The struggles from week 2!

sundayMy second week of my new job did go pretty fast, but at the same time it was extremely LONG!! On Wednesday the entire office had to go three hours further south for an “Employee Appreciation Day”. I guess this was a nice way for all of us within the company to get to know other, especially considering we just recently joined this management company. For the 7 of us in the local office, the six hour drive gave us a chance to talk much more than we can during “normal” business hours, so that was nice. I will admit there were good things about this work adventure, but there were also a few things that were just frustrating. The five guys in the office sat together playing videos on their phone and games. One of my co-workers that is a female and I chatted a lot and laughed at how much the “boys” acted like children! Our manager drove and it was a little terrifying because I think he thought he was the newest member of NASCAR.lazy sunday

The day after the long work trip, I had to make another drive for a doctor’s appointment. Thankfully the drive to my doctor’s appointment was only a 4 hours round trip instead of 8-9 hours. Two days of travelling left me feeling extremely exhausted, which only left me feeling worse than I normally do.

With my new job I do have to work on Saturday every two to three weeks. Yesterday was my first Saturday working and I was by myself. It was pretty busy which did make the day go by fast, but created a sense of exhaustion I have not felt in a while. Being on my feet for several hours did make my legs and feet hurt a lot more! Everything went rather well, but literally the last 5 minutes of my day was VERY unpleasant. As I was starting to close up the office two women came in wanting to see an DchbyyeU0AY7N9Dapartment. One of the women was incredibly aggressive and very mean when I said the office was closed for the day, but I would be happy to show them around on Monday. They had claimed they tried coming in all day, but I was never there. I calmly explained that I was the only one in the office and was sincerely sorry we kept missing each other. Right as I was about the cave in and show them an apartment, the more aggressive one started calling me ugly names, so of course I changed my mind and did not show them anything. I was getting a little nervous because they were so awful and if they did not leave when they did, I was going to call the police for my own protection. I will never understand why people think if they remain mean things will go their way.Sunday-Quote

Thankfully today I have been able to rest and not do much of anything! We all need a day like this to hopefully gain the strength needed to tackle another week! I am very behind on everything in the blogging community and I am sorry for this. Last week was so out of control busy I didn’t even get to do my “Pick-Me-Up Thursday” or “Let it go Friday”, but hopefully the upcoming week will be a little easier and I will be able to participate more.

10403353_10152369000532964_1324338832096924487_nI am currently trying to gain the energy needed to go grocery shopping, which I never enjoy even on a good day. Considering I will finally have insurance again on July 1st, I plan to at some point during the week find new doctors. I do hope one of them will be able to confirm my suspicions of being gluten-intolerant and provide me with some direction. I have already adjusted my diet to excluded gluten from what I eat, but I am still experiencing some difficulties. This situation has been very aggravating and I am beyond ready to have confirmation.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope your weekend has been great and you are feeling well. Unfortunately there are only about 8 hours left to the weekend and I hope you are able to make the most of it! Please remember that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love ❤, comfort and many positive vibes!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤


24 thoughts on “The struggles from week 2!

  1. Wow sounds like you had an interesting 2nd week. I’m happy you made it through. I never will understand either why people are mean like that. I hope you get some much needed rest. I know it’s hard when you start a new job. Sending love and hugs to you. xx ❤

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    • It was an interesting couple of weeks and I am glad they are in the past! I know there are mean people everywhere, but I will never understand them or be one of them. Thankfully, I did get some rest, but really could have used one more day of it. Thank you so much for your kindness, you are a pretty amazing person! Lots of love and hugs to you as well!

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  2. So sorry to hear your first Saturday ended with a big bully. Why do people wait until the last minute to do something and then blame everyone else when things don’t go their way. You know for reasons like that they should have 2 people working together to prevent a situation that could go very bad. I’m glad you are ok. I do hope you relaxed and enjoyed your day. It’s a good thing you always remain so positive and find the good in every situation. You are such an amazing woman and I’m so proud to be your Mother. I hope you have a good week and take care of yourself and don’t work too hard. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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    • It was an insane amount of driving. The work thing was ridiculous and I don’t think it was necessary, but it will not happen again! The doctor situation wasn’t too horrible, but I am making changes to the doctor! Last week really was WAY too much for me and I will not be able to have another week like that! I do appreciate your kind thoughts!

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    • Thank you Carol Anne! The new job is going well and I will not have to see those nasty women again! I was ready to call the police if they didn’t leave when they did though. Thankfully, my husband bought me pepper spray to carry with me, so I will have something to defend myself if it comes down to it. I hope your week started off great and only gets better!!

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  3. Yikes, those women..! Jees, I guess just be glad you don’t have to live with them, nasty people. I sincerely hope that this week is a bit brighter, and without working on the Saturday you can catch up on a little much-needed rest! xx

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  4. Sounds stressful – think about the long holiday coming up and take a deep breath. Hope you can be off on Friday too Alyssa? I was hoping the gluten-free diet would be helping by now and maybe the probiotics as well? So happy for you in a few day’s time you will have complete insurance coverage – that is a blessing and worth celebrating!

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    • Life has been very stressful lately and I do wish the upcoming holiday would help, but I am not sure it will. Unfortunately I do have to work Friday and Saturday, but I will have Wednesday and Thursday off. Hopefully you will have a long weekend to do what makes you happy! I am thrilled I will finally have insurance on Monday! I hated being without it because it just caused more stress. Insurance without a doubt is worth celebrating!

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  5. Well done with the 2nd week of the job. I hope it all improves and gets better. I find affirmations really help, like everyone I interact with will be kind, compassionate, and understanding. I repeat this 7 time a day for several days and it changes everything.

    All the best in your new job.

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