Tranquil Tuesday

Happy Tuesday y’all! The good news is, we have already made it through one day in the week. Granted, we do have four more left until the weekend, but that is four days we have to create a better life for ourselves! I think it is better to view each day as an opportunity to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and those around us and NEVER as a painful struggle. Of course, we will have hard times we have to push through, but the truth is we cannot have good times without bad times. It is the yin and yang of life, the concept of true duality.

I have tried to do typical posts on specific days to help keep us in a better mindset. Our lives have a tendency to get a little chaotic and challenging, which can make it easy to become discouraged and even frustrated. I do find that some quotes have a way to make a dark day just a little brighter. I am hoping the quote I am sharing with y’all will offer you some peace and calmness. Even though I think this is an amazing quote, I would love the chance to read what you think because I value your opinions!

Y’all already know that this has been a very challenging week for my husband and I because of our sweet little girl, Chloe. We can see that Chloe is not feeling well and it is painful to see. Even though Chloe is not feeling well, she still has her strong personality and is incredibly loving. I know how wrong this is, but she loves Burger King chicken, so we ordered her a little treat on Sunday. We do know she should not and cannot have any salt, but we also think she deserves to have a cheat day and eat something she loves. She has an appointment on Thursday afternoon with the doctor, but she does not know about it yet. With COVID, we are not able to go into the exam room with her, but the doctor assured me that she will be well taken care of and not in the office long. I will be waiting outside for her and will not leave without her! She is probably going to have labs done so we can know how her kidney is doing. Please keep her in your thoughts!

Thank you for visiting my site today! I hope you are having a great week and you are staying safe! Chloe and I appreciate your well wishes for her and she is going to take it easy and not torment her brother too much. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


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