Gloomy foggy start!

foggyThis morning was so incredibly foggy, I could not even see a few inches in front of me. There is something a little eerie when you wake up to a thick layer of fog outside your window. Driving to work in this massive fog was a little scary, only because not everyone drives with the right amount of caution. In additional to the towering fog, there was an intense threat of rain! Rain and dreary weather adds even more pain to what I have already been dealing with.

The weather has been so crazy lately! It was not too many weeks ago when it was cold and there were minor threats of snow, but honestly snow in the south are only an inch or so! Now, it has been rainy and highs in the 70’s. It sounds so insane to me for temperatures to be in the 70’s in February, but I am really not complaining at all. I just wish the rain would stop and allow the sun to shine through! We all could use the high painbenefits of pure and natural Vitamin D!

I know that it is the changes in temperatures that has caused my pain to sky-rocket once again. I am doing my best to not allow it to get me down because I know there will be a day where my pain is a little more tolerable, it just is not today. I always try to remain hopeful for a better tomorrow though because I really do think it is important to hold onto positive thoughts. I mean, seriously what good will negative thoughts really provide in the big picture?

Life is a struggle, but it is how we choose to cope with the issues that can make a huge difference in the outcome overall! No matter how much pain I am in or how hard it is for me to LIFE-IS-LIKE-A-GAME-OF-CARDS--WE-DONT-CHOOSE-WHAT-WE-ARE-DEmake it through the day, I do know that things could always be so much worse. It almost feels that life is like a game of cards. You will some days get dealt a great hand that is just easy to play, but other days the cards we are dealt are all horrible and hard to continue to play the game. The most important thing is to never fold because what you are holding in your hand may turn into something wonderful on another day! I use these analogy because it seems to fit, but the funny thing is I do not even play cards!

I hope y’all had a great day and you are feeling well! I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site today and of course leaving me some great comments! I will respond to all of your comments as quickly as I possibly can! Oh and before I forget, I am SO excited because I am doing a guest blog tomorrow for one of my fabulous fellow bloggers. If you have not already seen Grace’s blog, her site is, she is truly amazing! I really do feel honored that she would want me to make a guest appearance on her blog! Sending y’all lots of love and comfort, always!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa








24 thoughts on “Gloomy foggy start!

  1. The weather has been crazy where I live too! It was in the low 70’s today and has poured pretty much constantly since last night. Tomorrow’s forecast includes more rain, and a high of 37. I guess that’s just Texas for you lol.

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      • I live in North Texas, so it occasionally gets in the 30’s but not very often. I hope you’re having a good evening as well!

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      • Thank you so much Alyssa!! I would imagine Texas is a little like North Carolina in the winter. It gets cold for a brief time and maybe a little snow, but nothing major! I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!!

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  2. Alyssa, remember that duct tape we talked about? I may use it to tie you to a chair 😛 I’ve been so busy dealing with, well you know “everything here”, I didn’t realize that you were in so much pain (even after we talked last night). Please put your oxygen mask on first sweetie!!! In case I have never explained that I mean, when you are taking a flight, the flight attendants explain that even though you may want to save other people in the event of an emergency, in reality you will be no good to anyone if you don’t put your mask on first. “lecturing you” hardly seems like a nice or fair way to thank you for your incredible post, and I’m sorry for that, but I also NEED to know you are not overdoing it and are taking care of yourself. HUGS my dear friend!!!!!

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    • Thank you Grace! I always appreciate your kind and solid advice. I try to not focus too much on the pain and feel the more I ignore it the faster it will go away! I am trying to not overdo things, I stayed home from work today because working yesterday made me hurt more. I decided it would be okay to think about what was best for me. I am so glad you liked the post I did. I added it to the Survivors blog as well and included your site! Don’t forget to take breaks during packing and unpacking! Sending you love and comfort ♡

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  3. Germany doesn’t have much sunshine during winter so Vitamin D is an essential, thanks for reminding me. I always forget. BTW, it’s been snowing for days and is getting colder and colder, supposedly it will be 14 degrees as of next week. Brrrrrrrrrr

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