Doctors gone BAD

maxresdefaultI recently had to deal with my specialist’s office, in regards to the medication I take to limit the progression of my Multiple Sclerosis. Since the doctor that diagnosed my condition retired, the office he was at has been on a downward spiral. The amount of incompetence and lack of compassion are the only things that are steadily increasing, which is terrible.

Whether it be a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician, they all should know how awful stress is for someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Being forced to battle with a nurse with a terrible attitude 71NwQ3YsJDLto get a refill for my medication caused me nothing but massive stress and frustration. This would have been  difficult regardless, but when the nurse decided to be ugly the situation escalated unnecessarily. All I am trying to do is anything necessary so I do not have a nasty relapse, especially without insurance.

I know I mentioned in a post I did a few days ago, the flaws within healthcare in the United States, but with what I just experienced trying to talk to my doctor’s office makes it even more frustrating! For a country that has insanely high costs for health insurance, you would think patient care would be top-notch, but it is the direct opposite.

downloadThe medication I take to slow my progression down is Gilenya. I have been on this same medication for a long time, so I know the processes and the ridiculous out of pocket with NO insurance. Honestly, I do not believe any normal person could afford this medication and I definitely can’t.

Basically, I guess I am not in the right tax bracket to be able to have insurance that I can afford or at least affordable medication to keep my condition at bay. Maybe I also missed the tax bracket where kindness, respect, understanding, and empathy exist. I feel strongly that health insurance should be a RIGHT, NOT a PRIVILEGE, but surprise the powers that be don’t agree with me. I do not think anyone should have to worry about how they are going to survive without 21a1d2783f3596243d4cd630893e7e7dinsurance and without access to life-altering medication.

First, thank you for taking the time to read this post. Second, I hope none of you ever have to go through anything like this. Third, I hope your weekend has started off great and continues to bring you happiness. I do want to encourage you to leave a comment; I definitely need advice on how to deal with the ignorant people at my specialist’s office. Lord knows I can’t take too much more, especially if it is just images (2)going to be a bunch of bull shit!

I hope you enjoy every moment of your weekend and hope you feel great! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤





30 thoughts on “Doctors gone BAD

  1. I am so sorry, The least of your worries should be bad attitudes from medical professionals. We’re so new to MS. You may already know of the National MS Society. They can help locate another MS specialist near you and may offer resources to help with meds. God bless you on this journey. You aren’t alone!

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    • You are so lucky to be in the UK. I have never been there, but pictures look beautiful and I definitely want to travel there someday! I do appreciate your sweet thoughts!! I am trying to reduce stress because I know how awful it could be. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

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  2. Alyssa, check that your state has Medicaid expansion. If so, with your unemployment monies check whether you are eligible. Yes, if you have to state that you are single or separated, do it if your life depends on it.

    No one can afford to buy insurance these days. The poverty eligibility limits are insane. People need to eat and pay rent.

    Health insurance is a RIGHT and I am believing that God is going to turn it around.

    Also, check for subsidized clinics that are funded by government in your area. They should be able to write prescriptions. Also, contact the drug maker as some supply free medication through their grants.

    Xoxo 😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    • Thank you so much for your great comment. I am definitely going to take your advice and look into Medicaid.

      Healthcare here in the states is awful and I hope it will get better someday. I appreciate the knowledge you shared and I am thankful for you!!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet lady! xxx

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  3. My first reaction was to laugh…DONT SHOOT ME…. I laughed because I don’t think I have ever heard you cuss before. I smiled because I KNOW you are one tough chick and I’m happy to see you standing up for yourself. And then I FELT your pain. 😦 I am so sorry Alyssa. Everything you said is spot on and it is BULLSHIT. I’m not going to make this about me, but I promise you are not alone. Hugs my dear friend!

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    • You are hilarious! When I get mad, my attitude gets only worse and the cuss words just flow out freely. I was so angry with the doctor’s office and when I get too mad I cry and cuss, what a combination! You always have a way to make me smile and I appreciate you Grace! I hope everything is going well for you and I hope no doctor’s office will ever piss you off as much as mine did me! Lots of hugs to you sweetie!

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    • Thank you so much! It is upsetting how awful healthcare is and it seems to be getting much worse! So many people have lost empathy and compassion and I hope they know what goes around comes around! I hope you are doing well and you have a wonderful weekend!


      • I just dumped a rheumatologist who needed a major attitude adjustment. It is so frustrating, and I totally identify with your “end of the rope” feeling. They suffer from character flaws that prevent them from understanding that you are trapped in a situation that you didn’t choose, are not responsible for, and can’t escape. Hang in there! Hugs!!!

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      • I am glad you got rid of that doctor with a poor attitude, you deserve better ! I am not sure why, but doctors have lost the ability to have empathy for others. I hope yo are dong well and you are enjoying your weekend!

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  4. I feel your pain, for the second time in a row my doctor failed to click submit on my infusion treatment requests. They typed it in, and didn’t submit. The infusion center didn’t even know about it until I called to see if was approved because I realized I was supposed to get it that week. They had 2 months. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Some day our system will get their shit together, right?

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    • I am actually already go through the Gilenya go program. They need an updated prescription for the evil doctor. Do you know how much the Gilenya go program will be willing to help? I mean before I had insurance so they were getting money from somwhere.
      How did yesterday go for y’all?


  5. Thank you for sharing!!.. unfortunately in today’s society healthcare, like most everything else, is about money, not the health of a person… I had to deal with such matters while helping my late wife, and others, deal with cancer…. 🙂

    “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”. Isaac Asimov

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    • It really is sad how everything revolves around money. Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and everything else makes money more important than another person’s health. I am sorry you had to deal with this when your late wife was battling cancer.


  6. Two things – the first is to find a new neurologist ASAP. Not sure how easy that is in your neck lf the woods, but any hassle it may entail is still better than what you are dealing with. The second is to call the company that manufactures the drug you take and see if they have a program where you might be able to get the drug at a discounted rate. Many of the pharma companies have something like that, and it could significantly reduce your out of pocket.

    Good luck

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  7. I’m so sorry you’re in this position, Alyssa. More than anything I’m so fucking angry! I totally agree with you – healthcare should NOT be a privilege, reserved for those with the finances to be able to afford it. Who gave a select number of people the right to decide who gets access to healthcare and who can have what treatments? It’s beyond unfair. xx

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    • Thank you so much! WOW, your comment is exactly what I needed today! I am pretty angry with how things are going in the states and every more angry with those that continue to support that jackass in office now. We need someone to be in charge of our country that cares about others and I believe all Trump cares about is himself and his disgusting hair!! Seriously, thank you so much. I needed a smile after the day I had. I hope you are doing well sweetie!!! xxx

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