Motivational Monday

Happy and welcome to Monday, again. I hope y’all had a great weekend and you were able to enjoy every moment of it. I will be one of the first to admit, the weekend was not long enough and I am not completely ready for another week to begin, but it is happening whether we are ready or not. Logically I know that we should be thankful for each day, but Monday comes way too fast and the weekends fly by leaving most of us to wish we had just one more weekend day. I am sure no one will be surprised that I did not really do anything over the weekend, but unfortunately, I did have a really bad headache. It is a little ironic because I was working on a post about the different types of headaches and was not able to finish it because of a headache. The irony is a little funny, but more frustrating.

So, as we embark on another week some of us might not be ready for, I think a little motivation might be necessary. Each Monday provides us with an opportunity to try again on the goals we wish to accomplish. I think it is known and obvious that our goals are not going to be accomplished without us trying and never giving up, which takes both determination and discipline. The reason I choose this quote to share with y’all is that it resonated with me and the things I have gone through recently. Work has been a little chaotic and a little frustrating because there being so much change and no many answers. Also, I want to be able to accomplish one of the dreams I have had since I was younger and that is to someday write a book or at least have something I have written published. I feel like I owe this to myself and my late Grandfather who was not only a pro golfer but he was also a writer for his local paper.

Yesterday was Father’s day, which I did send my father, stepfather, and late Grandfather a message. Of course, my Grandfather is in heaven, but I put a post on his Facebook page for father’s day. If I am being completely honest, ever since my Grandfather passed away father’s day has been a little difficult and sad for me. My Grandfather was my hero, idol, and someone that I could always count on. He was someone that displayed kindness, love, equality, respect, and everything else that is wonderful every day of his life. I do not believe I will ever get over the loss of him but know that I will see him again someday.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site today. I hope you enjoyed what I have wrote and the quote I shared with y’all. I would love the chance to read what you thought and I will respond to all comments as quickly as I can. I hope you have a great day and that your week gets better with each day until we make it to the weekend again. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be painful. Continuing to post on your grandfather’s page is a good way to stay connected. And, as for your writing, go for it! Sharing our stories connects us to others and we never know how it might help someone else. So definitely do it!.🙂🌸

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  2. When loose a father or grand father , then fathers day is difficult.

    I hope your headache is better. Monday is definitely a great way to reconnect to our goals. I try to reconnect more often during the week as it can be so easy to side track. The magic of a master to fo list along side the daily to do list. Have a great week

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