Pick Me Up Thursday!

Happy Friday Eve Y’all!

I have some very good news for y’all! It is almost the weekend! How has your week been so far though? I do hope your week has been wonderful and your are of course, staying safe! I know none of you will be surprised, but I do not really have any plans for the upcoming weekend and as boring as it might sound, it is the kind of weekend I look forward to. I do not have to get up early or work 8 extremely long hours. I plan to catch up on my favorite show, General Hospital and maybe even watch a movie I have been wanting to watch for months now, Bad Boys For Life!

As this week is coming to an end and we only have one more day to get through, I think we could all benefit from a pick me up! I am hoping the quote I am going to share with y’all will give you the little pick me up and optimism we all need! I do of course, look forward to reading your very valued comments and I promise to respond as quickly as I can!

We all know there is so much going on around the world that is not all that positive, but we are all doing the best we can. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is getting even more dangerous each day.

When a leader of country doesn’t take it seriously, why would we think anyone else would? I am saying this because even though the president of The United States did in fact end up in the hospital because of the virus he said was nothing more than a hoax or not that serious, still is subjecting people to the virus by NOT wearing a mask! I am just asking y’all to please follow guidelines that were given by the experts and really do know what they are talking about. If only more people would have acted in a more logical manner months ago, 212,000 American’s might still be a live today. I am not trying to get political about this, but these are the facts I have learned over the past few months!

Thank y’all for visiting my site today! I always appreciate your continued support and love reading your comments. I try the best I can to not put in my posts anything political because I do not want to offend anyone and believe we are all entitled to our opinions. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


11 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday!

  1. I do wholeheartedly agree with what Burroughs said in your quote today. The mind is a powerful tool and often we bog the processing speed of that powerful cpu as it were with things that are trivial and nonsensical. In the moment it seems right to worry about that but what does it do for us in the end? Usually, for this writer, it shortens the amount of energy that could be expended productively. It has been found that there is precious little energy to waste on things that are either not a direct impact or not tangible.
    As for the vid and wearing a mask it seems as though the current political plan is to make whatever laws suit them. I can remember when it was not a good idea to wear a mask in a bank. One may find they body ventilated in an unnatural manner by doing such things. It truly amazes me what some people are considering as they walk or jog outdoors with a mask on. Not in close proximity to others. How has the general population slipped so far down a rabbit hole as to think that breathing a high concentration of carbon dioxide is more beneficial than breathing the fresh air. Many of the rules make no sense. I realize that it is in an effort to curb the virus. However the weave of the cloth is not such that any mask stops a virus. It just is not possible. My opinion based on years of working in a healthcare setting.
    Rant over. Enjoy this Friday eve and what sounds to be a relaxing weekend. Will look forward as always to another uplifting post. Stay well and wash you hands regularly.

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    • I think social distancing and masks help a lot, but so many aren’t doing anything to stop the spread of this virus. I do understand what you are saying though, fresh air is necessary. I do not think it is at all safe for people to be walking through stores, close to others and possibly be spreading the virus. What did you do in a healthcare setting for years? I did as well and never once got the flu vaccine. I have always had a weak immune system, but yet years ago on Gilenya it was frowned on for me to get any vaccines. Please forgive me when I say this, but I do truly hate all the lies in politics and even strong against our current government and all politicians. I am a firm believer that healthcare is a right not a privileged and we should all be able to have healthcare that will make us go bankrupt.
      I hope your weekend has started off weekend has started off well and you are staying safe and feeling well! Take care and again, please forgive me adding in my personal political opinion!


      • It’s no problem for you to add a political perspective. This current climate makes all of us draw our sides and brings out the good and the bad. It is how we view an alternative opinion other than our own that tells others how mentally mature we are.
        I was a facility manager for a 97 bed hospital. It was a rich learning environment and will never regret my experience. I only got the flu shot once and will never get it again. A harmful substance to be sure.
        Enjoy your balance of the weekend and keep writing. I enjoy it

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