Motivational Monday

This often happens too quickly, but happy Monday to y’all! Not only is it amazing how quickly the weekend flies by, but it is already April! The weather seems to be changing, but in the south where I live, the temperatures remain higher than I would like. Is there anything you are looking forward to or dreading this week? There is a new process beginning with my job, and it starts today, but I do believe it is going to make things better. Of course, it might take time to get used to, but I think my team will be fine! I would say that I am looking forward to seeing the outcome regarding the former President’s indictment, but logically, I do not see this going the way that it should. I guess we shall see!

I do not believe anyone looks forward to Monday, but at the start of the week, we should try to find a way to be motivated and optimistic! When we feel optimistic, we tend to feel better about ourselves, right? In this world we live in, it is easy to get discouraged. Unfortunately, so many people talk down to others and try to make them feel as if they are not worthy. This type of behavior is distasteful, to say the least, and should never occur. I strongly discourage this type of unpleasant treatment of others. I believe when people put forth an effort to make others feel bad, they are battling their own demons. This is no excuse for treating others badly, but many times it seems to be true. I hope the quote I am sharing with y’all today reminds you that YOU are a good person and deserve to be treated kindly!

I prefer to avoid watching the news because there seems to only be negative. It breaks my heart to see how much hatred and evil there is in this world, and a lot of this is happening daily in the United States. This is a country that claims to be the home of the free and the land of the brave, but the news shows something completely different. Women are NOT free to make choices for their bodies, it is shamed when people of the same sex are in love, parents must fear when they send their children to school because of the numerous school shootings, and healthcare is terrible and extremely expensive. Why is it so hard to be kind and treat others with respect? Why does there have to be so much violence? I choose to be positive in life and stay away from negativity!

Thank you for visiting my site today! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and you have found what I have shared motivating! Take each day this week slowly and remember to take care of your needs because YOU matter! There are two other posts that I am working on and hope to have posted this week, one is about Stress Awareness Month, and the other is about seasonal allergies! I am looking forward to reading your comments and will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes! 

Always, Alyssa


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Great post, Alyssa! I completely agree that we should strive to be positive and kind towards others, especially in a world filled with so much negativity. Your words are truly motivating. On another note, I’m curious to hear more about your new job process. Could you share some details about what it entails?

    Mr W

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