It is catch up time!

whirlwindThe past few weeks have been like a whirlwind with so many changes and I feel like I am constantly on the go. Packing up the home my husband and I lived in for 8 years was extremely overwhelming, but we managed to get it done. It is crazy how much 2 people can accumulate over the years! We already have 4 rather large boxes packed up ready to be donated to either Goodwill or Crisis Ministry. I feel like it is far better to donate to others in need than keep items we do not use and never just throw things away!

I am sorry if I have not responded to your comments or had a chance to read your playing catch upfabulous posts, it might take me some time, but I am going to be playing catch up for a few days. Please bear with me through this transition and I will be back to normal, well as normal as I can get soon! I do miss y’all and I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. 

I will give  y’all a brief run-down of how things are going for me and my husband. I did start my new job and it is great! I am working full-time again which I have not done in a long time, but I am doing well. The people I work with now are absolutely incredible! We have been living in our new place for one week now and I know how to get to 3 places, work, the grocery store and the pharmacy! Pretty amazing, right?! We are still in the dontprocess of getting things organized, but we have plenty of time for all that so there is no use rushing anything! With working full-time again, I am still going to do my best to continue creating blog posts, but they definitely will not be daily. Again, please do not give up on me because I am going to be returning to doing what I really enjoy, which is my blog and communicating with y’all!

I hope y’all have a nice evening and you are feeling well! Always remember that no matter what I might be going through in life,❤ I will always be sending y’all LOTS of love ❤and comfort!

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❤Always, Alyssa❤

27 thoughts on “It is catch up time!

  1. I love how you’re donating what you no longer use. I donate old clothes to St Vincent De Paul because there’s no point keeping it if you no longer have a use for it or it doesn’t fit you.
    Oh Wow! Working full time sounds full on. How are you coping. All the best with your fresh start.

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    • I really enjoy being able to give back and donating what we are not using will help someone.
      I have only been doing the full-time hours since last Friday, but so far I am doing okay with it. My job isn’t stressful at all yet, but they are all understanding here! Thank you for your kind and supportive words!!

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      • Thankfully the new work place is pretty great! I am even being given the opportunity to learn more about so much. I am enjoying things so far and just hope it continues looking bright!


  2. Alyssa, I’m so glad to hear that things are going so well for you. I’m especially happy to hear your new job is going so well because your last one caused you so much stress. Take all the time you need to get all settled in to everything – we’ll still be here! Hugs!

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    • Thank you Terri! The new job really has been so great so far and I like the people I am working with. That last job was horrible! I am hoping my husband is going to find a job that treats him well here as well! I really do miss blogging, but things have been so busy and tiring lately. It will all get easier, I am sure!

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  3. I’m so happy you’re doing well, Alyssa. No pressure to get back on here, you have tons on your plate but I was starting to wonder, even though I knew you were moving. That’s great news about your job, it sounds like it’s been an excellent move. Happy settling in and I’ll look forward to your next post – when you have a minute to breathe. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. The new job really has been great and I am enjoying the people I work with. It is SO much better than my last job. I hope things continue going well and I hope my husband will find a job here that he enjoys!

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  4. No one will ever give up on you. You are my inspiration and encouragement, as well as so many others. I look forward to reading your blog once you take care of yourself first. Life has definitely changed for you and in a good way. Take your time getting back into your blog. We all know once your life calms down you’ll be back. All my Love & Support, Mom💜💜

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    • Thank you for saying that! I know things will calm down soon and I can get back to what I enjoy. Starting a new job and moving has been quite the journey, but at least I do like the new job. The people are a night and day difference from where I came from!!!


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