Do you believe in Magic?

When we were children, many of us thought magic was real and magicians may have become our heroes. We were astonished by the mesmerizing shows and may have been so impressed we wanted to be a magician when we were older. The fascination for magic may lessen as we age, but it still piques our curiosity. The magic tricks such as sawing someone in half or making someone disappear never seemed possible. To this day I still have not discovered the way the magicians perform these acts, but I have read many trickeries that are making them appear real and flawless.

Do you believe in magic? There are only a couple of things I believe are truly magical. One thing in life I feel is magical is love. Not everyone in the world feels how impactful and precious love is, so I think those who do can feel that magic love holds. Real love is powerful and encompasses completely. Love can be felt for family, friends, significant others, pets, etc. Those that experience the magic of love know it cannot dissolve or be broken and it is pure. True love is more than a physical attraction, but also includes commitment, trust, loyalty, and honesty. Not only do I think love is magical, but it is also a gift that we should all treasure and value.

The other thing that I believe is purely magical is music. This is something someone else puts a great deal of time, thought, skill, and emotion into so we can listen to their creativity anywhere we choose. Music can make us feel happy and sad because of the emotions that are put into the songs. It amazes me how perfectly the lyrics are written and fit so well with the instrumental parts. Each part of each song is pieced together flawlessly and incredibly beautiful. For so many, music fills their life with purpose and for others, it is their entire life to the point that without music, their life would not be worth living. For others, they need music to make it through long days at work because it fills them with joy!

Another thing I think is magical is acts of kindness because it seems like these acts are so limited, so when they happen it feels like a miracle has occurred. Unfortunately, it seems like so many people are overly consumed with their own lives to the point that no one else is not as important. Too many people have completely lost their ability to be understanding and compassionate toward others, which is a tragic issue. Whatever happened to being nice and caring? This should not have to be viewed as magic to have people behave kindly.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to reading your comments. I am interested to know your views about magic and what exactly you think magic is. Thankfully, we are halfway through this week, so the weekend will return soon! We have survived the first part of the week, so I am hopeful the last part will be easy and go by quickly. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


8 thoughts on “Do you believe in Magic?

  1. Music is magical, and love is so magical it’s hard to define.

    Another thing I find magical is consciousness, although we have advanced in science we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the infinite world of consciousness. Also to investigate consciousness we must use consciousness, that’s really magical.

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  2. I remember being fascinated by many of the acts that magicians used to perform, and probably still do. I rarely watch television these days so haven’t seen any of these acts for a long time. Music is important, too, as it almost has the power to change our entire mindset, sometimes, our day. The most important one to me, is your final point – kindness. This is just so important and can have a profound effect on people. I do try and be kind to friends, family members and even strangers. A smile costs nothing and could also change a person’s direction for their day. My motto is ‘you can never do a kindness too soon.’ I really do believe this. I feel that, not only does the receiver of the kindness, feel better as a result, but so does the giver of the kindness. With that in mind, why would anyone choose to be unkind. Unfortunately, there are some people who really don’t have a kind bone in their bodies, but I won’t focus on that as it would spoil the whole purpose of your post. Hope you are well, Alyssa, and that you have a good day Xx 💖💐💝

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    • I agree with everything you have said, especially that some people do not seem to have a kind bone in their body. I cannot understand this because honestly, I do not have a mean bone in my body. I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful weekend!

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