Pick Me Up Thursday

Happy Friday Eve!

After four days of work this week, saying Happy Thursday makes the end of the week still feel so far away. I always prefer to view Thursday as Friday eve because it makes Friday feel much closer, what do you think? So, how was your week? Honestly, mine did feel long and I am really looking forward to the weekend! I do wish the weekend would start feeling as long as the workweek, but unfortunately, they are getting much shorter!

With all the hate continuing to spread throughout the country and world, I feel we need to remember the importance of love and kindness! I truly believe all some people need is a little compassion and that might help some of their deepest wounds heal. I mean we do not even need to know what someone else is going through but should be able to realize everyone around the world is struggling in some way or another.

As our workweek begins to come to an end, I think we all could use a little pick me up to get us through one last day of this week! Even though many of us are still living through the pandemic crisis and it does cause stress to so many, we need to do the best we can to find the good in life. I am hoping the quote I am sharing with y’all today will serve you with the pick me up you may need! Of course, I found it pretty remarkable, but would really love to know what you think! I understand no single person can fix the worlds problems, but we sure can work together to at least try!

Thank you for visiting my site today! I hope y’all have a great and safe day. In the times we are in right now, the virus is a lot more serious than it was when it first made way to our countries making it crucial to do all we can to stay safe. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


9 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday

  1. It is amazing that you posted the quote for today. I was just reading about compassion in a daily function. It is an art form that needs more emphasis now more than ever. The image that we see of ourself while looking in a mirror (hypothetically) should not be the one that we wish to see but rather the one the world needs to see.
    Powerful has been the last few weeks and the pulling back of the veil of your life to expose what is hidden inside that the outward person may not at first notice. Thank you for writing your heart into this medium.
    “What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” Haruki Murakami


  2. Hey! I think the last I read you were looking for a job, did you find another one? Believe it or not, I got a job while I was taking a break. I only work about 8 hours a week but it is still kicking my butt, I have NO IDEA how you do what you do my dear! Sending you lots of love………

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    • I actually did find a work from home job. It is with the mortgage industry, so I hope it will remain good and not end up letting a lot of people go. You never know with how the country is, but I will remain hopeful and positive. I understand it can be difficult. What are you doing for work? I hope things get easier for you. Somethings just take time! Lots of love right back to you!!

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      • yay!!! I am thrilled you found a work-from-home job……….much safer. I am working as a legal assistant……..it’s been difficult because education is in health care and spent most of my working life in hospitals and I miss it a lot. But it is a job and it’s only a few hours a week and I pray my body allows me to continue to work.
        Thank you for your kind words…….

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