Adjusting to the time change

Monday is never exciting, but it is always slightly challenging. The only difference about today is it is the first Monday after the time change. The time change that occurred over the weekend allowed us to sleep in an extra hour, which should have been nice. I did not sleep any later and ended up getting up even earlier. Crazy, right? The time change also means it will get light earlier in the morning and dark earlier in the evening.

For those affected by the time change, the days will start getting shorter and shorter. The good news for those in the United States is, the time change could be ending. The US Senate passed legislation that will make daylight savings permanent starting in 2023. This would end the twice-annual changing of the clocks in a move for brighter afternoons, which is called the “Sunshine Protection Act”. This has yet to be signed by the President, so this could change. Who knows what will end up happening?

The adjustment to the time change does not have to be massive or unpleasant. The following tips are a few ways we can keep up with the changing time.

Stay Active:

Regardless of the shorter days, continue to try staying active as possible. Continue doing the things that bring you joy and contentment. Put extra effort into seeing the people you care about and continue your normal exercise regimen if you have one😊!

Stay visible after dark:

If you have always had outdoor activities at night, such as evening walks with a friend or pet, make sure to carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing. These simple practices will keep you safe at night so oncoming cars will be able to see you.

Sunrise change does not need to affect your sleep:

The late afternoon and evening darkness can make it easy to feel fatigued earlier and make you want to change your routine. The earlier sunrise may wake up earlier than you need to be awake, which can be frustrating. To avoid the earlier sunrise disturbing your sleep, you can try wearing an eye mask or installing blackout blinds in your bedroom.

Try getting more sunlight later:

When we allow ourselves to get more sunlight in the evenings, it may help our body to adjust to a slightly later bedtime. We are only adjusting our internal clock by one hour, so it should not take too long to adjust and feel normal😊.

Adjust your melatonin regimen:

Once a few days have passed, we should begin feeling normal again. Melatonin plays a big role in our circadian rhythm. If you are already taking melatonin and find the time change too difficult, you can discuss the issue with your doctor and follow their advice.

I hope you found the tips I have suggested helpful in adjusting to the time change. This is always something that I struggle with because my internal clock never stops. I guess that explains why I was awake much earlier than necessary over the weekend. If you have any other suggestions for adjusting to the time change, please share as I am sure everyone reading this would be interested. I hope you have a wonderful day! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


4 thoughts on “Adjusting to the time change

  1. Thank you for this! I don’t mind the fall time change NEARLY as much as the ‘spring forward’, which throws me off for weeks 😕 I will try the melatonin then. That the States are considering stopping Daylight Savings Time once and for all gives me hope: I live in Canada and we are greatly influenced by any decisions the USA makes: this would likely give our government some serious food for thought. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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  2. I love your suggestions to help with the time change. I hope someone decides to leave the clock one way and stop the back and forth. All my Love & Support, Mom💜

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    • There has been talk this will stop in 2023, but we will see. I do not like time change because it confuses my body and makes it do crazy things. Hopefully, we will get to leave the darn clocks alone next year!


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