Let It Go Friday!

Finally, Happy Friday Y’all!

We finally made it through the week and even it was a shorter week, it certainly felt much longer! How was your week? I sure hope your week was great and you are looking forward to the weekend! Do y’all have any plans for the upcoming week? Y’all will not be surprised, but I have no plans. With schools opening here in the United States long before they should have, the numbers of COVID-19 are increasing drastically. I think it is safe to say that things are only getting more dangerous, instead of improving as they should be.

As our short week comes to an end, I believe we need a quote that might helps us to let go of any negative emotions so we are able can enjoy our weekend. Y’all know the weekends end up becoming shorter, so we need to be able to enjoy it as much as we possibly can. I do hope you will find the quote I am sharing helpful and do look forward to reading your thoughts on it!

Please know the only reason why I say this in every post is because I care, but whatever your plans are for the weekend remember to stay safe! COVID-19 is still very serious and dangerous. We have all been dealing with this for so long and we are all tired of it, but we need to not become negligent and continue practicing ALL safety protocols that have been shared for months now!

Thank you for visiting my site today! I hope you have a great day and it isn’t too stressful. Even though my plans for the weekend are staying home, like always, I am still looking forward to not having to wake up early. There are plenty of things I can do around the house to keep me busy and that sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


7 thoughts on “Let It Go Friday!

  1. I love the quote. I recently had a specific moment of letting go and to be honest it was extremely liberating knowing that I could move on from the pain that a previous boss and some of his friends could inflict. I honestly had compassion when he found himself in the same position I had been eight years earlier. It is a hard pill to swallow but I was able to send him an uplifting message that was meant to offer the olive branch of the friendship we once had prior to me working for him. The acceptance of moving on was liberating and just like that the demonization of him in my mind turned itself to commiseration because of my previous walk on the path of unemployment and the questions of “what do I do now as this was my identity?” Reflection and compassion are a discerning quality and hard to break the mold of retaliation for someone who, outside of what ended my career, was a good person wanting to do the correct job even if it was a tough call.
    Wow that was a bit more than I anticipated reflecting on but I guess the truth of the wound heals but the scar remains is quite true and yes, every rose has a thorn. Have a great weekend and don’t carry those stones that you pick up during the week. They weigh you down and cause you to tire and act out of exhaustion and focusing on YOU rather than being able to relieve someone else’s burden.

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  2. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone speak with good thoughts and a good attitude during these extremely difficult and trying times. COVID -19 is like a nightmare for most of us. The isolation alone can cause many of us to have negative thoughts. Our lives have changed drastically and finding a way to deal with the change is a major challenge. I appreciate the quote that you shared with us and pray that life returns to some kind of normalcy in the nearest of future. Be kind and love one another. Hang in there and know it will get better. All my Love & Support, Mom!!

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