Stress and MS!!

butterfly weekend 1I hope y’all had a wonderful Friday!! I know you are excited for the weekend! I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I am sure you are all aware of how difficult my week has been, heck who am I kidding, it has been a difficult few months. So many of you have been so incredibly supportive of what I am dealing with. 

Overall, I have been trying to rest and relax today as I am trying to let my body heal from what appears to be a relapse. Today, I did notice how much getting stressed and upset can have a huge impact on my pain. I had two very upsetting and stressful things occur today, and it was insane how much my pain increased. Of course, I know just how hard it is to avoid stress, but I guess I never really understood how drastically it can impact a person. For anyone that is reading this, do your best to avoid anything that could cause you any unnecessary stress. I always heard that stress can kill, but my goodness, stress causes pain to literally skyrocket! butterfly 1

My doctor had me scheduled to do my MRI tomorrow, which is my birthday, so I have rescheduled this for next Saturday. So, hopefully it will confirm if this is a true flare up where the new damage is and how to heal the damage. I guess because I know my body better than anyone and I know this is a true flare up, I just need to know where the damage is located. By all means I am not being trying to be negative, I am just being a realist.  My plan right now is to avoid stress and focus on myself, which I have never done before. I need to think about what is best for me, so I can get better!

I am hoping to feel well enough tomorrow, to be able to go to my favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday with my husband! The weather is supposed to be nice, so it should be a good day to eat lunch outside! Of course, then Sunday will be our wedding butterfly peaceanniversary and I am hoping we will get to out to a nice dinner to celebrate being married 6 years! I am sure it will be good for me to have a nice relaxing weekend enjoying this time with my husband! It is still hard to believe it has been six years! We have had so many wonderful times together and had so many heartbreaking times. Loss of loved ones was tragic, but we made it through together. Everything we have been through in our almost 14 years together has made us stronger as a couple!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you all again for continuing to read my posts and for all of your caring supportive comments! I know I always say this, but the connections I have made with so many of you has been the most amazing experience for me! It is so great to see that there are so many wonderful people out there, who genuinely want to help others! Take care and I hope you have a great evening!

Love 2


Always, Alyssa

7 thoughts on “Stress and MS!!

  1. ❤ ❤
    I have chronic kidney disease and noticed the same with me and stress! I had gotten my kidney function up to a whopping 31% when the floor dropped from beneath my feet after the matriarch from my mom's side and the patriarch from my dad's side both died days apart from each other. I was in depression for months and when i went back to the doctor 3 months later, my kidney function dropped to 22% I'm learning now more than before that i need to really take care of myself first if i want to be any good for my hubby and kids. Rest, listen to your body and try to find ways to reduce your stress. I personally ended up having to go to see a therapist and has been the BEST thing for me. I have a team of different health providers helping me on my journey. We can't beat this as an island.

    Good luck!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry for your losses. I know that dealing with loss is so hard! I am so glad you found a way to take better care of yourself and reduce your stress. I think you are right, that seeing a therapist is a good plan! Life is so hard sometimes and so many people close to you cause so much extra stress. It is hard to distance myself from the people I know add negative and stress to my life, but I am going to try!! I am trying to start putting my needs first, but I am really bad at that!! I hope you have a great day and thank you again for your comment!!!


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