forgiveness 2Do y’all ever find it extremely difficult to forgive sometimes? Is it even harder to find the power to forgive someone, when you find that is all you do in the relationship? This relationship can be a friend, family member or significant other, but the facts remain the same forgiveness can be extremely complicated and even grueling over time!  

Forgiveness is an intentional and voluntary process in which a person undergoes a change of feelings and attitude regarding an event that occurred in life and works towards letting go of negative emotions. This process is not easy, but it does help us to not destroy our lives with anger, hurt, bitterness and numerous other toxic emotions. I do find it hard to forgive someone who has made the same error of judgement multiple times, but at some point it is not necessarily their fault, it is mine for allowing it to forgiveness-1024x683continue.

There are several reasons why forgiving someone is important! Not to sound selfish, but forgiveness is not always just for another person, it is for our own well-being! Having the ability to forgive allows for us to move on without any anger in our hearts. Clenching onto anger only hinders us from well-deserved happiness. Grasping onto anger that resulted from being mistreated and or taken advantage of does not affect the one who did the wrong, it affects the victim in the situation in a very negative light. I might not be right, but I think letting go of our anger and hurt will cause the one that did us wrong more confusion and result in a healing heart for the one wronged. Why allow for anger and hurt to negatively impact our lives for an extended period of time? In the grand scheme of things it probably is not that important and should not be hanging over our heads, we are worth more than that!

We have all been in a situation where we have to make a decision to forgive someone, how do you handle that? Do you have specific steps to make it a little easier to wrap your forget the mistakemind around what went wrong and why? Maybe write down the person’s name that you feel like you need to forgive, along with the reasons behind it will be helpful. This may allow you to be a little clearer about the situation. Clasping the extent of the violation that was done onto you is also pretty important. Addressing the emotions involved is crucial in letting go over the problem. 

I have always heard that forgiving and forgetting is what we are supposed to do, but why should we forget? I have the ability to forgive another, even if they do the same thing over and over again, but I do not have the capability to forget what happened! The wrongs that were done are burned into my mind and heart forever! Being wronged by someone you put your trust into is so painful and hard to move past, so what do you do in that situation? For the most part, those that have treated me in a terribleforgiveness 1 and unfair way have been removed from my life. I think it is possible to forgive someone for what they have done wrong, but not allow that person into your life is logical. I feel that it is just protecting yourself from further hurt and incredible pain, but maybe I am not dealing with things in the best way I can.  Sometimes I do believe it is best to love as much as you can when possible, but let go when that “love” causes you more pain that joy!

I hope y’all are having a lovely weekend! I really appreciate you visiting my site today and really look forward to any comments you have! All of us are strong and compassionate people who have a deep understanding of others emotions! I know sometimes I go off a little rants about topics I am very passionate about and your support and understanding is very appreciated! I hope y’all are feeling well and getting the rest you all deserve!

I hope y’all have a safe St. Patrick’s Day! As always, I am sending y’all lots of love and comfort!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa


Forgive & Forget!

forgive for peaceI have struggled a lot over the years with forgiveness. Even though I know it is important, forgiveness can be extremely challenging. Holding onto a grudge because someone else has caused you pain will not change what happened, you are just allowing that person to continue to have a hold on your thoughts. Finding the strength to forgive is more for the healing of your own fragile heart not theirs. Once you are able to let go of your anger and hurt it will feel like a huge weight was lifted from you.

Once the hurt has been inflicted there is also a loss of trust in that person. In my opinion, trust is something that is earned not just blindly given. Atrust 1 constant amount of lies and deceit is incredibly hard to get past. It is when the words, “I am sorry”; start to mean absolutely nothing at all that there is a problem. Promises made that are not fulfilled from someone who you cared about can be heartbreaking. It is important to have high standards for others, but it can also be setting yourself up for failure. I have found that sometimes it is a lot easier to keep expectations low that way you are never disappointed!

I do feel it is a little easier to forgive than forget the pain experienced. It is impossible to erase the memories when someone has disappointed you consistently. Those that we allow into our lives should bring positive and happiness not negativity and sadness. We actually have the ability to pave the way for others into and out of our lives. 

In today’s society, I think there is already plenty to remind us of sadness and disappointment, we certainly do not need any additional dismay caused by anyone we have allowed into our life. We are not able to turn on the news or read anything on a news website that does not involve some variation of turmoil. The disruption of our pride and comfort in our day-to-day lives has done irreparable harm, but maybe if we all unite together there could be the changes we need. 

Do you feel serenity in your life knowing what you have decided to forgive and forget, or on the other hand just forgiven and moved on? Do you have any regrets for those you forgivehave not been able to forgive for their behaviors or negative treatment? Do you feel that it is okay to be angry with someone, but never really address the issues? Considering I am the type that does not like confrontation I do let things go most of the time. Overall, I can say that I am comfortable with those I have forgiven and those that I am not able to forgive. There are things that are done in life that will never be able to be undone, but we all keeping moving forward because there are no other options. 

Life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride that has too many twists, turns, ups and downs, but we must continue because it is the ride of our lives. Once you get on board there is no turning around or getting off, because this ride will end up having many exciting parts as well to enjoy. I have found that even after a huge drop, there will always be a time to come back up to the top!

I hope you are having a great weekend! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my thoughts for today! I really do always appreciate the conversations I am able to have with many of you! Much love y’all and take care!!

Love 2

Always, Alyssa