Update on Medication!

hope 1I hope y’all had a good Monday!  Like most people, I am not a Monday person. I think it must be the longest day of the entire week! But on a positive note I did get some good news today about the new medication I am going to be starting. I am very surprised it didn’t take longer but insurance has approved the Tecfidera. Even better than that I talked to someone with financial assistance with the Biogen company and my co-pay went from $100 to $0! Now I can’t start Tecfidera until early September after my next blood test to make sure my blood count is normal but so far, things are moving in the right direction. I only hope this medication will be a success! 

Im in the fight of my lifeOn a less positive note after working 8 1/2 hours today my pain has become a little more intense in my right shoulder through my fingertips. Plus. I was beyond exhausted all day and couldn’t wait for  my day to be over! But I guess my system will get use to the new treatment plan and things will level out over time. I do believe there is something to a positive mind will create positive things in life, so I am being very optimistic about everything! With everything that MS has thrown at me over 16 years, I still say I am never going to allow this disease to defeat me! It will get me down at times but I will stand back up and continue the fight! For all of you battling MS or any other difficult issues, stay strong and you will accomplish more than you think!

Just out of curiosity has anyone been on Tecfidera? Did you have any horrible side effects? Also, how many of you have experienced a Pseudo Relapse and my goodness how long did it last? I appreciate your continued support and really love all your feedback. I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Hope for cureAlways, Alyssa 

2 thoughts on “Update on Medication!

  1. I’m on Plegridy injections once every 2 weeks. I’ve been on them since the beginning of June. I’ve had great success so far, no major side effects and blood work was good 2 weeks ago. I wish you luck with the new medicine!


    • I have heard of another person being on Plegridy and says it works great for her. I am so glad you are doing well. I am going into this new medicine with an open mind with the hopes it will do wonders! Take care and thank you so much for your response!


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