Fatigue: Another symptom of MS or just part of life?

sleepyAnother weekend has come and gone by way too fast! Sunday comes up on us so quickly and it is time to prepare for yet another long work week. I did my best this weekend to relax and do what I was told when at my doctor’s office last week to help the Pseudo Relapse  come to an end. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing an incredible amount of pain. I guess it is going to take a little longer than one weekend to get back to normal. Even though I am still struggling, I am very hopeful that my new treatment plan will help get all my pain under control.

kitten_sleep_by_jaymilinaI got to thinking about something over the weekend. I have always been the type of person to get up early, even on the weekends when I can sleep in. I thought it was because all week-long I have to get up early for work so maybe my mind and body is just trained to always get up early. Who knows!? I have noticed no matter what day of the week it is, I do always feel much better earlier in the day and feel so fatigued in the afternoon. It seems that everyday I feel fatigue setting in around 1 or 2 pm. Of course Monday through Friday I do not get out of work until 5:00 pm, so the last few hours of my day are brutal. I never make any plans after work so that I am able to just go straight home and rest. Of course I was curious to find out if this was something to do with the Multiple Sclerosis or just my body chemistry. Come to find out after reading this article “Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis”, I found that 75-95% of MS patients do experience a lot of fatigue.The article https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/fatigue-in-multiple-sclerosis  was very interesting to me. Please let me know if you find this at all helpful!

sleepy kittyI know fatigue doesn’t just affect those of us with MS and everyone has different reasons for it. But for those of you  that battle MS, how many of you experience fatigue on a daily basis? How do you combat this issue? I would love to hear anything that has maybe helped you in any way. It is obviously a little frustrating when I am at work and just want to close my eyes around lunch time. As always your comments are very appreciated. I love hearing from all of you and will respond to you as soon as I can. Your continued support is valuable to me as well! Being able to connect with you is so helpful to me as I hope it is helpful to you as well. I hope you have a great evening!

Hope for cure


Always, Alyssa

13 thoughts on “Fatigue: Another symptom of MS or just part of life?

  1. I always make rest my first priority. I do not work. No body will hire me with MS, so I can prioritize rest. I also suffer from Insomnia. I let myself sleep hard when I can. But I am dizzy lots, so I move slow and carefully, and fatigue does not defeat me. I am a writer, so when inspiration strikes at night, I have a small computer set up on my bed. I go to bed by eleven each night. I wake early morn, write, then go back to bed if I must.


    • Rest is definitely important. It really isn’t right that the people where you live won’t hire you because you have MS. That isn’t legal. I have had to wait a year before I was able to get FMLA with a company to cover me with MS. I will admit one company did give me a hard time for time missed from work but I was protected with FMLA. I am sorry for what you have gone through.


  2. Hi Joyce, I hope you are doing well! How is your writing going? I have a terrible headache so I couldn’t do a post today but I wanted to check on you because I was thinking about you-♡


  3. I don’t have MS. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So fatigue is something I am veeery familiar with (although it’s probably different to yours). I find the mornings are difficult (though I was never a morning person), and it usually takes me an hour or two after getting up to really feel functional (and I don’t just mean normal-person ‘don’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee’ non-functional).


      • Eh. CFS fatigue is it’s own thing. Coffee doesn’t do much for it. I guess it makes it less likely you’ll actually fall asleep, but other than that, nope. And it’s very physical–not simply feeling drowsy and sluggish, but unable to move from exhaustion. (I don’t know if MS fatigue is similar to this or not. I’m sorry if I’m explaining something you already know). There’s nothing you can really do for it other than rest and not push yourself too hard–pushing through it makes the fatigue worse plus you end up really sick in other ways (e.g., pain, nausea, migraine, brain fog).

        I had work-arounds instead of fixes. I tried to schedule my important stuff at times of the day when I was not so bad (late morning and early afternoon). If I had something important one day, I would rest up the day before and plan a rest day afterward. I made sure I took regular breaks during tasks. And I worked out which things were totally beyond me and stopped them.

        Full disclosure, when I was severely ill I had to space out my personal hygiene so as not to overtax myself, and a job counted as totally beyond me. In fact, most days leaving the house without assistance was totally beyond me. So possibly my situation is not super relatable to you. I’m not that sick any more. I work from home (in a not-very-lucrative, self-published kind of way) and can drive and do the shopping and cooking and stuff like that. I still try to space big, energy consuming things out (e.g, if I go to a party one day I won’t stay late and I will have a very low-key day the next). I still take lots of breaks. If I feel bad fatigue gearing up, I stop everything and rest for a couple of days to nip it in the bud.

        And I still notice that I slump in the early mornings and late afternoons (though not as badly). I avoid scheduling high-concentration tasks for these times.


      • Thank you so much! This was actually very helpful! I am really bad at taking breaks which I know I need to work on. For some reason I feel the most alert in the mornings for a little while, then I get sluggish for a few hours, the get some energy back for a little while and so on. I always seem to gain all my energy back when I leave work for the day and get home. I really wish I could have a job where I work from home. It would take some pressure off of me and not make get as drained so fast!
        I do manage my day pretty well. I do the more challenging things in the morning the remainder of the day is the easy things. But my goodness, I know you already understand, when that fatigue hits you it hits hard!!!! I really appreciate your comment and advice. It was extremely helpful!!!!

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