Tranquil Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday y’all! I hope you are having a lovely and safe week! Normally for Tranquil Tuesday, I share a quote to offer y’all good and calming thoughts, which I am still going to do. However, today with all the chaos and unrest that is going on throughout the world, I wanted to share some beneficial tips and ideas so you can have some additional tranquility and peace for yourself and those you would like to share this information with. My hope is these very simple tips will be useful, helpful, and calming for days ahead of us all.

1.Don’t be overly concerned with your self-image

All of us have an idea of how we appear to others, but we are normally wrong about what others think. It isn’t worth worrying about what others may think of us because we are who we are and always try the best we can daily. Others are either going to like or not like us and it isn’t always our fault, so all we are able to do is keep improving, but not worry about our image!

2. Stop trying to find yourself

Many people say that they need to find themselves and work out who they are. This is one way to give into fixation because logically, there’s nothing we need to find. We all have numerous things we are good at and nothing will ever take them away from us.

3. Acknowledge your uniqueness

Each individual person is different and unique in their own very special way. Nobody has the same views as you do and this is something to enjoy and learn from. Each individual also has their own take on everything as well.  This simply means we aren’t always right or wrong, and this should make us a lot more tolerant of others.

4. Produce a peaceful environment in life

People can be happy, even when times become difficult and uncomfortable. We all need an environment that is peaceful and calming so we can enjoy our life. One thing that is extremely crucial is, treating others with kindness, respect, and generosity. Honestly, most people will tend to reciprocate these acts with the same because you were able to create a safe and warming place. Happiness is what each person receives in this type of atmosphere.

5. Remain aware of the meaning of generosity

When your heart is into what you are giving, it is more meaningful. Giving clothes you no longer wear to charity, it tends to be just getting rid of old junk. We could all try giving away things we could still find useful every once in a while. Please do not get me wrong, giving away old clothes is still a great thing to do and sometimes is really all we are able to handle.

6. Live life today and NOW

We do not know what tomorrow holds for us, so live life now and in the present. Our past is a memory, not all good of course. We do all hope for the future, but we can’t count on anything besides right now. Truthfully, now all we really have and we need to live life to the fullest.

7. Be prepared to deal with change and the unpredictable

None of us know what tomorrow holds. Life is full of nothing but uncertainty. Unfortunately, this is just our reality. We must all continue to build on this logical thought process. This could be any number of situations, like being late for work because of traffic or losing a loved one. Things could be bad luck, but know you will have good luck as well.

8. Never forget, anger doesn’t work as a solution to your problems

Anger related emotions are our default setting as soon as we are wronged, especially by someone we care about and or trust. Anger is really just a virus that only poisons us and makes us feel even worse. Anger is a burden that we do not need to accept as part of our life because we have choices.

9. Face life with the spirit of acceptance

Sometimes we will struggle to change things we have to ability to change. Then there are other things we have no control over and need to learn to accept and tolerate what has or hasn’t taken place. Once we are able to pursue an attitude of acceptance and detachment, we will be able to move forward with our life!

10. Engage in life in a meaningful way

This means understanding what we find meaningful and truly meaningful. An activity we do only half-heartedly is more than likely not very meaningful to us. Oftentimes, when we are doing something we enjoy because we believe it is meaningful, it probably is in fact meaningful to us!

I hope you found these tips useful and would love to read your thoughts on it! Considering we have all been dealing with hard times for several months, I am sure y’all have some other tips you have learned over the past several months and I would love to know about them. It is so important to never give up on one another and we can truly help each other through the hard times we have witnessed. I also promised y’all another quote that I hope you will find calming and will give you some peace as well!

Thank you for visiting my site today. I am so excited to not only read your comments on this post, but also your additional ideas to create tranquility in our lives. I promise that I will respond to all comments we quickly as I can, which will probably when I am out of work, but I will respond! I hope you have a great day and you stay very safe. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


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