Happy Friday!

GoodmorningwishesonFridaypictures3-compressedGood morning Y’all! I hope you had a wonderful week and you are looking forward to a beautiful weekend! It is amazing how fast the weather has changed from being pretty chilly, to sunshine and warmth! I am so thankful for the natural vitamin D the sunshine has to offer us all, I just hope y’all get to enjoy this as well!

I try to not make too many plans over the weekend and just use weekends as restful time. We spend the entire week dedicated to our jobs and often neglect ourselves, so the two days we get for the weekend should be spent doing what makes us happy❤! I also avoid making plans for the weekend because I never know how I am going to be feeling so instead of disappointing others, it is just best to play things by ear! If myself and my husband are both feeling well we can set up something that we want to do, but if one or both of us is not feeling our best we do not have to do anything at all! It works for us and most people do understand this! 

I made a decision today that I am going to try my best to increase the hours I work each failure not an optionday from 6 to 7 hours starting Monday. I am hopeful that I will be successful with this goal, but if for some reason I am not I will not be too hard on myself and just keep trying. I think it is extremely important to set goals and try your hardest to achieve those goals, but also not beat yourself up if it does not work out on the first try! Not achieving goals you set is not failure, giving up is the only way to really fail yourself! 

I hope y’all wake up and feel great today so you can enjoy your Friday! Maybe feeling well on Friday will pave the path for a fabulous weekend! I certainly hope y’all are feeling great today and I hope you have a wonderful day! Remember to be easy on yourself and take care of your needs everything else will just fall into place! I always appreciate you visiting my site and value your comments which I will always respond to as quickly as I can! Never forget that I am always sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa❤


35 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

    • Thank you so much! My hopefully relaxing weekend will pump me up for the 7 hour days at work! I believe it can be done, I am pretty strong! I appreciate your comment! I hope you have a fantastic weekend as well!


  1. I think that no set plans are often the best plans! I do find that there’s a lot of anxiety with making plans and then not feeling up to it, which just leads to too many expectations and frustration. Relaxing and de-stressing sounds perfect. I really do hope all goes well with increasing the hours at work – It’s a very positive step forward, just make sure to put your needs first and see how it goes. Sending love your way and I hope you have a peaceful weekend with a little sunshine 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz, I really appreciate your comment! Yes, no plans are the best plans to have! Expectations cause me SO much stress, which is not healthy!
      I am going to give this increasing hours a chance and just hope for the best. I did not tell anyone at work what I was doing, because that just sets myself up for too much stress! It will all work out for the best I hope! I can not tell you how much your support means to me.
      I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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  2. I hope your weekend is wonderful, warm, and relaxing Alyssa! As Caz said, sometimes the best plans are to have no set plans at all. I hope the increased hours work out for you if that’s what you want, but I’m glad you realize that if they don’t, you need to be kind to yourself and see it not as a failure, but as a “try.”

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    • Thank you! It is supposed to be sunny and warm here this weekend! I also agree with Caz, that is why I never make plans. I never know how I am going to feel and instead of adding stress to my life and possibly disappointing others, I just do not make plans!
      I really hope the increasing hours works out for me. I definitely will not be hard on myself if it does not work out though, like I have always been before! I really appreciate your encouraging comments Terri, you are quite a wonderful woman!!!

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  3. Here’s wishing you a lovely weekend also!. It’s a long weekend in the UK and sunshine has been predicted – feeling better already!. All the best with the increase in hours. It’s a nice feeling knowing you have the choice to do this. Hope the sun keeps shinning for you too, as the vit D is much needed!. Keep smiling lovely. 🙂

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    • I am so glad you have a long weekend in the UK and you will see sunshine!! That is pretty exciting! I wish we had a long weekend here, but we do not have one until the end of May, which seems like a long time! I hope things will work out increasing my hours. I did not mention it to anyone at work because I do not want to add stress to my mind. My boss is pretty understanding because he has a friend with MS and there are certain laws in place. Our weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm! I love when we have sunny warm days! I hope you have a wonderful long sunny weekend my dear!!

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      • Thank you. The end of May will be here in a flash, and not wanting to run it in, but we too have another long weekend at the end of May!, :). Good call not telling colleagues re change in hours. It is the little stress which builds up, and added stress you can do without. Glad you have an understanding boss. Enjoy your sunny weekend…alwaysbeen puts a smile on my face. X

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      • That is great that you have another long weekend at the end of May! You deserve long weekends, especially when they are sunny! I feel letting my colleagues know anything sets me up for them “talking” among themselves about me, so I refuse to fuel their gossip! I hope you have a great long sunny weekend!

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      • I am SO happy for you to have a long and sunny weekend!!! You completely deserve that and more! It really seems like many thrive off of office gossip, so I try my best to not give them anything to talk about!!


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