My open letter to negativity

open letter to negativityDear Negativity,

Over the recent years you have tried so hard to invade and control my life, but I refuse to allow you to do so any longer! There are so many individuals with negative attitudes all over the world and why? What good does being angry and negative really do for our mind, heart❤ and soul? I can tell you it does nothing for anyone, all you are doing is causing unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone involved! I am here to give you the notice its overthat I am DONE with you, FOREVER! You are not welcomed in my life, so GOODBYE to you!

I have noticed anytime I listen to the nonsense and pure hatred on the news, my blood pressure elevates to dangerous levels. I do not want to be a 36-year-old woman having a massive heart attack from hearing unpleasant things anytime I view the news. I know that we must keep ourselves aware of what is going on in the world we are living in, but it is quite obvious nothing is going to change for the better anytime soon! I am tired of the lies and destruction that is going on EVERY DAY!

I do feel that it takes more energy to keep you being the negative thoughts in our minds. You destroy all hope for life and happiness. Let me be honest with you, I do engage in the negative thoughts when it comes to my health care being in danger. Currently pre-existing conditions are not compromised with health insurance, but it seems like the powers that be want that to change. So many people’s lives will be put in jeopardy, but it appears that no one really negativitycares! Money is all that really matters to those in charge and that is not the right way to be. Our lives are not a game of chance, all decisions actually have consequences impacting our lives and they can not be undone easily.

Keeping it very real with you negativity, you must take a break from your harmful ways. You must give all of us a break from the anger and hostility in the world. We all deserve to live a happy, pain-free, calm and joyful life without you getting involved at every turn we take. There is so much more to life than constantly worrying about what could or will happen, but we should be thinking about the good there is in our life!

I decided to write this letter to negativity because there really is too much of it in the world and it needs to stop now! We only get one chance at this beautiful gift of life and we should not waste any downloadsecond of it with the evil thoughts negativity creates. I believe if we can share enough positive thoughts and energy, we can push the negative out of this world completely! It may take time, but I feel it can be done! There is strength in a positive mind and we all have that in us!

I do appreciate you visiting my site today and reading this rant like letter to negativity! I am sure it shows from this letter that I am beyond fed up with the negative thoughts at every single turn in life. I am sorry that this post seemed a little negative, but I am trying my best to bring positive to the world! Y’all already know that I believe positive thoughts will bring positive things to our lives! As always, I am sending y’all LOTS of  love❤ and comfort!

My signature heart

❤Always, Alyssa❤


75 thoughts on “My open letter to negativity

  1. Good post as always. A long time ago I decided to rid negativity from my life. Unfortunately, that included negative people who always got me down. But honestly, my life is so much richer and fulfilling now. People fail to realize one thing about life. Happiness is a choice. And every morning, I wake and decide to be happy. Have a good one Alyssa.

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    • If I am being totally honest I have already pushed the negative people out of my life and I am happier because of this. Sometimes there are family members that only bring you down and life is SO much better without them. When someone does nothing but let you down and break your heart, they are just not needed! I did give some people WAY more chances than they deserved, but now I am completely done. Thank you for this wonderful comment! I hope you are having a lovely day!!

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    • Thank you Terri! I decided a while ago that I needed to take control of negativity, but my goodness it has increased SO much in the states!!! I am definitely trying to put and keep negativity in it’s place!! Hugs to you as well!

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  2. I hear you! I don’t watch TV news at all, and I know it’s worse in the States than here. It’s a fine balance between keeping yourself informed and stressing yourself out over the craziness in the world. I choose to mostly focus on our little piece of paradise here, read the headlines and, like you, banish negativity! Thanks, Alyssa!

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    • I also try my hardest to never watch TV news because it is so negative and I do not believe a word of it! My husband does watch something that is internet based and do not swing left or right. I get so tired of people here in the states saying the free health care would be bad because you have to wait SO long to see a doctor. You live in Canada so you will be able to answer this question, do you have to wait months or a year to see a doctor? I am with you about not stressing myself out with the craziness of the world. I choose to live in my happy bubble!!!

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      • It’s sad but true. After waiting so long to hear the words MS, I had to wait 6 months for an MRI and 9 months for a neuro to confirm. Urgent , life-threatening cases get put to the front of the line though. I’d rather wait than go into crazy debt personally.
        Happy Bubbles Unite!

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      • WOW!! I guess I am a little surprised because I thought it was just everyone here wanting to believe that socialism was horrible. I am going back into my happy bubble and thinking Canada is the place to be! Seriously though, it does seem like people in Canada are nicer. If I have to wait a while to see the doctor, at least I won’t be in a mess of medical debt.


      • We’re on Vancouver Island. Vancouver is great but big, busy and expensive. We like the slower pace on the island. 🙂

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      • That is absolutely amazing!! Even though it is busy there are slower pace as well? That sound like the perfect place to live!! I had to look up pictures, now I think I am sold on the move my husband has been dreaming of! Considering it is big, there must be lots of work as well, right?


  3. I just love your letter to negativity. I wish we could all say goodbye to it and start living and believing life will be so much better without it. I believe there would be so much less hatred and violence. It would be good if we all challenge ourselves to avoid being negative just for one day. If we find that brings us more happiness maybe that will be enough motivation to keep living that way. It’s all about one day at a time. As always, I so enjoy your writing. All my Love, Mom…

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    • Thank you so much! I agree that we should challenge ourselves just for one day to avoid being negative! It would do all of us so much good and we would learn just how much happier we are without that negative in our lives!! Maybe you should try it tomorrow!! Great idea!!


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  5. I love what you’ve said! There is way too much negativity buried into everything, everywhere you turn! It seems like it’s so easy for us to get wrapped into negativity because it’s readily there, it’s the easy road. And well I’m trying to take the high, positive road with you! I want to know that I’m living my best life and leaving the negativity to the naggers, while secretly hoping everyone chooses to be happier and more positive 💖

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  6. Awesome post, Alyssa! I can’t stand to watch the news, especially to end the day. Who wants to end their day on a sad, frustrating or angry note? Who wants to start their day on a sad, frustrating or angry note? Not me! And there is so much that is wrong in this world, but so little of that we can actually control. So I focus on being a good wife, mom, aunt, neighbor, friend, church member, etc. I send a lot of emails to my state reps about issues I can voice my opinion about. I do know that makes a difference sometimes. It’s just getting enough of us to speak out.

    We lived in Canada for four years and because of our experience with the “free” health care there, we are not for it here. First off it’s anything but “free”. It’s paid for by everyone’s taxes and in the providence we lived in, those taxes were sky high. We knew of children with autism who weren’t diagnosed for years, and health care was divided by area so when an area ran out of funding, there was no health care left in that area until it recycled into a new term (if that makes sense). When my daughter broke her wrist we had to pay for her cast out of pocket because the “free” insurance didn’t cover casts. Socialism has many drawbacks and history has proven that it’s not truly fair and rosy. It takes away a lot of free will. When all doctors are paid the same across the board there’s a majority who stop caring personally about their patients. Some stop being ethical. Most only accept the bare minimum of patients and work the bare minimum of required hours and that’s it. There’s no reason for them to be great doctors because they are paid the same as everyone else no matter what they do or don’t do. Just sharing our experiences and observations. I know all too well how imperfect our health insurance is here. Too much bureaucracy and greed. Thanks again for another beautiful post. You ROCK! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience in Canada! I do think that most doctors have lost their ability to be caring and compassionate with their patients and it is so sad.
      To be 100% honest, I am just really tired of the lies and corruption that is going on in this country. Way too many horrible things happen every day and no one in charge seems to care about morals and humanity. I really do appreciate your comment and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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