Open letter to the president, vice president & other leaders

open letterThis post is my open letter to the current president, vice president, and other leaders. I am sorry in advance if what I have stated creates any ill feelings, but this is the way I feel about things.

To the president, vice president, and others in power,

While the world has been under attack from a deadly virus, shouldn’t you be protecting and defending the country and people you represent? Are you unable to see the damage you are doing daily? You were made aware of the virus that has caused extensive turmoil long before you bothered to act on it. We have all been terrified of this virus and those, like myself with a compromised immune system have lived in fear for months. 

How long did you say COVID-19 was a democratic hoax or not all that serious? You tried blaming everyone but the person you have to see in the mirror every day. Do you think if you acted like a president, a real leader sooner, lives could have been saved? Instead of thinking of your presidential duties as a TV show, you should be thinking of the lives you have endangered. Instead of leaning on Twitter and calling journalist fake news, you should be behaving in a much more mature manner instead of the childish ways you are.

Three and a half years into you being the president of the United States, you still feel threatened by our previous president. You are even trying to blame your failures on him and why? Obama was not perfect, but he did care more about American lives that you ever have.

I am not saying things would have been drastically different if only you acted on the information you were provided because we will never know now. It is obvious you somehow have supporters and those people listen and believe your lies. Too many followed your idea about ingesting disinfectants, which cause chaos. The people that believe what comes out of your mouth isn’t necessarily your fault, they are just ignorant and unable to think for themselves.

What I would like to ask of you is to please start thinking about the millions of people you represent. Start putting our needs above your egotistical mindset. You are currently the president of the most powerful country in the world, so start acting like it. Yes, COVID-19 did begin in China and yet the numbers of cases and deaths in the United States are higher than any other country in the world because of you. We are not able to go back in time to repair the numerous disturbances and lives destroyed because of your inability to act as you care about anyone besides yourself. You can start today treating people like they matter. You can start to have respect for journalists that are just doing their job. You can start being a president!

Thank you for visiting my site today and reading my extremely frustrated letter to thosewe are in this together in power. Again, I am sorry if anything I wrote offended you. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and if you do feel the president is doing well for the people and country that is your choice and I can respect that. I only hope you can respect my feelings and thoughts on how much damage has happened to the country and how many lives were impacted by things not be handled immediately. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


27 thoughts on “Open letter to the president, vice president & other leaders

  1. Darling, if you hurt a few feelings, you still aren’t doing as much damage as those whose willful ignorance is hurting and killing our neighbors. You very modestly claim to be merely expressing feelings; like it or not, you are expressing feelings based on unpleasant facts. Epidemiologists have calculated that that at least 35,000 lives would have been spared had stay-in-place orders been implemented (and obeyed) a mere seven days earlier. That said, as much as I am tempted to get angry at people who flout the science, and apparently won’t believe in Corona Virus until they are struck with it themselves, I feel my righteous indignation merely feeds my autoimmune disease process. If the most deserving person were to catch the virus, undeserving health care workers, family members, janitors, innocent bystanders may catch it too! Nobody wants that. This virus teaches the difficult but ultimately uplifting lesson that we are all connected. To love even those who endanger others is to love ourselves. I very much appreciate and admire your sincere outreach to those who hold an opposing point of view. You have my deep respect.

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    • Thank you so much for reading this post and leaving a great comment. I do know of at least one person this offended because she is a die hard Trump supporter, my mother. As you already know, living with MS isn’t easy and often we have to take medication that weakens our immune system. When I do leave the house I wear a mask, which gets old but is a must. I hate that so many people still do not believe this virus is serious and in order to stop it, we all have to work together. Thank you again for your great comment and respect! Take care and please stay safe!

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    • I read this news, and got some important information, this virus is torture people in the world, everyone!. Even people who keep health, they still hard to continue their daily life, lost their job, chaos of study, and give impact in many field, especially economy. Poor people harder to eat, and I find children around me are supposed that covid-19 is joke. Yes, nobody want this global disease spread up and impact our life, we can help others with charity and sympathy, support each other and against this pandemic. We are in the same way to fight together. Hope you always health. thanks for your opinion and news that you share 😊

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    • Sadly, I know I am wasting my breath, but I needed to get it out. One person, my mother is a strong Trump supporter and did not appreciate what I stated. Everything in this post was real and not made up as I am sure you know. Thank you for reading and leaving a kind comment!

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      • Well, to me his followers or more like a cult. He could literally do anything and they don’t say a word. Seriously, if there were close to 100,000 dead on his predecessor’s watch they’d have his head on a spike!

        I only wonder if they will change their tune if someone close to them died from the virus due to lack of testing or anything like that. Probably not

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      • I agree with you, his base is more like a cult. It is terrifying that these people will always believe him and worship him. I think he is a complete moron and should not be in charge of anything, especially that involves the lives of others.


  2. Wonderful post! My concern is for the ‘control’ group being thrown back into their jobs so quickly. Sadly in the fall we are going to see another influx of illness. I’m very scared for the people I love and for everyone. 🖤

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  3. Well done, Lady. Well done. I’m in the minority in my family on this president. I am thankful that my home state is “steady” right now and that my sister did NOT take Mom to church last week. I’m on Long Island, so it may be a while longer. Don’t know when I’ll feel safe again. I will do everything I can to protect hubby. Stay well, everyone! Thank you, Alyssa.

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    • Thank you so much! Not only do I appreciate you reading, but sincerely appreciate your comment! For some reason it surprises me how many people actually listen and believe this president. My mother and I argue about it because she thinks he is great and I think it is possible he is the worst president we have ever had. My husband’s aunt and uncle live in NY, right in the city. It is so upsetting how many people have died from this virus and yet Trump still continues to lie and not do what is right by the country. Please stay safe and I am glad someone else is on the same page as me. You and I definitely agree on the topic of the president! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!


  4. Your letter is not only caring and heartfelt, but necessary. My heart also goes out to those who have lost their lives, due to poor organizing and preference being given to reelection concerns. I would have thought that all citizens of a country were to be cared for and protected, by a nation’s leader. America being made great again is far from being achieved, it appears from the outside, that the opposite is happening!

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and leaving a great comment. It amazes me how many people actually listen to the president and think he cares, when it is obvious he doesn’t. I am terribly concerned for the safety of others and completely understand that this isn’t over and I don’t know if we will ever truly be safe again. I did get some negative comments to this post, but like I said everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do feel that anyone that still supports this president is showing their true colors! Please stay safe!!!


  5. I am on board with everything that you wrote here! I am just stunned and disgusted with what is happening around us. I am high risk and completely trapped at home as people are refusing to wear their masks while out shopping. I blame the president for giving mixed messages about masks; because he refuses to wear a mask many other people also are seeing a mask as not important or an assault on their freedoms. To make things worse, there has been no message that wearing masks and practicing other measures are critical to protect the economy and worker’s jobs. Today the country is “opening-up” and the president, the same man who called this a hoax, has assured the nation that any outbreaks will be quickly suppressed. Umm… how will that happen if there isn’t a coordinated national strategy of testing, tracing, and isolating infected people quickly before the disease spreads? Not only does that strategy need to be well developed, but all of the critical logistical framework with stockpiles of materials needed should be ready to go right now. Yesterday the president threatened to overrule the governors if they didn’t open churches… he threw this problem onto the governors instead of doing his job and leading the coordinated national response that they begged him for. Now he needs to keep his mouth shut!! I just did the math this evening and fatality rates are above 5% right now and almost 15% of people who tested positive needed to be hospitalized in my state. I don’t think that people understand that if the medical system gets overwhelmed the fatality rate will quickly go into double digits. An out of control outbreak will hurt the economy no matter what measures are taken. This is a serious situation, and today the president is GOLFING!!! I am beyond disgusted!!

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    • Please forgive me for my very delayed response. It is so awful how many seem to think this virus is a joke and nothing to worry about. Like yourself, I am a high risk and it makes me so angry when I go to the grocery store wearing a mask and so many others are not. Or when I went to the gas station and this person was not respecting social distancing even after I made a comment. I have gotten to the point where I am being rude with these people. I do believe the president isn’t doing us any justice and is only creating more issues because he is for lack of better words an idiot and a narcissistic moron. It is very upsetting he finds time to play golf and yet isn’t practicing social distancing or wearing a mask. It will not upset me at all if he ends up with this virus, it would serve him right!

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      • I was just thrilled to find that my grocery store now requires masks. Yay!! I keep thinking that as businesses open up and more masks are required things will get better.

        You’ll understand this. I was so upset by the pictures of people in crowds this last weekend. It’s like we’re on the Titanic, we’ve hit the iceberg, and these fools don’t know yet, I thought to myself. What was the Sunday night movie? Titanic!!

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      • It is insane that the grocery store near me does not require a mask. People look at me like I am insane for wearing a mask, but I think there is something very wrong with them!
        It is sad that too many are not taking this virus seriously and think it is all a joke. People are dying daily and the number of new cases where I live are increasing double digits every day. I don’t know what it will take for people to wake up! Please continue to do what you can to stay safe!

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    • You are very right, this was probably an understatement of the year for me! I definitely have a lot more to say, but really did not want to offend too many people. My mother hated this post because she supports Trump. It is a little upsetting she supports him after all he has done and hasn’t done.

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