My COVID Vaccine Experience

~To Get The Vaccine OR To Not Get The Vaccine~

On Saturday morning, with an incredibly special thank you to my wonderful husband, I was finally able to get the COVID vaccine. If I had waited for either my specialist or the governor of the state, I live in to get this vaccine, I am sure I would have been waiting until at least summer. I do understand the need for front line workers and elderly individuals to be among the first to get the vaccine. However, I also think people with a weak immune system should be able to get the vaccine as well. Truthfully, it is not just because I have a weak immune system but those with a weak immune system can become deathly ill with this virus. I guess in a sense it is a blessing this vaccine was created so quickly, but it is also awful there are so many people that will have to wait to get the vaccine because not enough were rolled out.

It typically takes 5-10 years to create a vaccine and yet the COVID vaccine was done in less than one year. I know I did just get the vaccine, but one of many reasons why I was so hesitant about getting the COVID vaccine was because it so fast. I was obviously concerned about the side effects it might have that they were unaware of. I do not think there were enough tests completed, but during this pandemic with so many people dying each day, I guess there were not many options.

We have all been living in fear for so many months and most of us have been staying at home to be safe. This past year has created the feeling of isolation, which can feel very lonely. Many of us missed out on celebrating the holidays with our family because of this virus. I do still believe that if everyone had followed the advice from experts in the beginning, things might have been better. There was a lot of misinformation being released from the government, which as y’all already know had me feeling terribly angry. It will not be a surprise to any of you that have been reading my posts during the Trump administration, but I think the way the pandemic was handled or rather not handled was all wrong.

I do passionately believe that if there had been someone else in charge in the beginning of the pandemic, things would have been handled faster and more efficiently. We were all told so many lies about the virus either not being that serious or that the virus was a hoax. Many people never thought anyone could put the lives of other human beings in danger, but that was not the situation. Unfortunately, the former president of the United States did not have any concerns about anyone but his own safely.

I know y’all are not reading this to hear about what I think of the former president or the ways this virus got so out of control, but I do want to let y’all know how my experience was getting the COVID vaccine. I am not going to lie to y’all I was very nervous. As I already said one of my biggest concerns was the possible side effects of a new vaccine. Another concern I had was any potential interactions with my MS medications. The Nurse Practitioner at my specialist’s office told me some of the other patients on Gilenya did already get the vaccine and did not have any side effects. I also called the manufacturer of Gilenya to find out if they heard of anyone taking this medication getting the vaccine and having a bad interaction, but with the vaccine being so new they did not have any information. I am also very aware that no two people will probably experience the medication, the vaccine or the two together the same way, but I had to cover all basis before I got the vaccine.

Before I even got the vaccine, I was already dealing with a nasty headache, but I think it may have been caused by stress and lack of sleep. After I got the vaccine on Saturday morning, my husband and I stopped to get some breakfast because I was so hungry. We just went through the drive-thru and took the food home to eat. My headache did not ease up and I was exhausted, but again, the night before I hardly slept at all. Overall, besides the fatigue and headache, I did experience body aches all weekend. To be completely transparent, I could not tell if the body aches were from the vaccine or the rainy weather we were expecting. On most days I do ache from head to toe, but the aches seemed much more intense.

Much to my surprise, I did not have any severe side effects from the vaccine and even have the second one scheduled for February 13 at 9:00 AM. I prefer to do things like this early in the day and when I have a day or so without having to work just in case, I end up not feeling well. I think another reason I was so terrified of the vaccine is because I never even got the normal flu shot because of possible negative interactions with my MS medicine.

My husband has already had his 2nd COVID vaccine and even after I do as well, we will continue to behave as if we did not get it. We will both continue to wear masks, social distance, and sanitize everything because we both feel that you can never be too safe. It is awful that thousands of people are still dying daily because of this virus and upsetting how many others still refuse to wear a mask. I will never understand why people cannot see the increased numbers of new cases and deaths, and still think a mask is too uncomfortable to wear. In my eyes, a little discomfort for a short amount of time is worth it if it will save lives!

I am not going to be one of those people that says you must get the vaccine because I think you need to be comfortable with this. Nothing I have said in this post is meant to be medical advice and I would still advise you to consult your physician before getting the vaccine. Yes, I think it will keep you safer, but even after getting the vaccine you can still get COVID. I was told if you have had the vaccine and get the virus, symptoms might not be as severe. Unfortunately, with this virus and the vaccine still being new, I do not think anyone really knows answers to be 100% true, but they are working with the information they do have.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post today! I guess this topic can be controversial, but I did want to share my vaccine experience with y’all. I hope you enjoyed what I have shared and hope it will help you to make your own decision to get the vaccine or to not get the vaccine. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa

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20 thoughts on “My COVID Vaccine Experience

  1. I’ll probably be nervous too because of a series of issues I have myself but recently read an amazing article according to which it might be even worse for the chronically ill unless they get vaccinated, which encouraged me to sign up. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait, but yay, I did it. I’m on the wait list.

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  3. I can understand why many of us are apprehensive about the COVID vaccine. But on the other hand we’re petrified to get the COVID virus. It’s a toss up. Either risk your life of contracting the virus or possibly experiencing some temporary symptoms related to the vaccine. Ask yourself, which is the worst of two evils? Even though the vaccine was produced in record time it’s efficacy is 95% which is not perfect but pretty close. It’s unknown if there are any long term complications related to the vaccine and this can leave many of us feeling uneasy. This is an individual decision we all need to make. Do we want to protect ourselves, our loved ones and each other? Do we want to return to a normal way of life or continue living under house arrest? Alone and isolated! Our children not able to be children! Parents with an overwhelming responsibility to oversee their children’s education! Enough!! Let’s do what we can to return to as much normalcy as possible. Together we will conquer this pandemic!

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  4. I think it’s smart to ask the questions and learn as much as you can first. Well done for calling Gilenya to check if they knew of any reactions or issues with vaccinations. This is what concerns me for those of us with immune conditions or taking certain medications. The trials aren’t wide enough and varied enough to say that all these conditions/meds are suitable for the vaccine, and that such people will get a safe and effective response. I’m glad you were able to get vaccinated and not have to wait who-knows-how-long. Is this the Pfizer vaccination? I’m glad your second is already scheduled, and that hubby’s had his too. In the UK, they’re giving Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca, but you have to wait 12 weeks for the second dose. Still. I thought this would have been challenged more, I can’t believe the government is getting away with it. I know it’ll take a while before your immune system can arm itself against the virus, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it gives you the best protection against this horrible virus as possible xxxx

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    • I did get the Pfizer vaccine and now there are concerns there will be a shortage when it comes time for the 2nd shot. It is sad how much the corrupt governments can get away with. I am just glad the orange idiot is out of the white house and hopefully this means change will happen around the world. I am not sure how awful the leader in the UK is, but I have not heard many good things about him. I still think you should move to Canada with us when we go. I am just going to say you are my sister and we are a family package! xxx

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      • I always wanted a sister that was a lot like me! Someday, I might actually have that in Canada! I am “supposed” to be getting the second shot on the 13th, but we will see. I hope you are doing well and staying safe sweetie! xxxx


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