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1052674_good-evening-sunday-images-wallpapers-of-2015_1024x768_hGood evening y’all! I hope you had a great day and are feeling well. This will be a short post just to give you an update! I had shared with y’all on Friday about my FMLA drama, well I actually have some good news. I did of course have to make a few phone calls, but the end result was positive. Both parts of my FMLA request have been approved and will be good through the end of the year and part of January 2019!! So now if I have any relapses, I am covered by law and I was also approved to have my reduced hours, which of course I had already been doing since November of last year. Even though my nerves were completely shot late Friday afternoon, I guess I knew that things would work out the way they were supposed to. 

After that ordeal with FMLA was all taken care of I have moved onto another issue, dealing with the MRI assistance paperwork. I have completed the necessary paperwork and even typed up a letter addressing any financial questions they will probably have. I will get this paperwork emailed to the company tomorrow morning and then just hope for the best. I am going to look at this with an optimistic mind and believe that things will fall into place because I also know the MRI is needed. After the request is sent I willhope know I have done all I could do and hope they will approve my request for assistance. MRI’s  even with insurance in the United States are insanely expensive. I still wonder why in the world I pay so much for my medical insurance just to have to turn around any pay tons of money for doctor’s appointments and required procedures, it just really does not seem right to me! Maybe someday the US will follow suit with the other developed countries and offer “free” health insurance. I kind of think it would be insane to hold my breath because things have been this way for many years without anyone stepping in to make GOOD changes! 

Thank you so much for visiting my site this evening! I always appreciate you taking the time to read and love reading your comments. I hope y’all have a lovely and relaxing evening. Just think we are almost half way through the week! Remember I am always sending you LOTS❤ of love and comfort!

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26 thoughts on “News from FMLA

  1. Well that didn’t take long. Good for you! All non-profit hospitals are required to have a free and discounted care policy, by the way,which are based on income and family size. I don’t know if that was the paperwork you were referring to but if it is not you should inquire about it. Most hospitals have that stuff listed somewhere on their websites

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    • Thank you! I am pretty persistent when I need to get something done. The crazy thing is, the hospital that my doctor’s office is part of, is non-profit. The paperwork I was referring to is through another company, not actually my doctor’s office or affiliated hospital. Most things do not seem to work they are supposed to.

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  2. Great news that everything got sorted out! It’s truly unreal the hoops Americans have to jump through to get proper healthcare and disability coverage. Life is hard enough without ‘the powers-that-be’ making you fill out forms in triplicate, write letters, see psychiatrists and other specialists and even go to court! I really hope for all your sakes, the tidal wave comes through in the next election to effect some real change. I won’t hold my breath either.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I have talked to many people in Canada and I do know you “sometimes” have to wait a while for a doctor, but once you actually have a normal doctor it is not that bad. Yes, you may still have to wait, but the wait might be worth it in the long run. I know I would have to live in a Socialist country and I do not think it is a bad idea. I do believe if Socialism was so horrible, those in these countries would not be so happy with their care. I think that those in charge in the states wants people to think it is a horrible thing, but I do not believe it is.

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  3. Brilliant news! Keeping my fingers crossed for the MRI, too. You’ve worked so hard (and stressed too much, no doubt) over all of this so hopefully you can breathe a little sigh of relief over the weekend….  ♥
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much Caz! This really just goes to show that I always stress about something and then things work out for the best! It is only a guess, but I think everything would work out even if I did not stress!
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

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