Inspirational Wednesday

We are halfway through the week and much closer to the weekend than we were yesterday. Sometimes this helps me get through when the week feels like it is never going to end. Yesterday did go by fast because I was really busy dealing with demanding people that thought what they wanted was a difference between life and death when logically it was far from that. I try to help give everyone what they want, but it is not always possible.

At the halfway point in this week, I feel we could all benefit from some inspiration. Life is too short to live with mass levels of stress and feeling helpless. One thing we all need to hold onto is hope because no matter how difficult things may seem, there is always room for hope. I do understand all too well how much of a struggle life can be and we all have to endure different challenges, but if we lose hope, there is nothing left to hold onto.

One thing that I think is important in life is to always try to understand others and be kind to everyone. Of course, it is not easy to be nice and understanding of everyone because some have extremely unique personalities. Even those most challenging and frustrating people deserve compassion because it might help them to realize their behaviors are not the best way to be. I had an uncomfortable conversation with someone earlier this week. This person is not bad , but tends to put me in an awkward position that I have to remind him is unacceptable. Unfortunately, he is elderly and does not understand his actions are not appropriate.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you enjoyed what I shared and the quote resonates with you. We have almost made it through this week and I am sure y’all are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Of course, I do not have any plans, which is the kind of weekend that I prefer. I look forward to reading your comments and will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


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