Motivational Monday with a Twist!

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you were able to have a relaxing and safe weekend. My weekend was decent, and a few things occurred the needed to. This will make more sense later in this post. I normally try to only share a motivational quote to start the week with a good mindset, which I am going to still do however, there are a few other things I would like to share with you.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I allow things to bottle up inside because I do not want to cause anyone else to feel overwhelmed and or upset, and I do not enjoy conflict. Well over the weekend through many tears I finally shared how I was feeling about a few things with another person. I think everything I was bottling up deep in my mind and heart just overflowed and I could not keep my emotions to myself any longer. It was not an easy conversation, but if we do not tell someone how we are feeling, how will anything improve? Nothing is ever going to get better when we are not 100% honest with how we are feeling!

I know y’all will not be surprised to see how incredibly frustrated I am with COVID-19. The number of people that still think this deadly virus is not a big deal is insane! Others that think mask mandates are taking away their freedom are beyond ridiculous. Seriously, what about the people that are elderly or have a weak immune system or anything else that causes them to be an easy target for this virus to kill, do they not deserve the freedom to survive? I cannot and never will understand anyone that refuses to get the vaccine. The vaccine is FREE and does not take long and it helps to END the spread of a deadly virus and even helps to NOT allow other variants to come into our lives. I have already received 2 vaccines and have an appointment scheduled for Friday after work to get the 3rd vaccine. I take pride in not only keeping myself safe from this virus but other humans from being infected and potentially not surviving.

It is going to take everyone joining together to fight against COVID or we will never be free from it. I want to be able to live again and not be a prisoner in my house because the truth is, these past 18 months have been miserable. Do not get me wrong, I love my home and being with my husband and 3 cats, but it does feel like the walls are caving in and there are times it is not easy to breathe. I am tired of being angry with the virus and people that are not doing what is right and angry with the political lies!

I think that is all for my rant about the issues in life and the world because we are starting a new week and need to begin the week with optimism. I hope you will find comfort, strength, and motivation in the quote I am sharing with you today. I would love to read what you think about this quote because I enjoy the communications we have and will respond to all comments as quickly as I can!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site today. I hope your week begins great and only gets better with each day that passes. No matter what happens today, please do everything you can to stay safe and not allow anyone to bring you down because y’all are worth more than that! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday with a Twist!

  1. I am with you 100% on this!! I am so angry with this whole anti-vaccine movement and the talk about “freedoms” that is going on around me. This is just flat out irresponsible, anti-social, and unacceptable behavior. As I see the rants I keep thinking… are we back in middle school? I live next to a family that is refusing “to life in fear” and unfortunately I’ve been given an opportunity to reflect on their behavior. They are basically low level lawless. They refuse to follow leash laws for their pets, park their cars illegally, have a huge trailer parked in front of their house long past the legal 5 day limit, and grow marijuana in their backyard without the required containment measures. Of course they won’t wear masks, socially distance, or vaccinate. They did get really sick last December but refused to get tested for Covid because then they would have had to stay home. It’s a whole “I’m going to do what I want and you can’t stop me” type lifestyle. Like I said, middle school mentality.

    What is worse is the absolute anti-public health measures leadership that has emerged in the nation where it is now illegal to implement commonsense public health measures like masks in schools or vaccine mandates for health care workers and first responders. This is flat out denial of science and an abandonment of responsible leadership. I will never recover from my anger over this. I will never forget the role Fox not-news has played in this.

    I have a serious health condition and am immunosuppressed. My chances aren’t too good if I contract Covid-19. The ICUs are so full in my state that I have been warned to be exceptionally careful as there may not be a bed for me if I get sick. I have done everything that I should (isolated, masked when out, vaccinated and boosted) and I am pretty much crushed that almost half of the nation is okay with me dying as long as it means they can live their lives with no restrictions.

    There are obvious supply chains emerging (no milk or bread for me last week at the grocery store) and a shortage or workers. These anti-science idiots are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Of course there are consequences to their actions but they will only howl that they need their liberties as things get worse. How dare they break America like this!

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    • It sounds like you and I are dealing with the same angers and I hate it. I am not normally an angry person. I hate the way the country has become or maybe it has always been this way, but I was too naïve to understand.
      The state I live in believes COVID is not serious and masks and vaccines should not be mandated. Of course, most of these people are on the side of Trump and think he hung the moon and stars.

      Sadly, I am with you on this. I do not think I will ever get over my frustrations and anger. I blew up at my husband, well with a lot of tears about other issues yesterday. I guess that is what happens when I bottle everything up for so long.

      The medication I take for MS has my immune system low, so I am terrified of COVID. I do not want to be another number on the death list. I get all our groceries delivered and even though it can be costly, I am not going to the stores until COVID ends, if that ever happens!

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      • Hugs to you, I understand completely. Most of the time I’m okay, and then suddenly something happens and I am so angry at them again. The utter disregard for expertise and the disparagement of public health officials who have literally trained for this their whole lives is just stunning. Stay safe! I am also dealing with a depressed immune system also and the sense of vulnerability and isolation is difficult.

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