to her body, hatred filling our streets, and much more that should never happen! NO country is perfect, but most other countries do not have the damage as the United States does.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I know there are going to be many people that disagree with everything I have said and that is okay because you have a right to your opinion. I would love to read your comments and I will respect whatever you have to stay. I hope your long weekend has been safe and relaxing! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa

Stand up for rights

On June 24th, the US Supreme Court decided amongst themselves and others with the same ideology to overturn a landmark decision made in 1973, Roe vs Wade. As it should have, this incredibly unethical and terribly flawed decision has caused an uprise in the country. We were supposed to be evolving in our lives, not devolving, and creating additional turmoil in a country already overflowing with hatred! The ruling regarding Roe vs Wade was brought into light almost 50 years ago when the thought processes of the people had not advanced to a kinder and more understanding way, which was the way things were in the past.

Please allow me to explain more about the way I feel about what has taken place. I am not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice and believe women have the right to decide what happens with their bodies. Not all pregnancies were meant to go full-term, and it is not necessarily murder. Sometimes deciding what is best for the unborn child and a mother may seem unconventional and cause disagreements, but it should remain a choice. If a mother knows she does not have the means to provide a good and happy life for a child, why should the unborn child have to endure a difficult life? It is already challenging enough for people to survive this unpredictable and demanding life without dealing with hardships that could be prevented.

If the United States was truly a “free” country, there would not be a question or argument about a woman having the right to decide what happens with her body. Clearly, this is not the case because of the Supreme Court. It does not matter anymore if the pregnancy was from rape, incest, or merely an accident, abortion is now the choice of each individual state. I am an empathetic person and do not feel any woman or child needs to suffer the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. A child’s life does need to be valued, but can they be loved unconditionally if they are the product of rape or incest? Are those that are making an abortion difficult going to care for a child of incest and possible birth defects this may cause?

Unfortunately, there are people out there that do not have the means to afford birth control or to see a doctor to obtain birth control. What about the men involved? Why do they not have to suffer any consequences and why do some men think all they had to do was one small thing to become a father, but they do nothing else with a child’s life? Sex does not make them a father but being there and helping does! It enrages me that some men have unprotected sex one time, which causes the woman to be pregnant, but they do NOTHING to support the mother or child. If a woman’s right to abortion is compromised, why should men get off free?

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. There was NO reason why this should have been an issue in the first place. Love is love and should NOT matter if it is the same sex or opposite sex, as it does not cause anyone any harm. Seven years later, some within the Supreme Court want to change this again and make same sex marriage and relationships illegal. I do not understand if these individuals fear what they do not understand or maybe they prefer the same sex and are afraid of what people will think. Again, if the United States is a “FREE” country, what gives anyone the right to say who one should love or not?

What does love mean? Is there anything in the definition of love that says you can only love someone of the opposite sex? I have never seen this in any definition and think that love is love. Who cares if someone loves another that is the same sex or opposite sex? The problem with people that want to put restrictions on love is, that they do not understand what it means to love and probably lack love in their hearts. Of course, so many want to quote the bible, which I think is a weak and ignorant person’s way out of understanding. Again, if this is a free country, why does it matter who someone marries? Just as long as love is involved, no one is getting harmed!

Considering this is “supposed” to be a “free” country, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but should those opinions weigh in on the choices people make for their lives or what they are able to do with their bodies? Of course, when something is harmful to the lives of other people, there should be laws in place to prevent and protect it. I realize some people believe abortion is murder. With that said, what is worst for an unborn child to be born into a life where they will not be safe, offered food, and a room over their head, OR to have an unwanted pregnancy terminated? Why should a woman that is raped be forced to carry her rapist’s baby for nine months and go through delivery, and either keep the baby or give it up for adoption?

These topics are controversial, and I am sure what I have said will cause people to be angry, but if my views cause you to be angry, please explain to me why. I want to understand why anyone thinks anyone’s life should be controlled, especially when they are not harming anyone. I understand abortion can be viewed as harming an unborn child, but their life might be worst if they are born. And what harm does someone cause by loving someone of the same sex?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read this post. I do understand that not everyone is going to agree with anything I have said, and I do know you have the right to your opinions. I am just a firm believer in equal rights and do not think anyone’s right should be ignored. Life is so short, and we only get one chance, so why can we all not be considerate of others? Why should anyone be forced to change who they are or why should a woman not get to decide what happens to her body? Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes.

Always, Alyssa

Overturning Roe vs Wade

Row vs. Wade is an extremely controversial topic that everyone has an opinion about. This was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court which ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restrictions. Some might view this topic differently due to their beliefs, but this has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s feelings regarding abortion and everything to do with freedom. A person’s moral and religious beliefs are well within their right, but their views should not impact a woman’s decision with her own body.

There have been many people voicing their thoughts about how vaccines and or masks mandates take away their freedom but is a government deciding what a woman can and cannot do with her body is not also taking away people’s freedom as well? The United States is “supposed” to stand for the freedom of each citizen. A woman deciding to get an abortion does not harm anyone but might be what is best for the unborn child and her own life. People arguing that vaccines and mask mandates take away their freedom is completely different because people not getting a vaccine or wearing a mask can and have killed millions of people.

Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, was a single mother of two living in Texas. In 1963, when she was just 16, she met and married the man who was the father of her child. She was young and unable to care for her child, so after she divorced her husband she surrender custody of the child to her mother.  In 1967, Miss McCorvey became pregnant for the 2nd time and immediately gave the child up for adoption. Two years later, she was pregnant for the 3rd time and wanted to have an abortion which in Texas was only offered if the mother’s life would be endangered if carried the child to full-term.

Regardless of, the mistakes made she fought for her right to decide what she did with her body. With the assistance of lawyers, she made a difference for other women to be able to choose an abortion if that is what they felt was best for themselves and the unborn child.

According to Politico, in January 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7-2 decision ruling that the due process clause of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution provided a “right to privacy” which also protects a pregnant woman’s right to have an abortion. It was also ruled that this right is not absolute and must be balanced against the government’s interest in protecting women’s health and prenatal lift. The court resolved this balancing test by tying state regulation of abortion to the three trimesters of pregnancy. This was set up as the following in the first trimester, governments could not prevent abortions. During the 2nd trimester, governments could require reasonable health regulations, Finally, during the 3rd trimester, abortions could be prevented entirely as long as the law contained exceptions for cases when they were necessary to save the life and health of the mother.

In 2022, the US Supreme Court overturning a law protecting abortion rights, a law that was put in place in 1973 is appalling. It has been almost 50 years and during a time period when people should be evolving, we seem to be doing the opposite. The government telling a woman what she can do concerning her body is wrong. What if a woman is raped, should she be forced to carry that child full-term? If a child is raped, why should that child be told, that she cannot have an abortion and she must keep her rapist’s child?

Why are the same people that are against abortion, the same people that are against anything that could provide children with the means for a good and fulfilling life? Things such as free healthcare, free education, and affordable housing are banished from existence. The issues that cause harm such as the guns that kill people daily are perfectly acceptable. The people in the United States who are hell-bent on keeping their freedom to carry guns, vote, and live their lives like they see fit are also the same people that want to take a woman’s right to have an abortion and gay rights away. Why is that?

We are supposed to be living in a free country that is not dictated by government, religion, or anything else, but it appears that many are trying to change that. As long as we are not hurting anyone else, there should not be any problems. Those that carry guns into a supermarket and open fire, killing anyone they see is not the way we should be living. A woman knowing, she cannot care for the child and provide that child with a safe and loving life is well within her right to not be forced to keep the child. Children are the future and should not be brought into a home that is unsafe because they cannot be cared for or if they are brought into the world by rape or incest.

I am aware that there are going to be many people that disagree with what I have shared in this post, but I do ask you to be respectful of what I feel. I am a firm believer in the freedom of all and do not think that anyone should be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with and want to happen. The United States is supposed to be a free country and not a dictatorship, so long as what we are doing does not cause anyone else harm. A woman deciding to have an abortion is not causing harm to anyone, not even the unborn child.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I was withholding writing about this because I know how delicate this topic is and how many people feel differently, but I could not keep my feelings in and wanted to share this. I typically apologize for offending people, but this issue should be decided by only one person and that is the mother because she is the one whose body it affects. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa