Sunday Thoughts

Happy Sunday, y’all! I hope you have been able to enjoy your weekend😊! It is so amazing how short the weekends are, but how quickly the months pass by. It feels like January just began and yet we are more than halfway through the month. Were you able to do anything you wanted to over the weekend? Honestly, I have tried spending the weekend doing nothing. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing the VERY unwelcome. MS Hug again. I am not sure why this MS Hug was not made aware of social distancing because it has gotten WAY too close for me. I have always been uncomfortable when people get too close to me because I appreciate my personal space. I know that it will pass, but it is not passing soon enough. A heating pad helps some and no number of tears make will it go away any faster☹.

Even though things did not go the way I would have hoped the first time I tried, I am considering doing another writing competition. The difference in the one I am thinking about doing is I have a choice to either do a personal essay or I can do an article based on something I have researched. I have always enjoyed researching and think this would be an exciting adventure. The bad part about trying this is that I have always questioned my abilities and never thought that I was good enough. Of course, I also think that if I do not at least try I will always wonder what could have been. Do any of you have any advice or suggestions?

For most people, Sunday is a day to rest and prepare for the week ahead of us. Normally, I try getting laundry done today and anything else I was not able to do during the week. Today, where I live is rainy with a slight chill in the air, but I will still finish the one load of laundry I did not get done yet and relax with the cats on the couch. I am also going to think about writing ideas for the competition that I may or may not participate in. Who am I kidding? I do fully plan to do the competition because if I do not, I will always wonder what might have happened.

What do you think about change? Do you think that in 2023, the world should be more accepting of others and the way they choose to live THEIR lives? Do you think we should have evolved much more than many have? I am not trying to push my views onto anyone else, but I do not think anything should trouble our lives unless it negatively affects our daily lives. It does not affect my life if two people get married out of love, even if they are of the same sex. Another thing that does not affect my daily life is transgender. The United States is SUPPOSED to be a free country and unless we have been lied to for decades, we can all live our lives the way we want, which means we are allowed to love who we love, be whoever we want to be, follow the religion we want and read the bible associated with that religion, and anything else as long as it does not harm another person!

Do you think that our governments tell us the truth? Would it be so hard to believe that we are not being told the truth about things in this world? Why are many of us not being treated fairly and able to have healthcare that is the best for us, which would be free or at least a lot more affordable? Why do so many have to suffer from an illness we are told there is no cure for? Would it be so hard to believe that there are cures for many of the diseases in the world, but only for an extremely HIGH amount? I do believe anything is possible!

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you enjoyed what I have shared and that you are having a good weekend. I know some of what I have written can be a little controversial and some of you may disagree with me, which is completely within your rights. I would love the chance to read your comments and I will respond as quickly as possible! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


11 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. I agree with you about how fast the months go by, Alyssa. It seems like it was only yesterday when it was Christmas, and here we are, not far off the end of January. Scary where the time goes, isn’t it? I’m sorry to hear that you have MS Hug back again. I remember you sharing about that in an earlier blog post.

    I think entering a writing competition is a great idea. I have the same opinion of my writing as you do of yours – I always say I’m not good enough, too. But you are good enough, Alyssa. You should give it a go. You might even surprise yourself and win.

    It’s been cold here recently in the UK, too. It was bright and sunny today, but tonight it’s going to be -9C. Freezing! I can’t imagine having to pay exorbitant fees for healthcare as you do there. I am fortunate in living here to have free NHS healthcare. We do have very long waiting lists for hospital appointments, but, in an emergency, we get care much quicker. As for governments, I have the same opinions as you. I don’t think politicians are honest all of the time. It makes me cross that they earn such excessive amounts of money just for being a Member of Parliament, and often achieving anything for the people. I worry, particularly about their constant lack of action when it comes to climate change and saving our planet. I’d better not get started on that, or I’ll still be writing this in the morning (it’s 7.30pm here now). Take care of yourself and I hope the MS Hug goes away soon. Xx 💓💐😘

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    • Thank you so much, Ellie. I appreciate your comment and your encouragement for the writing competition. I will probably do it, I just have to decide what I will write about.

      I did not know the UK was as bad as the US with healthcare. I do know the Prime Minister needs to start using a hair brush more because his hair is always a mess.

      My husband wants to move to Canada, but I told him I would prefer to move to the UK or Australia. Are things really as bad in the UK as they are in the US?

      I hope you are doing well and your week is going well. Also, your writing is amazing as well!!!

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      • Thank you for appreciating my writing as I do yours. I’m okay, thanks. I’m stuck on thinking of something to write about today, though, which always annoys me. Our NHS healthcare is very good (when you can get an appointment) – sometimes there are several months to wait to see someone, but when we do, it’s free, at least. I’ve heard awful things about the US healthcare system, so I’m glad I’m in England. Over here, even if you’re poor or unemployed, we’re still entitled to free healthcare on the NHS. I would definitely say our healthcare is better than yours, certainly financially. I have a sister in Australia – she has to have private healthcare (paid for by her) and some she has to pay out of her pocket. I believe the standard of care over there is very good. What makes you want to move so far away from where you are now?

        Our last Prime Minister was Boris Johnson – he was the one with the blond, very untidy hair, you’re right and it did need a good brush! Now, we have a new PM who is called Rishi Sunak, who’s a lot tidier, although I don’t like his politics – plenty for the rich and far less for the poor. I won’t be voting for him in the next election. Hope you have a great day. Xx 🌷😘

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      • I know it can be frustrating waiting to get an appointment. Here in the states we often have to wait as well, but you have heard correct the healthcare in the states is AWFUL. It is so expensive, even with health insurance which is also expensive. I will never understand it. I am so tired of all the terrible things that happen in the states, I am ready to get out of this country.

        I am so sorry, I did realize Boris was gone now. He did have awful hair. Sounds like your new PM is as bad as our former President. All they care about is making the rich, richer.

        Seriously, keep going with your writing. You are amazing. I know writers block can be frustrating, but take your time and you will think of great things to write about!!

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