Pet Therapy

For those that view their pets more like a member of their family, it is easy to develop a close, long-lasting, and loving bond with them. Animals have amazing intuition and instincts of how we are feeling at any given time. I can speak from experience considering the fact I live in constant pain, and I have noticed my cats seem to be aware of where I am hurting.

Unfortunately, I do not think animals are given credit for their abilities and too many are not loved and respected the way they should be. I detest seeing stories about animals being mistreated and abused because none of them deserve this type of treatment. I will never understand why some people have pets when they are not willing to care for them and provide them with a loving and safe home. My cats are spoiled rotten, and I would rather ensure they have food than myself having what I need.

Recently, I had to miss work due to increased pain. I have always known that pure love from our cats can make anything better, but they took it to a new level last week😊! While I was out of work I had the best kind of medicine ever, it was personal and dedicated kitty therapy😊! We have three cats and they all participated in helping me to rest and feel better. When I have a terrible headache, which happens frequently, our cats think they can make it better by laying on or near my head and purring so sweetly! They typically will lay on whatever part of my body is hurting and can help that pain so much.

Many people only view cats as small creatures that cannot protect their owners and do not see how special they are or think of them as an annoyance. There are numerous ways that a cat helps people. A cat’s purr can relieve stress, feelings of anxiety, and depression. Your cat’s purr can help you to heal from illness faster and to live a happier life! Cats are better than any human doctor or psychologist.

Anytime I am having a bad day, am stressed, or upset our cats can sense something is wrong immediately. I remember when I was devastated when I was laid off from my job, our cats did everything they could to console me, laying on my lap and purring! It seems to bother them tremendously when they see me crying and it almost makes them just as sad.

Do you have any pets, and do you consider them your family? If you have any pets, do you feel they help you feel better daily? There is no denying the fact that animals love unconditionally and are more loyal than most humans. What I do not understand is why so many animals are abandoned and mistreated because all they need is love. When humans are mistreated and or abused by another human, the abuser faces serious criminal charges, right? In my opinion, a human that abuses or neglects an innocent animal should face criminal consequences just as seriously as if they were abusing another human.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and you found some meaning in what I have shared today. I would love to read you comments and will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa

10 thoughts on “Pet Therapy

  1. Atlas is definitely part of the family. He’s like my support dog—I quite often have panic attacks that wake me up, and he sleeps on the bed so that really helps me. I’ve read studies that prove that holding a purring kitty can reduce stress incredibly!

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  2. Thank you for this post, Alyssa. It’s lovely to hear about your cats and how they help you feel better. I have one cat called Peanut. She is three years old now and is my constant companion. She gets only the best that I can afford. As you said, I make sure she has food and love ahead of food for myself. I’m disabled and, although I don’t have a lot of physical pain, which I’m grateful about, I do struggle with my mental health. Peanut knows when I’m really having difficulties and will climb up on my lap for a cuddle and she purrs and purrs, which is a very soothing sensation and sound. She is definitely one of my family, especially as it’s just me and her who live in my house. I love it when she comes up to bed with me and snuggles close to me. She’s very comforting. What are your cats called? If we could leave pictures in comments, I would show you a photo of her, but that doesn’t work with WordPress. Take care X 😺

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    • I am so glad you also have a cat that is helpful and therapeutic! I am not sure how to add a picture in the comments, but I will add one into my post for tomorrow of the sweet cat that was trying to help me feel better when I was out sick. Do you know how to add pictures in the comments?

      We have three cats, the oldest is 13 and his name is Sundance. He is a Himalayan. The other two are girls that are close in age at 2. Willow is part Maine Coon and the other is Luna aka Lunatic!!!I can give you my personal email address so you can email pictures if you would like! Take care Ellie!!!

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      • Hi, Alyssa,
        Thank you for telling me about all your cats. They sound really adorable. My friend has a Maine Coon and he’s huge! I don’t much about Himalayan cats, but will google them so I have a better image in my mind. I love that Luna is short for Lunatic.
        I’ve contacted the Support Team at WP to ask about adding images to comments boxes and whether that’s possible. They usually take a few hours to get back to me, but are very helpful. I will let you know what they say when they get back to me. If not, I’d be happy to link up by email to swap photos of our furry families. In the meantime, have a wonderful day. Take care. Xx 💕

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      • You are so sweet, Ellie! I did add an image to my post today, It is a picture of Willow trying to help my headache the other day. She is a sweet cat, but then again, I think they are all sweet!! I tried adding pictures on the app on my phone to the comments, but it did not work all the well. I will just try to add pictures in my posts of the cats!!

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      • Oh, how lovely of you. I will search for your new post so I can enjoy it and also see a photo of Willow. Can you tell me what your new post is called so that I can look out for it as it doesn’t seem to have come up in my notifications yet, please? Xx 💖

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      • Our black cat Simon (not to mention his also-black predecessor, Mimi) similarly enjoys placing himself in our way; and he seems to really appreciate an enthusiastic talking-to, which usually induces him to purr a fair bit.

        He will also slightly whine, quite like a small child, when wanting something, for example as he, with great expectation, stands next to his grooming brush. He’ll also have much to say, via loud trilling or an adorable combination of meow and trill, and hesitate or refuse to eat food we drop to the floor while we eat at the table. …

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  3. My mother has always maintained that, “Humans are the real ‘animals’; it’s the animals who are human[e].” For so long, domesticated animals have been abused and discarded like trash if they were not adored by some animal lover.

    Ironically, this cruelty occurs while the abusers are ignorant to the healthy reciprocal relationship — some animal lovers would even go as far as to describe it as somewhat symbiotic — existing between animals (many of us see them as family members) and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    Whenever I observe anxiety in the facial expression of my aging mother, a typical senior, I can also witness how that stress suddenly drains and is replaced with joyful adoration upon her cat entering the room: “Hi, sweetheart,” she’ll say.

    I know that countless other seniors with pets also experience the emotional benefits of their animals’ presence. (Of course, the animals’ qualities, especially an un-humanly innocence, makes losing that pet someday such a heartbreaking experience.)

    Many of us can appreciate the reciprocally healthy — perhaps even somewhat symbiotic — relationships that can exist between pet cats and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    Perhaps pet cats have a beneficial effect on the human psyche that most people still cannot fathom thus appreciate, a quality that makes losing that pet someday such a heartbreaking experience. [Cat purrs are great, but I like their trilling even more; and a combined purr and trill is delightful, too.]

    I read that people with autism spectrum disorder (like myself) typically prefer cat company, including their un-humanly innocence, over that of dogs. For me, felines’ silky soft coat and generally more mellow and less sensorily overwhelming are important factors.

    Still, with their reptile-like vertical-slit pupils and Hollywood-cliché fanged hiss when confronted, in a world mostly hostile toward snakes, cats may have a permanent PR problem, despite their Internet adorable-pet dominance.

    Human neglect and/or abuse against cats occurs prolifically/daily/globally, for various reasons, though none morally justifiable. … At 54 years of age, I believe that along with human intelligence comes the proportionate reprehensible potential for evil behavior, malice for malice’s sake.

    “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” [German philosopher Emmanuel Kant]

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