The Spam Folder

Finding and Getting Rid of Spam!

Happy Saturday y’all! I hope your weekend is starting off well and whatever you do over the weekend, please stay safe! For as long as we have been dealing with the outcomes from this pandemic, it still doesn’t seem right to have so much worry for safety all of the time!

I think things regarding COVID-19 have gotten out of control and yet many people are not taking it as serious as they should be. Granted, I do live in the states and in the south, where many believe everything that the president says. I however do not believe anything that he says or types because there is a huge chance it isn’t the truth. To me it seems better to go with the direct opposite of anything and everything he says. The truth is, if he said it was snowing in Antarctica in the middle of winter, I would I have to see it for myself.

Years ago, when I first started my blog, there was so much I didn’t know. For instances, I did not know there was a spam folder or how to get to it. By the time I figured it out, I had many messages that went into my spam folder, some I wanted to see and others that I didn’t. WordPress seems to catch unwanted messages from what might not be a legit person. I have seen some messages that went into my spam folder that either did not make any sense or was not something I wanted to see because they may have appeared to be a little scandalous and or appalling. Just like the yin and yang effect, where there is a positive, there is the possibility for negative. The negative aspect of the spam folder is some messages that were not spam might be sent to the spam folder. It is a little frustrating, but also a quick fix. There have been times in the past someone asked me if I saw their message and this was a fellow blogger I adore, but her message was just sitting there in my spam folder so I didn’t see it until she asked.

Y’all are very intelligent and knowledgeable, so you probably already know where the spam folder is and how to erase the unwanted messages. There might be some of you that are like me and had no clue about this, so I wanted to share what I know with y’all. Please excuse the pictures if they are not perfect, but I did try!

First, to get to the spam folder you will need to click on “comments” tab, which is under the site drop down.

Once you click on “comments”, the spam messages will appear under the “spam” tab.

I know y’all are probably thinking this was obvious, but I like to give details. After you click on the “spam” tab, the messages will appear below it.

Once you are in your spam folder all you have to do to get rid of the unwanted messages is click on the “delete permanently” tab and then “yes”. Like I said, many of you probably knew all about this, but I wanted to help others that might have known there was a tab for spam. I mean I went about a year before I knew about this and didn’t want anyone else to miss any desired messages.

I think it is good to check the spam folder at least once a week, so you will not miss anything and not have unpleasant messages or those that do not make sense just sitting in a folder. I am sure there are ways to block some of these messages from coming through at all, but I honestly do not know how, so if you do, please let share because I know it would be useful information for everyone!

Thank you for visiting my site today. I always appreciate your support and love reading your comments. I hope you have a fantastic and safe weekend! Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


12 thoughts on “The Spam Folder

  1. Brilliant post to remind people to check their spam folders, and what to do with what you find. I don’t know how it’s done, but I think there are algorithms and all sorts that let spammers and phishing scammers comment rubbish across multiple blogs, so stuff like this is never directed at you personally. I used to get so many like “I’ve noticed your writing isn’t very good and your website isn’t appealing to look at, but I can help” and I’d worry that they were right, that I’m rubbish and I should just quit. But of course all that stuff is just junk, copied and pasted to thousands of WordPress users. It’s the good stuff, the genuine comments in there that need to be fished out and rescued. Akismet has had a hate-on me a few times now, directly all comments to spam for some unknown reason. I would get in touch with Akismet and they’d be very helpful in putting it right, but then a few months later it would seem to happen again. I think my comments still do end up in the spam from time to time, and I certainly get the odd 1 in 50 spam comments that turn out to be genuine, so it’s always worth checking before deleting all. Great post lovely.

    I know there’s so much negativity and fear and anger and all sorts right now with the current events, not just the coronavirus now but the riots and destruction, too. Please take good care of yourself. Stay safe and try to distract yourself when you can, find reasons to smile and focus on YOU, because it can all become very overwhelming. Sending love.

    Caz xxxx

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    • Caz, I am so sorry for my delayed response. I hate that you of all people ever received anything hateful because you are amazing! Anything rude should never be allowed and never taken to heart. I have received those same messages and they were directed to spam. When I read them though, I was like you and thought I should just give up. People can be so evil and I do not approve any messages that are offensive or hurtful. I actually have not approved messages from my own mother because her and I are in a not so good place. Kind of a long story, but also not worth talking about anymore.

      It is scary how much negativity there is right now and it makes me so sad. COVID is spreading so much right now. The riots and hatred is so upsetting. I honestly do not really leave the house anymore. Starting next Monday I will be working from home. I learned about online grocery shopping and delivery, which is so amazing and I LOVE it. I promise I am taking care of myself and learning how to not let things other people are going through bother me too much, mainly this is the issue my mother and step father are going through, they have split up and hearing him cry breaks my heart.

      How are things going in the UK? I hope things are getting better and you are doing well. Please take care and NEVER let anyone ever talk or write down to you. Lots of hugs and love being sent to you! xxxx

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  2. Sometimes I nosey in my spam folder to see what people have put! I do clean it out every now and then, but fortunately I don’t get much spam. Great post! I’m sure some people need this reminder! x

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