Tips for searching for remote work

There are things I did not think were possible and I never thought I would think or say. COVID has created numerous hardships but also brought on some positive outcomes, such as the opportunities to work from home. Obviously, there are some types of work that are impossible to do from home, but many are easy to do from home.

Searching for a job can be extremely frustrating. Even though many employers have a new understanding and realize remote/work from home is a fantastic option, it is still a challenge. Considering I am actively trying to find a work from home/remote job, I want to share some information about why I want a work from home/remote position, the pros and cons about remote/work from home jobs, and ways to be aware of scams. It is crazy to think there are scams when looking for a job, but they are out there.

Of course, I am fully vaccinated as I did get the first two vaccines and the booster (3rd vaccine). It has been permanently ingrained into my mind how dangerous and deadly the virus is. Also, the fact I did not have antibodies after the first two vaccines is concerning. Who knows if I have antibodies now? Given what the facts are, I do not feel it is safe for me to work anywhere onsite.

The pros of remote/work from home are endless. Truthfully, everyone is going to have their views on this type of work. Not everyone will agree with what I think are the pros and some may have additional pros to add. The following are a few of the pros to remote working:

~You can feel more independent as there is not a supervisor dictating over your shoulder, telling you what needs to be done.

~Increased productively because you do not have co-workers distracting you.

~Work hours and the flow can be more flexible.

~You do not have to commute to work and deal with traffic, which helps offer fewer expenses.

No matter what we talk about, there are always pros and cons. I already share the pros and will now share some of the potential cons working remote can cause.

~Working remotely can cause loneliness as you are always working alone.

~Depending on your work ethic, you may overwork or underwork. It can be extremely challenging to separate work life and home life when you work from home. Often working from home can result in a never-ending workday.

Many think of remote/work from home as an amazing benefit and a luxury. However, not everyone is going to excel working in the way. Before beginning a job search for a remote/work from home position, it is important to ask yourself and be honest with your answer, is remote work right for you. Do a little self-reflection and write down a list of your pros and cons. Once you complete your pros and cons list, go through the list to determine if the pros outweigh the cons or vice a versa.

With remote work, you will not have anyone standing over your shoulder telling you what you need to do. This means you need to love or at least enjoy your job to become comfortable and productive. You are going to know how to be and stay motivated. If you do not already know what motivates you, it will be crucial to figure this out before accepting a remote position.

You need to understand the important factors remote employers are looking for. The two most common things are they want individuals that are trustworthy and love or enjoy their work. No one, especially remote workers do not like working with someone that micromanages their team. Employers need to be able to trust those they hire are going to do the work they were hired to do and will not slack off on the job.

Unfortunately, there are scams out there, even when you are searching for a job. The following are ways to avoid those scams:

~Do NOT respond to text messages, phone calls, or emails from unknown and or suspicious addresses.

~NEVER provide sensitive personal or financial information via email, text, or phone calls.

~Do NOT click on links via text from unknown numbers. ~Due to the countless numbers of spam via text, consider adding your number to the National do not call registry, using the attached link

The following are a few ways to determine if a work-from-home job is real or a scam:

~Trust your instincts when you feel the work-from-home job seems too good, trust yourself. If you feel the job a fake, you are probably correct!

~When you try researching the company with the work-from-home job available, you are unable to find any valid information. Any legit company is going to have a website and an online presence of some sort. Most companies have Facebook, Twitter, or some type of social media

~A MAJOR red flag is when the employer appears overly eager to hire. Legitimate employers are busy with their other work and do not always have time to respond immediately. Genuine employers make people they interview feel comfortable when making an offer, but scammers pressure you to decide on their offer right away.

~Another common scan is when the employer claims you must invest money into work before starting. We all know we want to work because we want to be paid and do not pay the employer to work.

~Real and true employers communicate professionally and are well-spoken. When words are misspelled and punctuation is off, it is a sign it is a scam.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope the information I have shared was helpful for you. If you have any other tips, I would love to know them. This not working thing has become VERY old and I am eager to get a job. I am looking forward to reading your comments and I will respond as quickly as I can. I hope you had a nice weekend, and you have an amazing week. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa