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177073-Beautiful-SundayI hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend! It is always so amazing how fast it goes by and then we have another 5 very long days we have to be at work! I guess it is kind of a blessing in disguise because at least we have another chance to make our week great!

I am sure everyone already knows this, but there are some topics you should never talk with family or friends about! Most of us have our own very passionate beliefs regarding politics and religion that probably do not match up with everyone. It is okay that we all have our own thoughts about these topics, but arguing about them will never solve the issues and you will never be able to change someone else’s mind! Never in my life have I ever been a political person, but I do have my strong opinions on the topic that are not influenced by anyone but myself! 

Another hot topic that should be avoided with family and friends is same-sex marriage! I am one who believes very strongly that we are entitled to love whom ever we choose Love no boundariesand therefore should be able to marry whom ever we love! Same sex marriage does not harm anyone, but talking ill of this in a “free country” will ultimately harm others. Why does it seem that so many are only okay if you marry someone of the same color, religious following, same ethnicity, but it must be the opposite sex? Who has a right to say who you should or should not love?

As y’all can probably tell, there are some things I am extremely passionate about and feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts! I think we should all feel comfortable with who we are and never feel any shame about it! I believe very indomitably that we should feel free with our beliefs! I will not get into how I feel about politics though only because that is probably a more intense conversation!

I want to thank y’all for visiting my site today and reading my semi rant! I get so frustrated with the negative thoughts surrounding these topics and will never When-you-look-at-your-enemy-in-the-face-and-all-you-feel-is-love-then-you-have-achieved-acceptance.-Joan-Ambuunderstand the hostility with certain things! Sometimes facts are facts and can not be changed, no matter what you do or say. I really feel that if there was more love and acceptance around us, instead of hatred and judgement, the world would be so much happier! I did not mean to go all pageant queen with that statement wanting world peace, but it would be really nice if we could all just get along!

I hope you have  a wonderful evening! Remember to always stay positive because it will pay off! Please feel free to leave a comment and I will respond as quickly as I can! I would really love to hear your thoughts! Sending you love and comfort always!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


20 thoughts on “Hot Topics!

  1. It is OK, and moreover, your obligation, to defend human rights. You can change minds—by reminding people of the love in their hearts. You have a better chance of introducing doubt into the minds of your friends and relatives than anyone else does. It’s not nice to the vulnerable, who are so targeted with hatred these days, when their secret allies choose to just go along leaving hate speak unchallenged. Be your best self.

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  2. I agree that most of us are passionate about certain issues and we all have different beliefs. It’s ok to have your own opinion and it’s unfortunate that our differences cause frustration and upset in other’s. I know we aren’t always going to agree with each other and that’s ok. Words of wisdom from a wise person that told me, “let’s just agree to disagree”. This is definitely a good way to not hurt others feelings or offend anyone. After all family is more important than who’s opinion is right or wrong. And another thing, when it comes to opinions nobody is wrong. I LoveYou Alyssa!

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    • I could not agree more! Nobody is ever really wrong. Opinions are what they are and no one should ever shift their opinions to fit in or get a long. I think the wise person that said “Let’s agree to disagree” sounds like a very smart person and more people should just listen to her!
      Thank you for making this comment! I love you too Mom!

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  3. Great read! I agree 💯 with you. I too don’t talk politics or religion and I also believ we should all be able to marry who we choose. Who are we to determine who should or shouldn’t marry and have love in their life.

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  4. You know…I think it is really good sometimes to free yourself of the burden of trying to push your beliefs onto people. Is my 90 year old grandmother in Law, with dementia going to stop believing that President Obama is from Africa? No. I am just going to discuss quilting patterns with her. Great rant!


    • You are so right, you can’t change someone else’s mind. I do not like getting into discussions with some people about very specific topics because I am firm on my beliefs. I always try to say, “Let’s just agree to disagree.” Most of the time that works but yesterday it did not and I just got way too frustrated. No one is probably going to change your grandmother in laws mind about Obama being from Africa! It is probably much better to discuss quilting patterns with her!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I normally do not go on rants like this, but my goodness things were just so intense it helped me to write!!!

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