Final Day of the Quote Challenge

last dayGood morning Y’all☀! Sadly, today is my final day of the quote challenge. I just want to thank DMC from for including me on this exciting challenge. DMC has an amazing blog and shares great information, so I strongly encourage y’all to check her site out, I promise you will never be disappointed!

❇Of course with everything in life there are rules, so here are the rules for this fun challenge! I really hope y’all enjoy this challenge!!❇

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Post a quote for three consecutive days🌸

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My incredible nominees for this challenge are: Tom🍀 Beckie🌼 Bella🌷

The quote I would like to share with you on my last day is another one I find truly inspirational as there is SO much meaning to it. I really hope you find this quote as encouraging as I do! Dwelling on what happened in the past will only hinder your success and living in the future halts your present, so it is best to live in the moment!Don't dwellI hope y’all have a great day and I do look forward to your comments on this quote! I really do LOVE encouraging quotes and always share one with y’all on Monday morning!! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of❤ love and comfort!

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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, Day 2

day-2Good morning Y’all☀! Thank you again DMC for nominating me to participate in this extremely fun challenge! For all those reading this, I strongly encourage you to check out DMC’s amazing site, she is beyond fantastic!

❇There are always rules to everything in life, so here are the rules for this challenge!❇

Thank the person who nominated you🌸

Post a quote for three consecutive days🌼

Nominate three bloggers each day🌻

❇My incredible nominees for this challenge are:❇  Wrae 🏵 Wendi🌷 Alix💐

My quote for day 2 of this challenge is another one that I find so much meaning to and I hope y’all enjoy it as well! We all deal with so many struggles in life and although they are difficult they also make us so much stronger!bryant-mcgill-your-struggle-strengthI hope y’all have a great day and I look forward to reading your comments on this quote! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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Motivational Monday!

Good morning Y’all🌞! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are ready for a new amazing week, but who is really ever truly ready! To start your week off with a little motivation, I wanted to share this incredible quote with y’all. I hope you will find as much meaning in it as I do! I do believe these are great words to live by, but I also feel that many do not which is very unfortunate!


I hope y’all have a wonderful day and I hope y’all are feeling well🌸! I am looking forward to reading your comments about what you think about this quote. I choose this quote because there seems to be way too much division between human-beings around the world. I believe we were all created equally and there should not be any judgments at all! As always, I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge Day 1

3-Days-3-Quotes-ChallengeGood morning Y’all🌤! I am so excited to have been nominated by the fabulous ❤DMC  from  to participate in the 3 days 3 quote challenge. Y’all probably already know this, but I ❤LOVE great quotes and find them to be very inspiring. Thank you so much for nominating me to participate DMC, you are doing amazing work with your own blog and I definitely encourage anyone that has not already visited her site to do so, I think you will enjoy what she writes as much as I do!

✳You know there are always rules, so here are the rules!

Thank the person who nominated you🌸

Post a quote for three consecutive days🌻

Nominate three bloggers each day💞

I hope you find great meaning in my first quote on the first day of this challenge! I certainly find extremely great meaning to this quote!determined

My amazing nominees for this challenge are: Stephanie❤ Hailey❤ Suki❤

I hope if you choose to participate in this challenge you will enjoy it! I really do love and appreciate great quotes! Thank you again DMC for nominating me for this fun challenge! I hope y’all have a great Sunday!

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My Friday FMLA Drama!!

fmlaLate in the day yesterday, I received an email from the company that handles my FMLA. To say the very least this email caught me off guard and took my anxiety to levels I did not know existed. In this email I notified that I had been “approved” for medical leave, basically when I have a relapse the days that I need off are within the guidelines. That part was a relief, but the part adjusting my hours at work to working six hours five days a week was “DENIED”. There were NO explanations as to why my adjusted hours that was authorized by my specialist was denied. I have been working this adjusted schedule, probably since November last year when I returned to work after my relapse. It was my manager, who is also the AVP that suggested this and approved it, so I just went with it!

The company that is dealing with FMLA is relatively new to my company and even though they should be aware of the policies, I am sure the company I work for does not have clue about the new policies that need to be implemented. Amidst my overwhelming anxiety I responded to the email immediately, but of course had no patience to wait for a response, so I called the company a few minutes after I sent the email! I was so thankful and a little surprised the woman I spoke to was understanding and very compete to help me. You all know customer service has been on a rapid decline especially with medical issues. She explained to me why my adjusted hours request was “denied” and what needs to fmla rejectedhappen next. First, the reason for the denial is a bit crazy, but it was due to an untimely manner of reporting the adjustment. This was really not my fault as I followed the instructions given to me from the HR department, which was probably my first mistake! I had been working these adjusted hours for a long time without any issues and now the new FMLA company wants to add specific procedures my manager was not aware of and neither was I! She told me she understood why I was so upset, but then also gave me steps to have the denial overturned. All I need to do is have my manager email or call the company explaining the reasons for my untimely manner of reporting this and it should be “approved”. Thankfully my manager is very understanding and I am sure he will be happy to email the company to have my denial overturned. We will see what happens next week when I explain this to my manager. I am sure there is going to be more phone calls from me to the FMLA company as it is apparent not many people care about what my rights are! Is it just me or do you agree that I should not have to jump through SO many hoops to have FMLA? It’s not like I asked for this illness! I already had to deal with my doctor several times so she would sign the paperwork and now they expect more from me! It seems SO wrong to add so much stress to my life!!

This not so pleasant Friday drama added to my pain level immensely!!!! I have honestly been having a lot of issues with my right side for a few weeks now. My right arm, from the shoulder to my fingertips has been in SO my pain. Although there is much more than the pain situation, but some burning and tingling as well. This has happened before so I am a little concerned there may be new lesions or lesions that were already present are acting up! I am going to have another MRI soon, but I am in the process of completing paperwork to FMLA family medical leave act ,FMLAhave MRI co-pay assistance, that in all these years I did not know existed. How is it possible that I have been living with MS for almost 18 years and I am just now hearing they do have co-pay assistance for MRI’s? I am not going to complain about this but I do feel someone should have shared this with me YEARS ago! The co-pay for MRI’s is about $600 and I have had SO MANY over the years, which gets so darn expensive$$$! With all that I have recently learned about co-pay assistance for MRI’s, I am going to urge y’all to check this out as well. I know everyone that has MS must get MRI’s at specific times, so maybe this would save you some money$$ if you could get co-pay assistance or you may have better insurance, especially if you do not live in the states!!! Insurance here in the states is really not what it should be and is probably going to get even worse in the near future! We already have to pay so much for the insurance, just to find out we have to pay ridiculous co-pays as well! I mean seriously, why pay a ton of money for insurance that does not help the way it should! I do feel that we should have free health care, but apparently those in charge disagree, y’all already know who that is! We are the only developed country in the world that does not offer free health care, which is really a shame! 

I hope y’all are having a great Saturday! The weather where I live is sunny and HOT, which I am pretty sure is going to be the case until October at the earliest! I really appreciate you visiting my site today and look forward to reading your comments. I promise to respond to all comments as soon as I possibly can! As always, I am sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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Behind the scenes of life with Multiple Sclerosis!

My-life-with-Multiple-SclerosisGood morning Y’all🌼! I hope you have an amazing day!! I wanted to take a moment to share what life is like living each day with Multiple Sclerosis. It obviously is not all sunshine🌟 and rainbows🌈, there is so much more to it!

I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis for almost 18 very long years and this illness is still a mystery to me! I mean for some the cold makes them feel much better, whereas for others it makes them feel absolutely horrible. Some feel a little better with warmer temperatures and others it takes away all their energy and makes them feel terrible. ribbonThere is no right or wrong, it is all based on each individual person!

My doctor always told me that the heat is the worst thing for me and that might be true in a sense, but the heat does not bother me near as much as extreme humidity!!! Of multiple-sclerosis-quotes-3course the heat causes me a lot more fatigue, but it does not cause the increase pain that cold weather does. I actually swear by my friendly heating pad because it decreases my pain immensely! I might live in the city, but I am a beach girl at heart🏖! I love the beautiful and relaxing sounds of the ocean waves. I think it is the only time that I am not full of stress and anxiety.

The cold weather on the other hand causes me nothing but extreme pain because I get so tense from being cold. Of course with cold weather you can put enough layers of clothing on to stay warm, but the chill that lingers in the air can be miserable. I did find an thermacareamazing solution for dealing with the frigged temperatures. They sell a heating pad that is mobile and no batteries needed. This fabulous product is called Thermacare Heat Wrap.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis comes along with a lot of decisions that need to be made and sometimes they need to be made immediately, which I am not all that great at. There are tons of diseases modifying medications available now and finding the right one can be quite challenging. Of course when I was first diagnosed there was a limited amount of choices, so I put ALL of my trust into my doctor. We soon found out that I am not one that can give myself shots. The funny thing is I do not have any fears of needles; it was the only choice we havemedication I was injecting myself with that I could not handle. The medication would cause me to feel like I had the flu and burned like fire going in. I did try everything possible to stay on the injection based medications, but I failed and just stopped without telling my doctor at first! After a few months, I did finally confess to my doctor and we had to figure out what I would be comfortable with and could tolerate. After several failed attempts, I did finally find the medication that worked best for my body chemistry. My goodness my doctor was a very kind a patient man❤, it really is too bad he had to retire! I do not think I will EVER find another doctor I will connect to as much as I did him.

Of course there are always more decisions that need to made because MS is a constant changing illness. Even after deciding on the disease modifying medication there seems to always be more medications that doctors think should be taken. I do believe that living with MS you have to be willing and able to alter your life when necessary. To me it does seem that the conditions with MS can change at any moment and without any kind of warning.

positive over negativeOver my years with MS, I have experienced vision loss (which I did gain back), intense legs pains, muscle spasms throughout my entire body, fierce back pain, persistent headaches and some memory loss at random times, which is a little unsettling. But through it all, I have never truly given up. Of course I have had some massive frustration issues, but I will NOT let this illness to defeat the strong person I know I am. I am very determined to remain as strong as I possibly can, but I also want to help others hold onto their optimism. Y’all know that I am  a very strong believer in the fact that positive thoughts will bring positive results. I honestly believe that it takes a lot more energy to be negative than to just be as positive as you can!

Thank y’all for visiting my site today❤. I hope y’all enjoyed my thoughts on my life with MS so far and of course I will appreciate any comments you have. I do promise to respond to all comments just as soon as I possibly can. I hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday! Thankfully we are half way through the week and the weekend is coming up soon. Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of ❤love and comfort!

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Motivational Monday!

1764231-Umar-Quote-No-amount-of-guilt-can-change-the-past-and-no-amount-ofGood morning Y’all! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I am one that could do  without Monday’s so I think a little motivation can be helpful! I hope you enjoy this quote and it means as much to you as it does to me! I guess the reason this means so much to me is, because we need to live in the present, not the past or the future!

I am looking forward to reading what your thoughts are on this quote, so please feel free to leave me a comment, I promise to respond as quickly as I can! I hope you have a great day!! Never forget I am always sending y’all LOTS of ❤love & comfort!

Love 2

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