A few things that break my heart

downloadHow often do we try doing everything we can for everyone else, but forget to care for ourselves? I can be very guilty of this and even on a daily basis because I only want the best for everyone. It breaks my heart ❤when I see a homeless person that is kindly asking for a few dollars just so they can have food to eat. It enrages me when I witness a homeless person being disrespected and or belittled by an ignorant individual that knows nothing of their struggles. Even though I wonder how such an awful thing can occur, people do fall on hard times and end up hungry without a images (1)comfortable place to lay their head at night. There is only one person that knows their struggles and no one should ever judge because it can happen to anyone at any time!

How do you feel when you meet someone that is trying their best to dig their way out of a dark time? For instance, a single mother of 3 who is working 2 jobs just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads? Now it isn’t only a mother that plays the mother and father in this situation, there are single fathers out there as well. They are trying their hardest to care for their children, while trying to 28d5d07106bdc9e8dd8c2833142a1e19be the mother and father. 

Why does it seem the number of people who are self-centered and have an entitlement attitude increased so drastically? How is it possible so many people have lost the ability to have empathy for others? There is not a person on the face of this earth that is better than the next person, but yet so many feel they are superior. In a perfect world, everyone would be treated equally and fairness would not be a privilege, but it would be a right!

Another thing that bothers me terribly is the way animals are treated. Animals are innocent and 51T1MAPcg0L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_depend on their owners for common needs like; food, water, love ❤, a safe home, etc. How many animals have you seen that hold a grudge and only know hatred? I do kind of think one of our cats holds a grudge for a short time after her nails are clipped, but that never lasts more than a few minutes! Unlike the human race, animals love ❤ unconditionally and without ulterior motives! Maybe if humans tried living the way animals do, the world would be download (8)much happier place with far less wars.

Thank y’all for visiting my site today! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with LOTS of happiness! I cannot believe there is only a few hours left of the weekend before we are starting another 40 hour work week. I guess all we can do now is appreciate short time we have left and be thankful! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort, and many positive vibes!


❤Always, Alyssa❤


15 thoughts on “A few things that break my heart

  1. That colorful hands image is gorgeous!! I know what you mean, and a lot of that makes me sad, too! I love animals and hate to see them unhappy!! The problem with homeless people begging, particularly where I live, is that a lot of people fake it. They put on homeless costumes and pretend to be homeless, when in reality, they live in posh apartments. Yeah, that’s actually a “thing” here. I can spot a “fake” a mile away, but I do have compassion for the real ones. It’s a bad situation all around!! 😮

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    • I am so glad you liked the hands image! There is no logical reason to ever be mean to animals, they are innocent. I know you are right about some homeless people faking it. To me this is shameful and you know what they say about karma. I know where I use to live there were several that were faking it and that also makes me sad.

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  2. Yet another issue that we are in agreement on! I get so frustrated when people say things like “I don’t give money to homeless people because they’re just going to buy drugs/alcohol with it!” Giving should be considered a gift; what they do with the gift is on them. And so what if they use that $.50 from your console to go toward a bottle of liquor? It may be the only way they can sleep on the ground that night.

    I agree about animals, too! I really wish people would understand that pets are a commitment and shouldn’t be a fly-by-night decision, and definitely not a “gift” to someone (unless you know for sure that person will love and care for it).

    The lack of empathy is astounding and, truly, devastating. The only saving grace I see is that younger generations seem to have more of it than those before them. Maybe they can undo some of the damage that’s been done.

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    • I am always pleasantly surprised on how much we agree with one another. Maybe it is true that some homeless will just buy drugs or alcohol, but who are we to judge. I remember one time back in Charlotte I saw a person asking for money for food. I didn’t have any cash on me, so I offered to buy them food. That person looked at me like I was crazy and told me he didn’t want the food I offered to buy. People like that give legit homeless people a bad name.

      Without a doubt I consider my two cats a blessing and a gift. The two of them bring me so much joy and love. I will never understand how anyone could harm any animal. Most people think I am crazy, but I would do anything under the sun for them and would rather feed them instead of my self if money was too tight.

      It is terrible how foreign being empathetic has become. I do hope the next generation can stand up and make the changes this country needs. I think many of them have good intentions and positive views. Many of the young also see Trump for who he really is and do not support him.

      Thank you so much Hillary for this amazing comment! You are a pretty brilliant with so much to offer, I know I am thankful for you!


  3. I totally agree. People only seem to pull together and show empathy when there’s a big disaster, and forget that many people struggle terribly every single day for the basic needs of survival. Sad. I laughed about your cat comment! We don’t even bother clipping claws, Callie would probably tear us apart and Smudge never uses hers. I can just imagine a cat holding a grudge. 🤣💕

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    • Our older cat, Chloe, does very well with her manicure. However, a pedicure for her isn’t possible. Sundance is not at all good at getting his nails done, but I will continue doing them! A cat with a grudge is just dangerous! I absolutely LOVE both of our cats!

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