Power of music

Music has some magical powers, and some songs can touch our hearts and souls in different ways. There are countless numbers of songs that mean something different to each person listening to it at any given time. Certain songs we turn to during a variety of emotions that we can relate to may stabilize whatever mood we are in or emotions we are experiencing. 

Have you ever thought about music and why you feel the way you do about some songs? Of course, I have given this a great deal of thought. I will not go through every song because that could take days. However, I am going to tell you about a few songs, but please know there are so many more where these come from. For me, music has been an escape from the reality and craziness life can and has been. I find the songwriter’s creativity fascinating and captivating, which leaves me intrigued by where their inspiration comes from.

One song I turn to when I am having a bad day and feeling extremely down with little hope is a song by Simple Plan, “Welcome to my life”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0U0AlLVqpkIf you take a few minutes to listen to this song and feel the meaning behind the words by answering the questions in the beginning honestly, you will be able to understand why I feel so strongly about this song. There have been many times I have felt like breaking down and a few times have broken down. Too many times I feel out of place because my views are distinctively different from everyone else.

As I just said, I do feel like I do not belong and many do not understand me, I cannot change who I am and do not want to.  I would rather not fit in than conform to be like everyone else because I think too many people are followers, more like sheep. There are several parts of this song, “Welcome to my life”, that hit home to me. There have been times I have wanted to run away, but never do, and instead, I turn the music up loud to drown my thoughts. It is not that I hate feeling trapped in this world, but I do not hate the way things are going in the world. There is too much mean and evil behavior, lies, and deceit. These are the things about life I will never understand, which is something that sets me apart from others.

On a more positive side, there is a song I listen to that always brightens my day and makes me smile. This song has a calming vibe and makes me happier. “Down South” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX4KhF2Zdz4 is from a California-based band called Radical Something. This is an upbeat and positive song! Many of you probably already know how much I love the beach and this song provides a beach type. I have mentioned in other posts that the beach is my happy place because the sound of the waves eases all negativity from my mind.

I think once you listen to this song, you will understand how the ambiance from this song is soothing. One line from this song says, “And, you could smile if you learn to put your pain away”, which I think is a very true statement. Every word in the chorus reminds me of how I feel when I am at the beach. This reduces my stress and anxiety, which is a necessity in life, especially with the way things have been recent.

A song that reminds me of a good time is from a band based in Florida called, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The name of the song is, “Your Guardian Angel” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Em4fUOrZo. This is the song that played after my husband proposed to me on stage with the band eleven years ago. I still remember every minute of this day and the time we were on stage when my husband asked me to be his wife. It was a day written in a time that was as perfect as can be. No matter what happens in this life, that day will always be the most magical and amazing day in of our life. Therefore, it will always remind me that good things can happen in life.

Life has been painful and difficult, but no matter what I am dealing with in this life music can make most things better. The songs that are written come from something someone else has gone through and being able to listen to the meaning is a wonderful chance for discovery. I think trying to relate to the songs we listen to can provide clarity and peace, which we could all use at from time to time.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you have enjoyed what I have written and the songs I have shared. I hope you are having a great and safe weekend. I am looking forward to reading your comments and maybe you will share some of your favorite songs as well. I will respond to all comments as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


6 thoughts on “Power of music

  1. I have experienced the power of music to heal. The therapeutic program I used familiar music which had been modified to play within a narrow frequency range. This gradually relaxed the strapedius muscles in the ears, helping my autonomic system get out of a defensive state and into a pro-social response to my environment, social and physical environment.

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