Mid-Week Thoughts

Unique personalities can be interesting, but sometimes they can be extremely challenging to deal with. When I say “unique” it is my polite way of saying mean and nasty! I try to get along with everyone and understand why some people behave the way they do because when people are rude and distasteful, I think there must be a reason. I try giving people the benefit of the doubt, but you can only do so much to help others. There are not many people I cannot get along with or at least fake it, but the ones that I struggle with I try to avoid like the plague😊! This might not be the best way to handle things, but how else do you do with challenging people, especially when you work with these people, or they are your supervisor?

Most employers say they offer work-life balance, but how does any employer help to maintain this when we must work five days a week and only get two days off? I think things would be much better if we only work three or four days and had the others off. We are working more than we can enjoy life, not that we can enjoy life as much as we used to before COVID, our pay that is never enough, health issues, violence in the country, and all the other issues the world faces. I know we cannot live in fear, but anytime we turn on the news, there is another unexpected violent act that has taken place.

Is there anyone or any type of personality you struggle to tolerate? I prefer to talk with others that are upfront, honest, and respectful. It makes me sad how many people complain and talk ugly to others, and hardly ever say anything remotely kind. I do not understand that way of thinking. We have all heard that you get more flies with honey, so why is it people forget this and behave rudely and evilly way? I think it is best to treat others the same way you want to be treated! Even with those that come across in a manner that makes me cringe, I still try to understand, but will not tolerate being talked down to or vulgar language.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I know this post was a little all over the place, but this is what has been on my mind, and I just need to vent a little bit. I would love to know your thoughts and the ways you handle people with a bad attitude. I hope your week is going well and you are staying strong. Sometimes in life, we MUST stand up for ourselves and fight back, NO matter who we are dealing with. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Thoughts

  1. So, while I was in the hospital there was a nurse who was exceptionally self-absorbed and difficult to communicate with. She was very chatty, but was unable to hear what I was telling her because she was so focused on what she wanted say next. It was kind of a problem. I asked for something to help me with dryness so she told a doctor who was outside my door that I was complaining. He tried to tell her I had Sjogren’s, but she cut him off mid sentence… He came in and talked to me (really nice guy) and later in the day I had a pretty bad Raynaud’s attack because the nurse wouldn’t listen to me about needing to keep me warm and covered while changing my dressings/bedding/gown after a wound drainage incident. Later I had to listen to her have a meltdown outside my room because she “had never heard of Raynaud’s or Sjogren’s before” as the doctor tried to explain to her what had happened. This nurse was a floater, not a regular employee of the hospital. The worst part… she liked me so much she insisted that she have me the next day too!!! She was a terrible gossip, pretty judgmental, and was kind of a horror show for me as a patient. I realized that I really don’t like people this this and actively avoid them in general.

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    • I am so sorry you were in the hospital and had to deal with such a terrible nurse. Have you noticed that most people in this world are self absorbed and care only about themselves? It is so awful and I cannot understand it. I hope you are doing well and staying safe!


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