Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a lovely and safe weekend and you are ready to start a new week! I honestly did not to much over the weekend besides clean and organize my house. I did do a little writing and reading, but nothing outside the house. I still do not think things are safe with the virus because I am only seeing numbers increase drastically where I live. I do the best I can to stay home and if I need to leave the house I wear my mask and disinfect everything that comes into our house!

As we begin this new week, I think we could use a little motivation to start the week off with a positive mind! I hope the quote I am sharing will provide you with the motivation needed to start the week and I hope your week only gets better as the days pass by! I would really love to read your thoughts on this quote as well and promise to respond as quickly as I can!

Thank you for visiting my site today! I hope you have an excellent start to the week and you are feeling the best you possibly can. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, and many positive vibes!

Always, Alyssa


22 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. I love that quote, it’s the sort of thing I find so empowering when it motivates us to see the ways we have control in our lives. Sounds like your weekend was a bit like mine with trying to clean and organise. The restrictions are being lifted here in the UK too, and it’s so, so worrying. Hunker down and stay indoors lovely and I hope the week ahead is kind to you xxxx

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    • I am glad you loved and found it empowering! I guess great minds think a like with how to spend the weekend with so much going on in the outside world. I think the prime minister in the UK might be a little like our president, which I hate for y’all. I do believe it is best to hunker down and stay away from potential danger of the virus. Take care and I hope your week started off well! xxxx

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      • It is going okay. My husband’s aunt and uncle are with us. They are super sweet and very anti Donald Trump! His uncle is actually from Italy! There have been some parts of my week that have been emotionally challenging, but I won’t torture you with the details. How has your week been?

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      • Oh. Breathe in deep. Enjoy their company they aren’t with you for long. Let go of all the pain you feel from your mum and wish her well. Wish her good friends that open her eyes. But let go of it all

        I had someone terrible in my life. I practise this letting go exercise daily, repeating this or similar statements for may be a year or two. And now, I can’t believe how different things are. It is like 22 years of pain never happened. The trick is writing it down pen and paper several times, like lines, and several times a day and throw that piece of paper in the shredder. It must be positive what you write. It works.

        All the

        I am very lucky my mum and have a great relationship.

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      • I will say his aunt and uncle are pretty interesting to be around. They currently live in NYC and are moving to the city I live in. They will live near by and she will be my shopping partner once the pandemic ends.

        It is crazy how we can have someone terrible in our life and how much pain it caused us. I went through some awful things when I was younger and those traumatic experiences were difficult, but they made me stronger. I do believe writing helps us move on from the pain we have gone through in life. Maybe I will send you an email sometime to explain a little further.
        I am glad you and your mum have a great relationship. That is really good for both of you!

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