Pick Me Up Thursday

Every long week requires a little inspiration!

Happy Friday Eve y’all! I hope your week has been good so far and just think there is only one more day before an amazing and relaxing weekend! Honestly, my week has been rather long and has included a lot of pain. I am not sure why the increase in pain, but I am doing the best I can dealing with it. I am thankful that I am able to work from home, which also means wearing comfortable clothes all day!

There is so much going on around the world and honestly, most of it isn’t all that positive. The news can be emotionally draining and while it is important to know what is going on, it is also best to try to distance ourselves from it as much as we possibly can. There is so much corruption within politics and hate spreads faster than wildfire, we need to be able to find a balance. This is one reason why I found the quote I am sharing so encouraging and I hope you will as well! My hope is that this quote will provide you with the pick me up you might need today!

No one ever said that life was easy because it can be very challenging. No matter what struggles we might face on a day to day basis, we need to know we are all strong enough to handle it. We do not have control over the way anyone else acts, but we can control how we act and the way we treat others. While it is important to treat everyone with respect and kindness, we need to never neglect ourselves either and understand the importance of treating ourselves with the same respect we give others. I am honestly learning trying to learn this because I have always put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and end up neglecting what I need. We have all heard that old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” right?

Thank you for visiting my site today! I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on what I shared today and promise to respond as quickly as I can! I hope you have a great day and PLEASE continue to stay safe! This virus does not seem to be giving up and is still causing harm to so many. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


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