My weekend of pain

Three days of migraine & pain hell!

Since Friday afternoon I have been battling with a nasty headache, which I think was more an evil migraine. It started when I was still working and I had to force myself through the last part of the day, which even though I work at home was difficult to make it until 5:00. I know some would say the migraine and pain came from stress, but I actually disagree with this. Yes, I did get a little worked up about a loan I was working because I was a little confused about what I had to do next, but I did get everything figured out and was fine.

I have been working with my new company for three weeks and I still love my job. During the initial few weeks after training, we are all supposed to work on the loans that are assigned to us, and then the team lead would review our work before we could proceed with changing the status to “complete”. Well on Friday while I was dealing with the start of my nasty migraine, my team lead told me I did not need to have my work reviewed anymore and could proceed on my own. I am not sure why I was so shocked by this because I do understand the work, but to be told this during the end of my third week was a good feeling and made me feel confident. This is the same team lead that told me during my second week on the job I was going to be his “rock star”, so I guess I have a lot to live up to!

When I did finally make it through my horrible painful day on Friday, I laid down with an ice pack on my head around 11:00 PM and did not really get up until late Saturday. Not only am I dealing with a migraine from hell, but my entire body aches. I do not know where this is all coming from. It has been incredibly hot in the south, but I do not leave my house so I don’t know why the heat would be causing me so many issues.

As I am trying to write this I can feel the pain starting back up again, not that it actually stopped it just eased up some. Dealing with pain is not easy and can cause some stress. Trying to understand why the pain has to be this severe is something that can’t be understood. Normally, I can deal with pain, but I am not able to deal with head pain.

Headaches/migraines will have me in the bed with an ice pack and nothing helps. It has been a frustrating weekend that is almost over. I can only hope the headache/migraine will leave me alone as the week starts.  I promise I have done everything I know to get rid of the pain, but at this point, nothing is working. I am staying hydrated and even trying to eat.

Do y’all ever get massive migraines or pain in general? How do y’all deal with this? I would like to believe I am a strong person, but I am losing that strength dealing with all this pain. Any advice y’all may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank y’all for visiting my site today. I do hope your weekend has been lovely, you have been able to enjoy it, and you have stayed safe. Please know that even though I am struggling with pain issues right now, I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


15 thoughts on “My weekend of pain

  1. I hope you feel better. I know exactly what you’re going through but luckily for me, I’m on preventative medicine which has improved my migraine attacks 85%. When I do get them they are not as debilitating as they can be and I hardly ever have bad attacks. I hope you find something that works for you. Blessings.

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    • Thank you so much! Finally today the migraine has eased up and now it is just a nagging headache that I can deal with. That is great you are on a preventative medication that is helping your migraines. Do you mind me asking, what medication is it? Thank you again for your comment and I am glad you do not have to deal with these as much anymore!

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      • Sure no problem at all. I take Topiramate 100mg at night. It’s a seizure medication but used for migraines. I also used to take along with that Amitriptyline but got too old for that 😊. It works so well and it truly has helped me so much with my headaches. I barely get migraines. Check with your doctor and maybe you all come up with something that will work for you. Wishing you the best.

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      • I think my previous MS specialist had prescribed that before, but I can’t remember. I have tried Amitripityline as well, but there was a reason they took me off of it. Of course, I can’t remember why. I have a virtual visit with the specialist this month, so I will mention this to him. These migraines have happened way too many times and they are debilitating. From Friday until this morning, I have been miserable. Thank you so much for letting me know what works for you and I only hope my doctor can think of something that will help me. I just can’t take the migraines. I honestly can deal with pain because I have to daily, but head pain puts me into bed for days! I truly appreciate you!!!

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      • I really do understand. Good luck and I wish you the best with finding something to help you out because I know you need it. That medication worked for me but I know you have to find what’s best for you and I’m hoping you find it soon 🙏

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  2. Sorry to hear of your pain and migraines. I only get them occasionally so cant really give any advice. The only thing I do is take painkillers and try to sleep. It could be tension from sitting at a desk all day also. Maybe some gentle neck rolling movements and stretching may help? And well done on the job front! Sounds like you’re doing great! X

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  3. Never suffered from migraines and hope I never do. My wife has to deal with them and I pity here when she is the throes of one. I don’t envy you. I was going to ask if it had anything to do with the MS, but I’m thinking probably not

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  4. I’m finally catching up and this one resonates a lot. I had a short migraine this week – lasted two days and I was grateful for the end of it. Living with all of this stuff is difficult enough. Adding migraines into the mix is just cruel. I hope you’re okay. ((Hugs))

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    • I feel like I am always playing catch up because working full-time keeps me pretty exhausted. I am sorry that this is something that resonates with you and hate you deal with migraines. It is a pain that I am not able to deal with. I mean, I live with chronic pain , but a migraine will keep me down for hours and sometimes day. Thankfully, I am doing much better now and it has been a few days I have been migraine free!!!! Take care and sending you lots of hugs!

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