A few days MIA

Bright weekI have not made a post in a few days because sometimes life just gets too chaotic and it is hard to do the things I want to do. Life’s obligations can get in the way of good and fun times. Now whether it be work or household chores they all get in the way of leisure times. I know once I get home from work I am exhausted and do not feel like doing much of anything. Granted my job does only consists of being at a desk and most people would think that is not very tiring, but staring at a computer screen all day is exhausting! When you are sitting all day, not being active it weakens your muscles to the point they do not want to do anything else. I almost feel that my muscles go to sleep and do not want to wake up for any such reason. Plus being at a computer all day causes me to feel so much pain in my back and that pain alone makes me fatigued. 

I have been doing my best to increase my hours at work and I have been able to do 7 hour days. I am thankful that my job has been understanding with slowly adding to how much I am able to handle. I have noticed that I feel so much better earlier in the day, but then about noon I start feeling like I have been hit by a ton of bricks. I do however keep pushing a few extra hours so I can hit my 7 hour goal! 

Y’all already know that living life with an illness can add some additional stress and challenges to your daily life. How do you fight through pain when there is not any kind of relief? Even though things have not been easy lately I do still believe everything157213-Fight-Through-The-Bad-Days happens for a reason and somehow everything works out the way they are meant to. I do realize how clique that sounds, but I do believe every word of it.  

The weather plays  huge part in the way I feel. Rain and cold cause my body to feel terrible. We had a few days of bitter cold and I felt like a truck had run me over and backed over me just for good measure. Then Mother Nature decides it needs to be warm, so my body adjusts to that only to have the weather get cold again! Then we have days of sunshine, followed by days of rain or the threat of rain and I feel horrible! If we could just have weeks or months of the same type of weather I could be adjusted and stable!

I hope y’all had a great Monday! I hope the rest of your week goes absolutely wonderful! Always remember how important it is to stay positive even when it is difficult. Strength comes from positivity! As always, I appreciate you stopping by site today and please leave comments as I will respond to you just as quickly as I can! Sending y’all lots of love and comfort always!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


33 thoughts on “A few days MIA

    • I wish there could be a happy medium, working part time would be fantastic!!! I am just having a little off day but I will get back to normal soon enough!!!!! MS has a tendency to cause a lot of fatigue no matter what you do. It will all be okay!!

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  1. I think you’re doing brilliantly with work and increasing your hours. I do wonder though whether HR etc can help a little more with suggesting you take more breaks to move around, sorting out more comfortable seating etc? And you’re right, sitting at a computer all day is exhausting. I can’t sit for too long any more in that position at a desk; I need to get up, move a little, otherwise my hips feel like they’re on fire. Just make sure you’re putting yourself first so as not to jeopardise the steps forward you’ve made and speak up to your manager if you need to, that’s what they’re there for and they have a duty to make sure you’re doing okay. Not that I need to tell you that, just a little reminder in case you need it. Love the positivity – You rock! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling Alyssa 😦 I am glad to hear that your work have been so supportive though. I definitely know where you are coming from, as you know that I am struggling a lot with my work/life balance and I know there will be big changes this year as a result. Really hoping that you feel better very soon x

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    • You give me hope for better times because you are so courageous! It can be so frustrating when there is something you want to accomplish but your body does not want to cooperate completely. Yesterday I was feeling just a little negative which you know me by now and I am typically positive, but I guess we all have our days! I hope you have a great day and I hope you are feeling well!

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  3. Bless you Alyssa! I’ve been feeling the same. Every part of me wants to be writing but I literally haven’t had it in me, I’m really trying to take it easy but that’s easier said than done. Take care X x

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  4. Dearest Alyssa, you do you quite well. I think you do it wonderfully. I find so often I feel proud of you when I read your blogs. I just want you to know with the good comes the bad, the sour comes the sweet and that is OK! You can have ‘negative’ days and get back on the horse a different day. Alyssa’s day off. You just do you!~Kim

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    • Thank you so much Kim!!! That was one of the sweetest comments I have ever seen! I really appreciate your encouragement. You are so right, with good comes bad, with love comes hate, the whole yin and yang! No matter what happens I will always find the positive again and life will be just the way it is supposed to be!!

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