Motivational Monday!

Motivational MondayGood morning y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready to start a new week! Y’all already know that I do tend to dread Monday morning, but I do also view Monday as a chance to forget about all possible mistakes that were made,  goals we might not have met, and anything negative that occurred and just start over again!

Y’all know that I do believe that no matter how we view Monday morning, we all need a great motivational quote to start our week off on the right foot! I truly hope you find some meaning to the quote that I am going to share with you this morning.enjoy what you have 

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about this quote as I am sure they will all be wonderful! The reason I choose this quote is because I am learning how to let go of things that I have absolutely NO control over and just keep moving forward! 

I hope y’all have an amazing start to this week and I really hope you are feeling the best you can! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love❤ and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

58 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. This quote is great wisdom. I often find myself falling into the trap of worrying over things I cannot change, A senseless exercise. Happiness often depends on what one chooses to focus on,

    HAPPY MONDAY ALYSSA. I hope your day is full of sunshine, smiles, and love.

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  2. The quite sums up living with MS. Accept what you’ve got, and change what you can. And font gorget to enjoy what you can, that’s the important part of living with MS, it’s far too easy to get to down and depressed about it all.

    I hope things are going well for you, remember to smile when you can. 🙂

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    • Absolutely a very true statement!!! We all need to accept everything we can’t change and have no control over, but never stop trying! It is so easy to get down and depressed over what we are forced to live with, but that doesn’t change our battles.

      I hope your week has started off well and please remember to rest and stay hydrated!!


  3. I don’t stop trying, either, but when reality slaps me and reminds me hat MS is what it is, I need to accept things, and do what I can.

    The week has started ok, too hot outside, but AC is my best friend on days like this.

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    • I am so glad you will not stop trying! I do find that giving up and surrendering to MS is the only way we can actually fail ourselves! Acceptance isn’t easy, even when we have lived with MS for a long time! I think I have been living with MS for more than half my life, but will continue the good fight!

      We had two cooler days last week, but I am logical enough to know it wasn’t going to last! AC is amazing and a life saver!!


  4. Magnificent quote. Living in the present moment is something of which is difficult at times, but I push myself to try and appreciate all the things that matter in the present moment.
    If I don’t accomplish all the goals that I set for myself in one day, heck with it… There is always tomorrow.
    I love the positive vibes that you convey in your blog. I always feel so comforted by the wonderful quotes you post! 💗

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