What are the joys of a long weekend?

happy-long-weekendGood morning y’all! I hope you have had a delightful week and you are looking forward not to the typical weekend, but a LONG weekend! Even though I personally do not have any extravagant plans for my three-day weekend, I am so happy to have one! Between dealing with my typical MS pain, daily to-do’s and horrible negativity at work, my week has been extremely long and aggravating! I am thrilled to have three days away from work!

What do you look forward to when you have a long weekend? I know this will sound crazy and very simple, but I look forward to not having a schedule to follow! I do not have to get up at a certain time, be on the drive to work by a specific time, perform the same tasks during work hours, be in bed by a certain time to get a decent amount of longweekendsleep and so on. When I do not have to be at work I am not woken by an annoying alarm clock and can sleep in, not that I sleep long anyways, but still I do not have to be up at 5:15 am! The alarm clock becomes my enemy during the week because it never misses a beat and goes off at the same damn time every day, which I know that is what it is supposed to do, but it is still annoying! On weekends I can wake up and even fall back asleep or take naps if I find myself too tired. If only we could take naps at work, the days would be SO much happier!

I mentioned earlier that I have a difficult week and part of it was due to dealing with SO much negativity at work. How do y’all deal with negativity in the work place? I did my very best to ignore it and just walk away, but honestly things were wearing on me to a 291c5c14c410d5c8f270226eba5e2182horrible point. I allowed for one person’s personality/bad attitude to cause me way too much stress. Logically I know that the way this person acts is his problem not mine, but he manages to wear his feelings on his sleeve and facial expression. His behaviors have brought me to tears way too many times before and I know he isn’t worth it, but the comments still bother me to an extreme. It gets difficult to walk away from someone with negative energy when that person is your direct supervisor, but I have been trying to keep my distance the best I can! If y’all have any other advice on how to handle this, I am open for suggestions. 

Thank y’all so much for stopping by my site this morning. I always appreciate you taking the time to read what I write about and love❤ reading your comments. I find all of your comments very enlightening and they open my mind to other ways of thinking. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and I hope your weekend is fabulous! Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤and comfort!

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66 thoughts on “What are the joys of a long weekend?

  1. haha, naps at work would have been brilliant!. Sorry to hear of the negative individual at your work place. It’s not pleasant, and makes it a dread to go to work. Work should be enjoyed in my eyes. It’s even more difficult that its your direct supervisor – maybe see someone in HR and they could have a word with him? Horrible as it is. Hope you’ve had a good day, and enjoy the weekend…with plenty of naps! 🙂

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  2. Working around negative people is by far one of life;s biggest challenges. For me, after a while their attitude becomes nothing more than elevator music. That may sound harsh but if a person refuses to make changes it becomes a huge turnoff for me.

    As for the long weekend, I’m like you. Let things go and have no schedule.


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    • I do not think that sound harsh at all. We all have to do what we can to survive and sometimes just tuning out the negative is all we can do. I also use the kill them with kindness option, but that is hard to do sometimes!

      I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy not having a schedule!!!

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  3. I treat every day the same!…. 🙂

    “Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow remains a mystery, today is a new adventure. Greet it with open arms, a open heart, a open mind and a smile. Enjoy it because it won’t come again.” (Larry “Dutch“ Woller )

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  4. Stress in the work place, something I honestly do not miss. I would love to be able to work any kind of regular schedule again and all, but I do not want the stress. I only had small part-time stuff for the most part before MS decided to make itself fully known, which was while I was working at the nice full-time job I rather enjoyed. Found a great job, then MS has to go and screw it all up.

    As I was saying, before I went on the tangent, the first job was the one with the stress from the boss. As in, the manager was almost alway right there while I was at work. I got teased by everyone at the store, because they thought she had a crush on me, which she may well have had, but I wasn’t interested. One day it just got so bad, I told everyone to take their breaks and stuff, because I was going to leave. And wouldn’t you know, the day I walked out, she didn’t know until like three hours later. I ended the unneeded stress at the first job the only way I could.

    It wasn’t really bad stress, it was more of a every time I did anything, she had ideas for doing it differently, doing it more her way. It was ok at first, but it got old quickly. Yes, to the point I just needed to get away.

    Oh, a few years ago, I was at a Walgreens not to far from my old place, and I ran into that manager. She was the store manager at that Walgreens. I had to laugh, my ability to find people everywhere was not stopping.. I just wish it wasn’t running into Nicole at Walgreens. Oh well.

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    • Stress at work is horrible and I am sorry for what you dealt with. I honestly feel like my team lead discriminates against white women for some reason. It is SO wrong, but I am the only one he seems to constantly attack. I think he also hates that I have been in the department longer and truthfully know more.

      I spoke to the actual manager who is also the AVP about my issues. He said he has been trying to help this idiot, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Funny thing is, this team lead is younger than me and yet I have more respect and maturity than he ever will. Normally once the AVP has a talk with him he acts right for a few days, but today was not any different. I honestly can’t wait for the day I can give my notice! No one should ever work in a hostile work environment!

      I hope you do not run into Nicole again. But now you are a customer and she is required to be nice to you! Heck, maybe she just got her heart broken because you had no interest. All of this is her issue, not yours!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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      • Everything happens for a reason and things will work out the way they are meant to. Time will only tell!

        Thank you! I hope you do not push yourself to far this weekend, rest and stay hydrated!


  5. Woooohoooo, Happy Long Weekend to you lovely!
    That’s a difficult one with work and negativity. At my last job, at the beginning the direct supervisor was a huge source of tension for everyone and it caused a lot of problems. Eventually things were taken above his head, with complaints and words said to his manager. After that, he was offered a job in another location, which solved the problem! It depends on what some of the issues are, what’s said and done, because I guess the options are: walk away and keep your head down and ‘brush it off’ if possible / speak to the manager above him about your concerns / speak to him directly about the issues in a chatty fashion as he may not be aware of how he comes across and the impact he’s having. Tricky one…
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz! I did speak to the person over his head yesterday. I have so much respect for the person over his head and he respects me, so the conversation went well. He has been aware of these issues, but he is doing his best to mold my direct supervisor into a better manager. Unfortunately, he can’t change the way this person is. I mean he is a 30 year old adult with a child’s mindset. I could tell he was spoken to yesterday because his demeanor today was very hostile. I decided to just speak to him as little as possible and kill him with kindness. It was very difficult because all I received was negativity! Hopefully I will not be with this company much longer because we are moving and I can’t wait to give my notice! It is really sad that one person’s attitude can be so toxic to everyone else, but yet nothing is ever done about it! At least I have three days away from him and that place I work at!! I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend Caz!!xx

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  6. Great blog post!! I think you’ve earned a nice, relaxing three-day weekend, so I’m happy for you! I totally get how you just use the time to relax and not suffer from your alarm clock!! That’s the best way to spend a three-day weekend, for sure!!

    If you ever want to talk more about what your supervisor’s doing in particular, you know where to find me! I wish you could find a solution for that! I HATE workplace negativity!! AARGH!!

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    • Thank you so much Meg! I am so excited to hopefully have a relaxing and uneventful weekend!!! Sometimes I just want time away from people and enjoy quite times.

      Thank you for your support. My supervisor isn’t worth the time it takes to even say his name. I am guessing he is just miserable in his own life and you know what they say, “misery loves company”. I knew him before he was my supervisor and he “used” to be pretty laid back and really nice. This sounds crazy to say, but he is the easiest person to love and even easier to hate!!!

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  7. You of all people deserve a nice long weekend regardless if you have plans or not. Just relax and enjoy this last “Unofficial weekend of Summer.”
    I have not one plan for the weekend, and to be honest… I’m thrilled that I don’t. I plan on finishing cleaning no later than Saturday, then relax too. My back and knees have been really bothering me for so long, and nothing I take takes away the pain.
    I plan on relaxing, blogging and reading for most of the weekend. I need to get back on track with the one thing that truly brings me joy. Being here. 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, Alyssa! 🙂

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  8. Long weekends are invigorating. After a week of go do, go to; we need to shut it down. That’s what I do. But then I find I have more time to do nothing. I may compile a group of stories left by my nephew. Discipline isn’t one of my strong points. Two pages in and I’m off to the animal and nature shows. I don’t have to worry about bosses and work. Retired.

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    • Long weekends are something I look forward to!! My week was long and a bit painful, so I will use this weekend to recuperate and start again next week! Your nephews will be very appreciative and they are lucky to have you! I am a strong animal lover, so I can understand this!! That is great you do not have to worry about nagging bosses and you are retired. I hope you are enjoying retirement as much as you possibly can!
      I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  9. k is an explosion waiting to happen if not managed properly. One think this guy who gets under skin is going is being in control of you. His actions control your reaction. Our personalities. are different just like work places. I would first not make what he says and does personal, he’s an ass. That is hard to do. Is your boss as supportive as you think? Does he this behavior happening? If you can get the guy in an office by himself. Have pointed questions written down. What is his problem with you? Does he know you have a chronic illness that does and will continue from the to time cause missed days at work. You may discover he’s just a negative in the crowd, there usually is one.
    I would not tell all the details to boss but would say you were having a talk with the guy about his behavior to you. You know the guy will run to the managers office like a baby trying to start something. If your boss knows and maybe ask him if you are taking the right approach. When the ass goes to manager he will get a big surprise! Then with all you have, don’t respond to his conversations, pissy remarks or any negative words towards you. Others will notice and the dynamic could change.
    Just a thought. I’ve had my share and every job has people who want to cause trouble to take the attention off the work they are not doing. Blame game. Pray for guidance on how best to approach.
    Have a great weekend.

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    • Thank you for your comment! I honestly think this man (child) is unhappy in his own life and I have always heard the misery loves company! I knew him before he became a team lead and he was super cool to be around. Then his girlfriend had a baby and now he is a team lead. The AVP was my manager before the ass was promoted, so he knows me and respects me. I did speak with him about the behaviors that have been going on and he claims he is trying to coach him to being a better manager. I did tell him that his man (child) is 30 years old and I do not see much change. Once the AVP speaks with him, he acts the right way for a few days, but goodness if he has a bad night, we ALL see and feel it. He has treated others in a negative light as well. It is crazy behaviors that remind me more of a elementary school disagreement. He knows about my illness and has even been so kind to say he admires how I handle it. I do not see how he can respect and admire me in one breath and then be a complete jackass in another! I know that I will not be working for this company that much longer because my husband and I are moving, just not soon enough! He is very immature and seriously acts on emotions instead of logic! Work is busy right now and the AVP told me they got fussed at on Monday. In my opinion, if you want to motivate your staff you should encourage not discourage! Maybe next week will be different, but if it continues I will pull him aside and have a little heart to heart! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  10. Having long weekends is a great chance to travel to nearby places to get away from my every day life. If not, I try to catch up with my reading, visit some friends I haven’t seen for a while, or simply stay home and do nothing. 😊
    It would have been easy to just ignore your colleague but since he’s is your direct supervisor, it’s not that easy. Just kill him with kindness, Alyssa! 😊

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    • Sounds like a great plan for the long weekend! I am trying to stay home away from the outside world and the nasty heat! It is SOOOO hot where I live, I just can’t handle it that well.

      I did make the choice yesterday to do nothing but kill my ill nature supervisor with kindness. It seemed the nicer I was, the uglier he got! Funny how that works, but I will continue doing that next week when I go back to work!
      I hope you have a lovely long weekend!

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  11. I’m going to take my toddler out as much as possible his 3rd birthday is Sunday. I hope you can get out of that toxic work environment soon. Your health and happiness is the most important thing. Have s great weekend!

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  12. I’m wiped out. So ready for the long weekend. I’ve been running around nonstop for most of the last five weeks.

    I found a few years ago that my way of dealing with negativity in the workplace is to eat lunch by myself behind closed doors. That goes against conventional wisdom in my line of work, but at one of my previous jobs, the entire lunchroom conversation revolved around complaining about work or talking about politics that I didn’t agree with, so I started avoiding that and found myself in a better mood for it. It is also relevant that I am an introvert, and I need that peace and quiet in the middle of the day.

    Of course, my line of work is full of the entire range of emotions and pretty brutal for introverts as it is, but that little time of quiet in the middle of the day definitely helps.

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    • I think you are handling the work negativity the best you can! People are very opinionated and often rude!

      I hope you enjoy the long weekend and rest up!!! Running nonstop for so long can definitely take a toll on a person!


  13. Happy long weekend!
    Once you start working you realise how grateful you are for your 2 day weekends. So difficult not to try to cram everything in though. I know I love my sleep ins and having that extra day not to worry and to cook and try and do the things I enjoy. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading and leaving this comment! I think the best part to the long weekend has been to not have a schedule to follow. No matter what time I go to bed I always wake up too early, but at least I have been able to take naps, which I never do!! I hope you enjoyed every moment of the weekend!


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