Chaos & Tragedy in the United States

We Need To Stop The Hate & Violence Now

Happy Sunday y’all! Before you start reading this, I just want to provide you wait a small DISCLAIMER/WARNING. I do the best I can to not write about politics, but this is about more than simple politics. I think y’all know by now I try to be open-minded, fair, kind, compassionate, and understanding, which is why this was so important for me to share. I know you might feel differently about tis, but I would really love to read and understand what your thoughts are.

The continued insanity that is going on within the United States is disgusting and shameful. The way people are following the idiotic ideas they are hearing from the president is not only awful but inhumane. Who would have thought our nation’s capital could be invaded so easily?  These people were domestic terrorists that were fueled by the hatred from the president of The United States.

This tragic display of repugnance was not how decent and logical people behave. The way Donald Trump has encouraged his cult followers to act is repulsive. Besides, 5 people being left dead after the riot that took place at the Nation’s Capital on Wednesday, more than 50 people were arrested so far, and for what? On January 20th, Joe Biden is still going to be sworn in as the 26th president and Donald Trump will be gone.

The violence and brutality that we all witnessed on Wednesday was very upsetting and never should have happened. Of course, I did not know anyone involved personally, but none the less it was awful to see. A leader of a county should NOT be instilling hatred and violence but should be promoting peace and equality. After all, this is The United States of America and was known as the land of the “free”. Throughout history, former presidents have not stimulated violence and rage but tried keeping the peace among the citizens. I cannot help but wonder why so many are okay with Trump’s behavior to the point they would storm a federal building and create mass amounts of destruction.

Over this past year, there have been countless situations that should have been handled in a better way. The government knew about COVID-19 and did not share the information with the American people. Donald Trump decided to place the blame for this virus on China, instead of taking responsibility for the safety of the people he represented. I understand COVID-19 started in China, but President Xi of China shared his concerns with the world and yet Donald Trump was more concerned with being re-elected than caring for the lives of the people.

I do not like to write about political things because it tends to be a VERY HOT topic with people, but this past Wednesday was very upsetting to me. Never in a million years would I thought what took place this past week would have ever happened in a building that is so protected. With Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20th, I am worried we are going to see much more chaos and violence, but I hope there will be much better planning to protect the innocent. I will never understand why Donald Trump has so much hate within him, but sadly since his favorite toy, Twitter have been taken away from him, I think there is a chance his toddler like behavior will get worse in the next week or so. I think we all know that this man child tweets about everything and his cult followers enjoy all of his heinous words.

This post is a lot different from what I normally write about, but these issues weigh heavily on my mind and heart. I do the best I can to avoid the news because I cannot seem to make it through a segment without crying. I have always dreamed of world peace and a very small part of me still has hope that we can someday experience this, but the logical part of me realizes our chances for world peace are slim. The world is too full of hate and while much of this hate is intensified by the current president, some people are just miserable and enjoy spreading this hate.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I do know that some of you are not going to agree with one word of this post and while I might not understand the logic behind this, I will respect your opinions. The great thing about what the United States is supposed to stand for is, we are free to think and believe what we want to. Please know regardless of if you agree or disagree, I will always be sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


14 thoughts on “Chaos & Tragedy in the United States

  1. This is a very upsetting time and you are right to be upset!! I am so sick of the constant lies and misrepresentation by the president, his supporters, and the media that is broadcasting his message. They all are partly responsible for what has happened and will continue to happen . We will not recover from this until the propaganda is shut down and we get reliable information again. The Covid-19 epidemic is a good example of constant bad information and lack of leadership. In my state we are now struggling to get the vaccines into arms because the federal government is sending us a limited supply of vaccines. When the states were scrambling for ventilators the Feds STOLE 100 of our ventilators by intercepting the shipment; it took months to get the money reimbursed. If the federal government had accepted the appropriate leadership role to coordinate and lead the procurement process while directing production to create the tests and containment interventions that we needed we would not be where we are today. To make things worse, by deliberating setting policy into motion that would magnify the outbreak while demeaning the wearing of masks the pandemic is so bad in this country right now that the vaccination program is like trying to fight a forest fire with a garden hose. I will never forgive the people involved in this… over 350,000 people have died and there will be many, many more before this is over. In the midst of this the president attempted a coup to overturn the election by lying to and activating his supporters to attack congress to “stop the steal”, and I fear that he still isn’t done. I have written my congressmen to take action to remove him from office. He has violated his oath of office, and he is a clear and present danger to our democracy!!

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    • Thank you so much for this incredible comment. Things in the United States is disgraceful and just plain wrong. I believe and have felt this way for a long time, but I think not only should Trump be removed from office, but go to prison. The deaths of over 350,000 people because of COVID are his fault. The only thing he does is encourage hatred and violence and honestly, makes me ashamed to be an American. I am so glad you wrote to your congressmen to take action and hope they do. I live in a state that is run by Republican’s and they do not seem to have any idea of what humanity is. You could not be more correct, he has violated his oath and he continues to put our country in danger. Thank you again for this great comment!

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      • Thank you for your great post! At one point in all of this failed Covid-19 response I looked up the definition of malfeasance, and I think that the Trump administration’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic sure fit the bill. This is so bad, and so many people have died, that I agree with you: he should go to prison. He has mobilized a big block of the nation to hate their fellow American citizens and that also can never be forgiven. The next few weeks are going to be stressful for sure. Hugs!!

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      • I am so sorry for my delayed response. It was a crazy week! After what happened at the Capitol, Trump should go to jail for the rest of his pathetic life. But he also his responsible for so many deaths in this country and deserves to suffer. I think Trump is definitely going down in history, but not for what he thinks. He is going down in history for being our country’s worse president ever and the only one to ever be impeached twice!!! I hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend. Just think, only a few more days until Trump is gone!!

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