Motivational Monday

Is does not feel like it should be Monday again already because it seems like it was Friday just a few hours ago. It never fails to surprise me how fast the weekend flies by or rather how short it is. It seems inhumane to make us work five days in a row and only have two days off. I think it would be a lot better if we had maybe four days of work and get three days off. To me, that would be establish a better work/life balance! But we do not have a choice and we are at the start of a new week, so we should try to make the most of it.

During this week, not only do we need to stay positive, but we need to try not to allow anyone to dull our light! People are always going to judge and it does not matter if we are doing bad or good. Judgments and behaviors of others do not need to ruin our day or mood because, at the end of the day, it does not truly matter! I hope the quote I am sharing with you today will provide you with a friendly reminder your radiant smile, self-worth, and attitude is worth more than you realize! No one in this world can change who you are on the inside or how much you offer the world and those who love you!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and did something for yourself. Most of us put other’s needs ahead of our daily, but we should try to think of our needs at least once a week. I do not think there is anything wrong with taking care of those we love, but there does come a time when we need to practice self-love and appreciate what we offer everyone else! Over this past weekend, I wanted to sleep in but of course, I was unable to because my pain and my cats woke me up.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you found this post motivating and the quote inspiring. I am looking forward to reading your comments and will respond as quickly as I can. I hope your week begins great and gets better with each day until the weekend returns again. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


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