Third Vaccine Successful

I have already made it well-known how upsetting I have found the COVID-19 virus and those that are refusing to get the vaccine that is free. My husband and I both got the first two vaccines as soon as we were able, which was at the beginning of the year. On Friday after work, we both got the third vaccine/booster. After the first two vaccines, the only side effect that was felt was fatigue. Of course, I received the 2nd vaccine shortly after we lost our cat Chloe and that could have been where some of the fatigue was coming from, or it could have been the vaccine.

I am not sharing the following information to deter anyone from getting the vaccine but am going to share my experience. I felt fine on Friday evening and only had a little soreness on the arm where the injection was given. Unfortunately, starting first thing Saturday morning I started feeling fatigued, had a massive headache, and body aches. I think I might have slept on and off all day Saturday, which was good to allow for my body to heal. Thankfully, on Sunday morning the headache and body ache started to ease, but I do still do not feel 100%. In a strange way, I think this is a good thing because it shows my immune system is reacting to the vaccine, which did not do as much with the first two.

I did share before that I get the anti-bodies test done, which showed that I did not have any antibodies to the COVID virus several months after I had the first two vaccines and that was upsetting. It was frustrating that I was doing everything possible to not only stay safe and keep others safe but had NO antibodies. We have all heard on the news about people that were fully vaccinated ending up in the hospital or worst losing their life from the virus. However, it is far more likely for those that were not vaccinated to end up at the losing end of their fight with the virus. I hate to sound so harsh, but those refusing a free vaccine that loses their life due to the virus is no one’s fault but their own.

Even though I have felt so terrible all weekend, I do not regret getting the vaccine. I think it is much better to suffer a few days of feeling bad rather than losing my life. I am feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday, so I think I did the right thing by getting the 3rd vaccine and would still encourage everyone to do so. My husband did not experience the same side effects that I did and only battled with fatigue. Considering I am immunocompromised because of the medication I take for Multiple Sclerosis; I strongly feel we needed to take all precautions.

I cannot force anyone to get the vaccine, but I also know y’all are kind, caring, and compassionate people that would not want to get this virus or cause anyone else to deal with it. So, with that said, I will encourage you to get fully vaccinated! We all hold the power to do what is right and save lives by getting a vaccine that is free and easy to do. I do understand that it can be a little uncomfortable and scary, but the vaccine does not typically kill people and the virus continues to do so.

Thank you for visiting my site today. I know the topic I discuss is very controversial, but I think it is very important. Of course, I was not able to do a few things I wanted to do this weekend because I have not felt well, but at least I did something I feel is important and there will be other weekends where I can do other things, I was not able to do this weekend. I do look forward to reading your comments and will respond as quickly as I can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


6 thoughts on “Third Vaccine Successful

  1. I’m so happy that you both received the booster for COVID. I know how proactive you are when it comes to your health and understandably so. I also know how important it is for you to not only protect yourself but all those around you. Definitely a very wise decision. I’m thankful that you’re feeling better today. I agree that a couple days of feeling bad is a whole lot better than losing your life to this virus. Think about it people and take control of this life threatening virus. Let’s all come together for the good of one another. Protect yourself and protect your neighbor. If we all do this maybe life can return to normal and we can all start living again.
    All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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  2. I do not understand your comment and felt it may have been slightly rude. I am curious, where do you get your information from regarding the vaccine? The vaccine has been FDA approved and even though I do not trust pharmaceutical companies, the vaccine is not killing people but the virus is. I do not like being argumentative because I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but calling someone you do not know irresponsible and dangerous is something I will disagree with. You will not agree with this next statement, but I think those who are refusing to get the vaccine and or wear a mask are extremely irresponsible and dangerous. Also, the post you are commenting on was regarding my 3rd vaccine and explaining how I felt. Again, I am unclear why you think I am irresponsible and dangerous or where you are getting your information about long-term trials.


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