Memories Never Fade

This post is about two and a half weeks late, but please know it was not forgotten. Several years ago, on February 7th, we lost our precious cat Chloe we had for almost 16 years. This loss was painful for me, my husband, and our other cat, Sundance. Chloe brought us so much joy, laughter, happiness, and so much more. Losing her was like losing part of our hearts because she was for lack of better words our first child. Yes, I know she was a cat, but for us, she was so much more, and she will never be forgotten.

It has taken me a long time to be able to see her picture or the place on our fireplace mantel where her remains are without crying. We did have Chloe cremated, so she is still in our living room watching over us. Honestly, even after the years that have passed, I do still have mini breakdowns because I miss that sweet little girl so much. I cannot explain how much everyone that had been around her loved her dearly. Chloe had an instinct in her little body that knew anytime I was not feeling well due to the MS and would stay with me until I started to feel better. She slept by my head every night and even the night before she passed away, she slept with me.

After we lost Chloe, we knew Sundance was grieving as much as we were. It was so heartbreaking seeing him sad and missing Chloe. To see a sweet cat like Sundance sad and not understand where his friend went was awful. I did try explaining to him what happened, but he did not understand and would continue looking for her and we would hear him crying. For the first few months, I apologized to him because I felt like it was my fault for not getting Chloe to the vet sooner, and even after the vet told me that it would not have mattered, I held onto the guilt for a long time.

To try to help Sundance heal from the loss, and I guess me and my husband as well, we looked into adopting another cat, but NOT to replace Chloe because she was irreplaceable. After looking online for a while, I kept going back to a picture of this beautiful female cat that had the most innocent little face. I submitted the application, and we received the call that we were chosen to be the ones to adopt her. Little did I know, when we went to adopt the little girl, she had a smaller little girlfriend with her. Of course, we could not leave one behind because they had been close and grown up together.

I still do not regret adopting the two little girl cats because they have made a huge difference in Sundance’s demeanor. Sundance is about 12 years old now and the two girls are keeping him feeling young, and I think healthier overall, despite his asthma. Of course, I will always miss Chloe and she will always have a very special place in our hearts. I decided to finally write about this today because out of nowhere, I had a massive emotional breakdown earlier. Both of the girls and Sundance came to my side trying to figure out why I was crying and would not leave until I stopped. Animals are truly amazing little creatures that have so much love in their hearts. I have a really hard time when I see anything about an animal being abused and neglected because even though someone harmed them, they would be forgiven. The only thing any person or animal wants in life is love and it should not be that difficult to provide!

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you have pets and consider them family as I do, please give your pet or pets a little extra love because they will not always be here, and you do not want to have any regrets. If there was a way to bring Chloe back, I would do so in a second and without any hesitation. As always, I would love the chance to read your comments and will respond as quickly as possible. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


5 thoughts on “Memories Never Fade

  1. Dear Alyssa, I’m so sorry you lost your precious little girl, Chloe. That must have been incredibly tough for you. It is obvious from your writing and thoughts about her that she meant the world to you. I know many people think of pets as being just that – pets. But they are much more than that. They are our companions in so many ways. I have my cat called Peanut; she is three-and-a-half now and I adore her. I would be devastated if I lost her. I feel for Sundance, too, as he was obviously missing his playmate. I’m so glad you got two new kittens, who, as you say, won’t replace Chloe, but will be, by the sound of it, good friends with Sundance and there for you, too. You didn’t mention their names, so I wondered if you had decided yet. Pets are so intuitive, aren’t they? I love to wake up to Peanut clambering on me and often stealing half of my pillow, too. I wish you lots of love with your new furry family. Take care of yourself, Alyssa. Xx 🐈🐱🐾💖

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    • Thank you so much, Ellie. It has been 3 years since we lost Chloe, but it still feels so fresh. She was a sweet little girl and you are right, she meant the world to me. Sundance definitely missed her and he does adore the girls. We have had them a little more than 2 years. They are sweet and the three of them love one another. The girls names are Willow and Luna aka Lunatic because she is nuts. I am glad you have your cat, Peanut. I am sure he loves you so much!! Animals should always be much more than just a pet because they are part of our families!! Take care of yourself and Peanut!!

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