Push through the pain!

it-takes-a-strong-heart-to-push-past-the-pain-and-go-dancing-in-the-rainPushing through my daily pain becomes more of a habit that I have learned to perfect over the years! No matter how high my pain levels are, I do my best to never give up and never allow anyone to see the weakness that comes along with the intense pain. I feel as if anyone sees how pain affects me, their views of me would change drastically and I would prefer to just be viewed as who I am beyond the pain I experience. Who needs pity from others, especially when they just do not understand the real difficulties involved? Those that are closest to me and really know me can always see in my face how I truly feel; there is no hiding how I am feeling from them. Even though those closest to me know about the pain I feel, I still try to push myself further so that we can enjoy our time together.

Up until a few months ago, even though I had pain issues then, I was working 40+ hours a week. After the relapse I had in October I had to reduce my hours because I was having a difficult time making it through a full day because my pain was so intense. It was not easy for me to admit because I am pretty stubborn and did not want to allow the MS or pain to control my life. I do believe there will be a day in the future, I will be able to go back to working full-time not because of my stubborn tendencies, but because I want to. I want to live a normal life and believe that I can accomplish this goal! I have found that I do much better earlier in the day and the longer I am sitting at a desk, staring at a computer and typing, my pain increases drastically! I feel confident that I will be able to find a way to arrange my desk to make it easier for me to type and sit all day long. Most people can not seem to understand how sitting a desk could cause pain, but it does. I almost think it is because my muscles need to move some so they do not get stiff. I do realize I could get up and take a walk around the office, but that just feels uncomfortable. There are also times that my legs hurt a little too much to actually do juusg51this!

In my personal opinion if I allow for this illness to dictate how I live my life, I am not being the strong person I am. I will never be one to give up and allow this illness to win the battle we have been going through for almost 17 years. In all honesty, I do see and feel a huge change in how my body has felt over the past few years. Are those aches from the MS or is it age, now I am only 36 years old, but I do feel like I am 56 some days!

I feel that it is so important to always keep fighting against the illness/illnesses we are battling. It is not easy, but who ever said life was easy? Sometimes we have to fight in order to succeed! When dealing with doctors, we need to fight for our rights to live as comfortable of a life as possible. So many people we come in contact we do not understand whatever illness we have. What do you do in those situations? You can try to educate them on what you live with or you can just ignore the ignorance they have. I have tried so many times to educate those around me, but they do not seem to absorb what I explain. Instead they say how lucky I am to be able to work less hours and be at home where it is comfortable. I think they really do believe that it is a positive thing that I get to go home earlier than them. But what they will never understand is, I would rather be at work than at home struggling with pain.

EmilysQuotes.Com-strong-smile-pain-cry-silent-sad-unknownI know many of you live with pain, so y’all know how difficult it is! How do you manage the pain you live with? Do you feel there are certain things that trigger the pain to intensify? I know stress is a huge trigger for my pain, but I do sometimes find it hard to avoid. 

Thank you for visiting my site today! I look forward to reading your comments and I will respond as quickly as I can! I hope you had a great day and I hope you are feeling well! Thank goodness it is almost Friday!!! As always I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa

33 thoughts on “Push through the pain!

  1. Great message. Never quit. We must never let our pains or illnesses take over our lives. I ruined 9 disks in my spine falling down a flight of stairs five years ago. I walk normally, so no one knows the pain that accompanies me every moment of every day. Good post as always. Be well.

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    • Thank you! I believe i fighting until the bitter end! I am sorry to read that you live with pain, I know it is not easy. It definitely gets frustrating to hide the pain, but it really does become habit. I really appreciate your kind comment and amazing support! I hope you have a great day!

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  2. I had a back injury when I was 24. I was dropped during a performance and tore my lumbar muscle. It has since healed, but when I am sad or overwhelmed, the pain comes back. How strange is that?!!

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    • Oh goodness you were dropped? I am glad you are okay, well other than the back injury. I guess it could have been much worse. What kind of performance? It is crazy when we get overwhelmed and stress how much the pain increases. Pain is definitely a crazy thing!


  3. I have been struggling with my disease for over 20 years. The thing is, when I got Fibromyalgia, I was working my dream job in the field of my choice living in an apartment right on the Puget Sound in Seattle Washington. My employers tried to continue to work with me. For three years I struggled to maintain my employment… then “medically released” papers came my way and I was out of a job. I went from a high paying, salaried job to $1,000. a month. The reason I go through this is because; THIS is what I explain to someone who REALLY wants to know what its like to live on disability. Others who throw daggers like; “must be nice to not have to worry about a job.” “….at least you can stay home all day.” I look them squarely in the eye and say, ‘I did NOT choose this.’ And if I’m feeling particularly put off, I agree with them saying, “F*ing chocolate bonbons and cigarettes for me all damn day long!” (Which is me not saying what I should; pain, doctors, medications and stupid people all damn day long!) HA! All I can say is choose to live your best life. If there comes a time when you can’t keep all the plates spinning, take a few off the stick, no shame in that. Stay positive my friend.~Kim

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    • Kim, you are truly an inspiration and so incredibly strong. None of us choose to have a crazy debilitating illness, it just happened to us and we have to fight to continue living our life. It makes me SO mad when people look at me and say how lucky I am. I do not see myself as being lucky at all! I want to work and I want to not have pain. I have decided to make my life easier when I am at work, well basically part time hours, and I do not speak to anyone anymore. Honestly, that is not like me, but I can not handle the off comments and the rude looks I get. I am a pretty strong and kind person, but I decide who it is okay to associate with! I do my best my friend to stay strong!!!

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  4. I get that “20 years older” feeling simetimes too! When it happens… a break is necessary! Explaining pain to others who haven’t experienced it is hard… they don’t know what it is like to have tingles, dizzy spells, bubble head, forgetfulness and so mich more… so they don’t sympathize and / or care really. In the end… it is best to give it our best and NOT our all because we do have to save some of ourselves for our lives ahead. Great post. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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    • Thank you so much Christy for your comment. It is so true that most people do not understand what we deal with and they really do not care to. Everyone seems to be trapped in their own little bubble and no one else matters. I do my best to just ignore the ignorance of others because that is really their problem, not mine. I have made decision who I associate with and who I don’t, this has helped me through my days at work! Thank you for your great comment and compliment. I hope you had a good day and I hope you have a lovely evening!

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    • Pain is definitely not easy to live with, but I do my best to keep pushing through it all. Giving up is never an option for me because I am way too stubborn. I really appreciate your comment and I will continue to share with y’all! I hope you had a good Friday!!


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